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Colchester Town Hall – 17th April 2015 (Kerry)

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 17th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

The Mayor’s Parlour
Ouija/Table tilting

Session 1 – Group B

The group were split so that half were on the Ouija and half doing table tilting.
With the first group, the glass took a very long time to move, but eventually it moved to the letters T and R. When asked if this was spirit’s initials, the glass then moved to Yes. Then the glass moved to numbers 2 and 3, and the glass confirmed that spirit’s age was 23 by once again moving to Yes. The group continued asking more questions to try and gain more information, but unfortunately there was no more movement on the glass after this.
The group on the other table had just slight rocking initially, then the table tilted up on one side. However, despite our best efforts to encourage spirit to move the table more or to spin it, unfortunately there wasn’t much more movement apart from gentle rocking and the occasional tilt.
We then swapped over and once again on the Ouija the glass didn’t move, but guests kept feeling coldness and touches on their arms. I also felt like I was touched on my left hand. One guest said they felt hands on their shoulders and another felt a push on their back.
When the other group tried the table tilting, they had movement straight away, with rocking and spinning, and at one point the table was spinning so fast that one of the guests fell onto the floor! He got back up to carry on and the table continued to spin and twist. When I asked spirit to walk the table across the room, it proceeded to do so, stopped halfway, and there was no more movement after that. During this session I felt a touch on my right cheek and also on my left leg below the knee.
On leaving the room a few of the guests explained feeling a static sensation all over which lasted for some time.

Session 2 – Group C

The guests said they would prefer to do glass work rather than Ouija, so we went and sat at another table in the room with just the glass on it, and tried to get spirit to come forward and move the glass. Unfortunately after trying for some time, the glass didn’t move so I suggested trying the writing planchette. Once again, despite our best efforts, there was still no movement. The guests then decided to try the Ouija, and after a while the glass started to move. We connected with a 12-year-old girl, and when we asked for a name the glass moved to the letters A,S, and K. We kept asking questions to try and get some more information, but the glass stopped moving, and it seemed the spirit had gone.
There was some very good table tilting experienced by everyone during this session. There was very gentle movement to start with, and it gradually picked up speed as the table continued to tilt and rock. It took a lot of encouragement to get the table to spin, as if spirit didn’t know how to do it. The table seemed to move fairly cautiously at first, with the movements gradually getting stronger, and eventually the table was spinning quite fast, to the amazement of the guests.

Session 3 – Group A

We tried table tilting first, and as soon as we placed our hands on it, the table started to move. Slowly at first, then it started rocking and spinning. It eventually started walking across the room. We decided to try and ask spirit some questions using the table, so we established our yes and no directions and discovered that we had a male spirit with us, who was in his seventies and used to be a Mayor.
The group then decided to try some glass work, and a male spirit came through who seemed to be connected to guest Steve Downs in some way. We asked spirit to draw his initial on the table with the glass and he drew a D. We soon found out his name was Daniel, in his thirties, had four children, and was Eastern European. He said he was connected to Steve on his grandfather’s side, but Steve couldn’t think where the connection could be, so would have to check on it with other members of his family.

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