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Upnor Castle – 31st October 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Upnor Castle Halloween ghost hunt 31st October 2015
Rochester, Kent.

Area: North Tower
Equipment: Tables for table tipping

Upon arrival we were shown around the Castle. It was decided that I worked in the North Tower top floor as I felt this area to be really active.

Session 1 – Group B
I started the session by splitting the group in to two smaller groups so we had people on both tables. Initially none of the tables moved. I called out to spirit if they would come and move the tables in some way. Both tables then started gently rocking from side to side. Jeff (guest) encouraged spirit to see if they cold move the table in some other way. After a while the table tipped up on to two legs and held this position for some time. With more encouragement from Julie (guest) the table then tipped on to one leg and started to spin round in a clockwise direction. Meanwhile the guests on the other table had also got their table to spin and carry out random movements. It was then decided that we ask spirit to communicate through the table by tipping it right for a yes answer and left for a no answer. Through the tables we started talking to two male spirits who confirmed they were both soldiers. They went on to tell us that they didn’t get on together and one was angry with the other for a dispute that happened during their time at war.

Session 2 – Group C
This group immediately arranged themselves into two smaller groups so we had an equal number of people around each table. I asked spirit to step forward and start to move the tables for me please. At this point both of the tables started to gently rock from side to side. I was not on any of the tables at this time and the guests could not believe what was happening. This group was full of encouragement and laughter which made spirit move both of the tables very well. Both tables together at the same time both tipped up on to two legs and held their positions for some time. With encouragement from myself and the guests both tables then just started carrying out random movements and spinning very fast making it hard for the guests to keep up with the speed. One of the tables then went on to walk towards the door much to the guest’s amazement.

Session 3 – Group A
Again I asked the guests to split up so an equal amount of people were on each table. I asked spirit to step forward and once again move the tables. Initially none of the tables moved. Then without warning one of the tables just tilted to the side very fast and held this position. Encouragement from the group asking spirit if they could move the table for them in some other way, it suddenly tipped up on to one leg and spun round in a clockwise direction very fast. Some of the guests were not convinced that someone in the group was moving the table, so I asked each guests just to lightly put one finger on the table and still encourage spirit to move the table. To their amazement the table again started to spin even with us all just having one finger on the table.  On the other table the guests had managed to encourage spirit also to move their table to which it has spun round and started walking off towards the door.

This event was very interesting as it was our first visit to Upnor Castle. I was very happy with the evidence that we got from the sessions and I can’t wait to visit this venue again

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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Writing Planchette/ Table tipping

Session 1: Group C
Guests (Andy, Rosemary, Daniel and Danielle)
I started this session with the writing planchette. Initially the planchette was really slow to start. Andy (guest) encouraged spirit to step forward and move the planchette for us and draw something on the paper. The planchette then started moving around the paper drawing small circles and the bigger circles. The spirit of a man then entered the room and stood in the doorway watching us. I could not make out his features as they were blurred to me. I kept getting the name Edward in my head over and over again. I did not tell the guests this as some of them might have picked up on the same name. I asked the spirit if he could write his initial on the paper but we got no further movement from the planchette.
We then moved on to the table tipping and immediately heard loud footsteps outside in the corridor. Daniel (guest) went to investigate in case when of the other groups ha finished early but there was no-one there. As he came back into the room the door behind us slammed really hard. We investigated all possibilities but could not come up with an explanation and had to believe this might have been paranormal. After we re-grouped and went back on to the table it began moving straight away rocking gently at first but then tipping and spinning really fast.

Session 2:
Group A
I started the group on the writing planchette. Again the movement was slow to start but eventually with encouragement from the group it slowly started moving around the paper. I told the guests I was thinking of an animal in my head and Eve (guest) asked the spirit if it could please draw the animal for us. The planchette started moving very fast drawing different shapes on the paper but none of them resembled the animal I had in my head. The guests then wanted to move on to the table. Encouraging spirit the table moved straight away. I stepped away from the table but kept encouraging spirit to keep moving the table for the guests. It tipped on to two legs and held this position, then suddenly spun round in a clockwise direction and started walking into the other room. Once I the room the table stopped and we didn’t get anymore more movement. I asked spirit it they could copy me and bang on the table two times. Spirit did do straight away you could feel the vibrations through the table.

