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Landguard Fort ghost hunt – 14th March 2015

Landguard Fort ghost hunt 14th March 2015
Felixstowe, Suffolk

It was with sadness that we attended as this event was due to be the last ghost hunt here at the Fort. We have had some amazing things happen to us over the years and this final ghost hunt did not disappoint.

As usual I took one of the old magazine rooms near the entrance to the Fort. Here we met a spirit called Philip who was aged in his early 60’s and dressed as a plumber or boiler repair man. He was able to manipulate people’s arms and push, pull and sway people. This usually happened on command, but sometimes he moved a person by surprise, much to the delight of the guests. All three groups felt this activity.

However the first group also saw strange shadows and lights towards the end of the room, plus some strange noises, the second group another male spirit made most of the women feel sick, one had to be removed from the group as she felt that unwell. The third group had less activity in this room but after the spirit had moved all of the people, he seemed to lose interest.

After holding a séance for about 30 minutes all groups then walked through the tunnels, normally I would stop at the Caponier but because of the cold wind which made this area so much colder than being outside, I walked on to another magazine room which wasn’t windy to see if anything could be experienced by the guests and then walked on to the mine room.

In the magazine rooms (there are several) different groups felt different things, in one room there was a young army spirit, whose job was to wash/change the felt over-clothes (these were used in the days when the magazines rooms contained gun powder, as any spark could blow up the room), we also met a shy female spirit who didn’t wish to interact with the groups, but she seemed to roam the corridors.

In the Mine room, (a room used to assemble sea mines) we met a portly male spirit who didn’t wish to interact with us, although when I pointed out where he stood to various guests, they could all feel a warm sensation.

Often the most interesting activity happens when no-one is expecting it and whilst the table tilting sessions were surprising the best activity happened in the free time session at the end of the night. A group of guests were in the rooms above the break room, (these were once officer’s quarters) using a Ouija board on the floor. The Ouija board was made from wood and couldn’t bend.

The guests were talking to a spirit using the board, but what was strange is that when the planchette was mid-motion and sometimes stationary the actual Ouija board was spinning underneath the planchette, sometimes fast, sometimes slowly. Obviously no-one could be moving the Ouija board as all hands were on the planchette. A few guests filmed this, hopefully we’ll get a copy of the footage because we didn’t do any filming. Strangely the room that this happened to the guests is also the same room that we had doors slam in people’s faces last year.

This was an excellent ghost hunt, we hope that this is not the last, we hope to return some day

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