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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Writing Planchette/ Table tipping

Session 1: Group C
Guests (Andy, Rosemary, Daniel and Danielle)
I started this session with the writing planchette. Initially the planchette was really slow to start. Andy (guest) encouraged spirit to step forward and move the planchette for us and draw something on the paper. The planchette then started moving around the paper drawing small circles and the bigger circles. The spirit of a man then entered the room and stood in the doorway watching us. I could not make out his features as they were blurred to me. I kept getting the name Edward in my head over and over again. I did not tell the guests this as some of them might have picked up on the same name. I asked the spirit if he could write his initial on the paper but we got no further movement from the planchette.
We then moved on to the table tipping and immediately heard loud footsteps outside in the corridor. Daniel (guest) went to investigate in case when of the other groups ha finished early but there was no-one there. As he came back into the room the door behind us slammed really hard. We investigated all possibilities but could not come up with an explanation and had to believe this might have been paranormal. After we re-grouped and went back on to the table it began moving straight away rocking gently at first but then tipping and spinning really fast.

Session 2:
Group A
I started the group on the writing planchette. Again the movement was slow to start but eventually with encouragement from the group it slowly started moving around the paper. I told the guests I was thinking of an animal in my head and Eve (guest) asked the spirit if it could please draw the animal for us. The planchette started moving very fast drawing different shapes on the paper but none of them resembled the animal I had in my head. The guests then wanted to move on to the table. Encouraging spirit the table moved straight away. I stepped away from the table but kept encouraging spirit to keep moving the table for the guests. It tipped on to two legs and held this position, then suddenly spun round in a clockwise direction and started walking into the other room. Once I the room the table stopped and we didn’t get anymore more movement. I asked spirit it they could copy me and bang on the table two times. Spirit did do straight away you could feel the vibrations through the table.

Session 3:
Group B
I started this session on the writing planchette. Again the spirit was very reluctant to move the planchette. We kept encouraging spirit as a group but we only got very slow movements. Just about to give up and move on to the table, the planchette started moving and drawing random lines and circles. We all then encouraged spirit to try really hard for us again and see if they could spell out their initials for us and they confirm if they were male or female by drawing the letters. The movement was very quick at this point and I asked spirit when they had finished to lift one end of the planchette up for us. The planchette suddenly lifted and fell on to its side. When we looked at the paper we were all amazed as clearly on the paper were the letter R and N, then a few circles and lines and the letter M in the corner of the paper.
Moving onto the table we only got very slight rocking back and fourth, but we heard lots of noises coming from the other room. Creaking floorboards and loud knocks and bangs were heard by the whole group. We all went to investigates and asked spirit if they could make the noises again for us please. Spirit did so but this time back out in the other room.

Really active areas of the building making everybody feel uneasy and some very tired like they had been drained of energy.

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