Session 3:
Group B
I started this session on the writing planchette. Again the spirit was very reluctant to move the planchette. We kept encouraging spirit as a group but we only got very slow movements. Just about to give up and move on to the table, the planchette started moving and drawing random lines and circles. We all then encouraged spirit to try really hard for us again and see if they could spell out their initials for us and they confirm if they were male or female by drawing the letters. The movement was very quick at this point and I asked spirit when they had finished to lift one end of the planchette up for us. The planchette suddenly lifted and fell on to its side. When we looked at the paper we were all amazed as clearly on the paper were the letter R and N, then a few circles and lines and the letter M in the corner of the paper.
Moving onto the table we only got very slight rocking back and fourth, but we heard lots of noises coming from the other room. Creaking floorboards and loud knocks and bangs were heard by the whole group. We all went to investigates and asked spirit if they could make the noises again for us please. Spirit did so but this time back out in the other room.

Really active areas of the building making everybody feel uneasy and some very tired like they had been drained of energy.

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Explosion Museum – 9th May 2015 (Kerry)

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Ouija / Table tilting

Session 1 – Group A

We started our session with some table tilting. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in another way, but the table just stayed in this position. After a while, the table suddenly did a half spin and stopped. When we asked spirit to do this again, it did so this time with a full spin.
We heard a tap on the window, and asked spirit if it was them who made this sound and to do it again, but unfortunately it didn’t happen again.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Amanda. She was 47 years old and died in 1928. She told us she wasn’t connected to the building in any way, and there were 5 spirits in the room with us, although she didn’t know any of them. She went on to tell us that she had a husband called Kevin but they had no children. Both her and her husband died from TB, he caught it from her and he was the first to die. We then sensed Amanda had left us and there was a new spirit moving the glass. We established that it was another female and when asked if there was someone round the table they wish to talk to, the glass moved to Louise (team), who was standing to my left. We asked spirit to spell their name and the glass spelt Winnifred. Louise sensed this lady to be her Nan and decided to leave the table at this point. Someone else asked the spirit’s age and the glass went to 7, then 1. When asked to confirm if she was 71 years old, the glass moved to yes. Just before our session was due to finish, another female spirit came through by the name of Ethel who died in the area in the 1940’s.

Session 2 – Group B

We had some very good table movement in this session, with the table rocking slowly to start with and gradually building up until it was rocking very rapidly from side to side. It seemed the more noise the group of guests made, the stronger the table would move. The table continued to rock in this way, and after a lot of encouragement it started spinning around, to the amazement of the guests.
We had three spirits come through during the Ouija session. A lady by the name of Nancy who was 41 years old, and died in a fire in 1618. Then a male spirit called Pez who fought in the Second World War. He said he was born in 1928 and had two children. Also a man came through who was connected to one of the guests, and we soon found out it was her dad. The guests kept asking questions and all the responses seemed to be relevant in some way to this lady and her family. I asked her to take her finger off the glass and ask a question no one else would know the answer to. So she did and asked for the initial of her mum’s middle name, to which the glass moved to the correct letter on the table. No one else touching the glass at the time would have known the answer to this.
During this Ouija session we all kept hearing what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. It only seemed to happen when we were all making noise. I asked the guests to be quiet for a few minutes while I called out to see if spirit would make the noise again, but unfortunately we didn’t hear it again. One of the guests also said she felt a sharp tug on her handbag which was around her shoulder.

