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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 10th October 2014

Rye Castle ghost hunt 10th October 2014
Rye, East Sussex

It is always with a little bit of sadness  when we come to end of the year, as this was the last investigation at Rye until April 2015 and often the last event is memorable for lots of reasons. This event was no different.

As usual I headed to the first floor of the Keep and started to hold a séance circle. Within a few minutes we were joined by Philip aged in his early 40s, quite a portly gent who gave the impression that he locked prisoners up.

Arm movement was felt by the guests as Philip went around the circle and affected the guests one by one, some guests were pulled backwards and other forwards. As is becoming relatively normal, the people either side of me were being pulled down to the floor. The people opposite me were pulled backwards and onto a table.

However the more time that passed the feeling was that there was more than one spirit responsible and then I heard a spirit say his name; Ezekiel was the name the spirit gave which didn’t correspond to the person I saw. The person I saw was not nice and possibly a murderer as some of the guests were sensing some discomfort around their necks. At the same time other guests saw shadows and movement in the shadows especially in the direction of the terrace doorway.

The second group, we started as normal and once again Philip returned and started to move the arms of the guests but once all guests had been moved at least once I saw Ezekiel and once again guests started to feel odd. I decided at this point to end the séance just in case things got out of hand (which has happened in the past).

At one point one guest was lying down and their head was banged on the floor. Tasha (guest) who was standing in one of the cells felt pinching on the back of her legs.

Many times we all heard a strange tapping sound, like someone rapping their fingers on a wooden desk or cabinet.

After the guests chose what activity they wished to do and I joined some in the Women’s Tower who were having some mixed responses with glass divination. However once I stepped into the room the energy levels increased and the guests had useful movements and answers to their questions. Thankfully I didn’t need to touch the glass.

This was a great ghost hunt and we cannot wait to return in 2015.

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