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Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 17th April 2015

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 17th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

This was our third visit to this magnificent building and we were hoping that the activity that we had encountered on previous visits would return, we were not disappointed.

Each team member chose a room that they wanted to work in for the night, I chose the flat above the Moot Hall to hold séances.

All sessions my groups were joined by Christopher, a RAF airman, about 5’9” and of slim build, aged in his early 30s but looked older due to effects of war.

The first group we were also joined Daisy, a local farmer’s daughter from 1400s. Daisy was aged in her early 20s and wore a white dress and something that looked like hessian tied together around her feet for shoes.

On asking for the spirit to interact with us the first group had their arms and legs moved, many a time people’s arms were twisted and some of the group were pulled by their hands to the floor. One or two of the people on the floor were unable to get up. They said that it felt as if someone was sitting on them or holding them down.

After moving into another room someone in the group thought that another person had walked past the outside of the window. Bearing in mind we were on the top floor of the building this seemed unlikely!

Throughout this session many people felt cold air blown across their face and odd noises which when I asked where the noises came from everyone could not agree on a location.

The second group also felt the touches of Christopher but they were nothing like the activity experienced by the first group, this was mainly due to the fact that people in the group didn’t encourage or ask the spirits to do anything.

The third group had much more activity with people’s arms being moved, being pushed and swayed plus some of the guests were also pulled down towards the floor. Although this time no-one was held down on the floor but the guests could still feel the pressure.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with many guests having a paranormal experience or something happen to them which they could not explain.

We as a team look forward to returning later in the year for another investigation

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