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Colchester Town Hall – 17th April 2015 (Kerry)

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 17th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

The Mayor’s Parlour
Ouija/Table tilting

Session 1 – Group B

The group were split so that half were on the Ouija and half doing table tilting.
With the first group, the glass took a very long time to move, but eventually it moved to the letters T and R. When asked if this was spirit’s initials, the glass then moved to Yes. Then the glass moved to numbers 2 and 3, and the glass confirmed that spirit’s age was 23 by once again moving to Yes. The group continued asking more questions to try and gain more information, but unfortunately there was no more movement on the glass after this.
The group on the other table had just slight rocking initially, then the table tilted up on one side. However, despite our best efforts to encourage spirit to move the table more or to spin it, unfortunately there wasn’t much more movement apart from gentle rocking and the occasional tilt.
We then swapped over and once again on the Ouija the glass didn’t move, but guests kept feeling coldness and touches on their arms. I also felt like I was touched on my left hand. One guest said they felt hands on their shoulders and another felt a push on their back.
When the other group tried the table tilting, they had movement straight away, with rocking and spinning, and at one point the table was spinning so fast that one of the guests fell onto the floor! He got back up to carry on and the table continued to spin and twist. When I asked spirit to walk the table across the room, it proceeded to do so, stopped halfway, and there was no more movement after that. During this session I felt a touch on my right cheek and also on my left leg below the knee.
On leaving the room a few of the guests explained feeling a static sensation all over which lasted for some time.

Session 2 – Group C

The guests said they would prefer to do glass work rather than Ouija, so we went and sat at another table in the room with just the glass on it, and tried to get spirit to come forward and move the glass. Unfortunately after trying for some time, the glass didn’t move so I suggested trying the writing planchette. Once again, despite our best efforts, there was still no movement. The guests then decided to try the Ouija, and after a while the glass started to move. We connected with a 12-year-old girl, and when we asked for a name the glass moved to the letters A,S, and K. We kept asking questions to try and get some more information, but the glass stopped moving, and it seemed the spirit had gone.
There was some very good table tilting experienced by everyone during this session. There was very gentle movement to start with, and it gradually picked up speed as the table continued to tilt and rock. It took a lot of encouragement to get the table to spin, as if spirit didn’t know how to do it. The table seemed to move fairly cautiously at first, with the movements gradually getting stronger, and eventually the table was spinning quite fast, to the amazement of the guests.

Session 3 – Group A

We tried table tilting first, and as soon as we placed our hands on it, the table started to move. Slowly at first, then it started rocking and spinning. It eventually started walking across the room. We decided to try and ask spirit some questions using the table, so we established our yes and no directions and discovered that we had a male spirit with us, who was in his seventies and used to be a Mayor.
The group then decided to try some glass work, and a male spirit came through who seemed to be connected to guest Steve Downs in some way. We asked spirit to draw his initial on the table with the glass and he drew a D. We soon found out his name was Daniel, in his thirties, had four children, and was Eastern European. He said he was connected to Steve on his grandfather’s side, but Steve couldn’t think where the connection could be, so would have to check on it with other members of his family.

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 26-10-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 26th October 2013

Session 1: We began with a short séance circle to build energy in the room. Sue then took half the group to the Ouija board and I took the remainder to the table. After a while the table began to rock very gently, Sue then told us we were half way through the session so we swapped over. My group received no movement on the Ouija board but we could see that the table had began to move for the others.

Session 2: Again we split the group in half, Sue to the Ouija and myself to the table. The table began to move immediately and very strongly. When spirit was asked where he was standing, he walked the table very definitely to that area. Spirit did not seem to like one of the male guest, John, and pushed him against the wall with the table. The rest of us removed out hands and left John alone on the table, which continued to move with force. We continued until the end of the session.

Session 3: I took my half of the group to the table and once again we received immediate movement. The movement was constant the entire session and when asked, spirit was twisting and spinning the table, having us running round in circles. Spirit was also “walking” the table to areas that we asked him to. When requested to hold the table in a position, spirit obliged. As usual, once the table was moving, I came away so that the guests could experience this for themselves.

Session 4: As before we had movement straight away. Two of the guests, Mel and Martin ( who were not together) were standing opposite each other so were used as “Yes and No” directions. Spirit answered questions by tipping the table the relevant way, and again was spinning and twisting on demand.

Jo Titcombe
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