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Explosion Museum – 9th May 2015 (Kerry)

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Ouija / Table tilting

Session 1 – Group A

We started our session with some table tilting. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in another way, but the table just stayed in this position. After a while, the table suddenly did a half spin and stopped. When we asked spirit to do this again, it did so this time with a full spin.
We heard a tap on the window, and asked spirit if it was them who made this sound and to do it again, but unfortunately it didn’t happen again.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Amanda. She was 47 years old and died in 1928. She told us she wasn’t connected to the building in any way, and there were 5 spirits in the room with us, although she didn’t know any of them. She went on to tell us that she had a husband called Kevin but they had no children. Both her and her husband died from TB, he caught it from her and he was the first to die. We then sensed Amanda had left us and there was a new spirit moving the glass. We established that it was another female and when asked if there was someone round the table they wish to talk to, the glass moved to Louise (team), who was standing to my left. We asked spirit to spell their name and the glass spelt Winnifred. Louise sensed this lady to be her Nan and decided to leave the table at this point. Someone else asked the spirit’s age and the glass went to 7, then 1. When asked to confirm if she was 71 years old, the glass moved to yes. Just before our session was due to finish, another female spirit came through by the name of Ethel who died in the area in the 1940’s.

Session 2 – Group B

We had some very good table movement in this session, with the table rocking slowly to start with and gradually building up until it was rocking very rapidly from side to side. It seemed the more noise the group of guests made, the stronger the table would move. The table continued to rock in this way, and after a lot of encouragement it started spinning around, to the amazement of the guests.
We had three spirits come through during the Ouija session. A lady by the name of Nancy who was 41 years old, and died in a fire in 1618. Then a male spirit called Pez who fought in the Second World War. He said he was born in 1928 and had two children. Also a man came through who was connected to one of the guests, and we soon found out it was her dad. The guests kept asking questions and all the responses seemed to be relevant in some way to this lady and her family. I asked her to take her finger off the glass and ask a question no one else would know the answer to. So she did and asked for the initial of her mum’s middle name, to which the glass moved to the correct letter on the table. No one else touching the glass at the time would have known the answer to this.
During this Ouija session we all kept hearing what sounded like footsteps on the stairs. It only seemed to happen when we were all making noise. I asked the guests to be quiet for a few minutes while I called out to see if spirit would make the noise again, but unfortunately we didn’t hear it again. One of the guests also said she felt a sharp tug on her handbag which was around her shoulder.

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