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Fort Borstal – 17th October 2015 – Steve

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 17th October 2015
Rochester, Kent


All guests participated in the séance sessions with me in the Counterscarp Galleries.

The first group experienced lots of movement and everyone’s hands touched the floor several times as well as being twisted.

The spirit that was responsible for this was a First World War soldier that I have met before at the fort called Captain Daniel Bedford.

At the end of the session we all heard music that sounded like it was coming from within the counterscarp gallery.

The second group also experienced gentle arm movement, pushing and gentle swaying sensations.

The third group had lots of activity which started with gentle pushing and pulling back and swaying. Jazz (guest) was reluctant to feel spirit after other guests touched his chest with their hands so I moved beside them and Jazz and Gaya were moved gently and twirled. Toward the end of the session Jazz got touched on the back, like a poke.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with everyone having a paranormal experience.

Videos from our ghost hunts at Fort Borstal can be watched at

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