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Upnor Castle – 31st October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Upnor Castle ghost hunt 31st October 2015
Rochester, Kent.

The team had all been looking forward to this event most of the year – the last time I had been to Upnor Castle was nearly 10 years ago on a similar paranormal night.  It had not been visited since by any other paranormal group.  When we arrived, and on chatting to the staff, the spirit activity had increased considerably in the last week – were the spirits excited about our visit as much as us?
I started the night with Kerry in the tunnel doing a human pendulum.  The first spirit that came through was male, John, a British soldier and was murdered here in the 1600’s.  His brother was Peter, and later his mother Jane joined us.
With my second group again we had the spirit of John, but different from before.  Although he was a British soldier, he had died from typhoid.  We also had the spirit of a Dutch soldier who was captured and kept here as a prisoner.  He was a surgeon and operated on the Dutch prisoners.  When he died he was thrown in the River Medway.  He had fell in love with a Dutch woman here, however she had married a British soldier, but was murdered by her husband.
With the last group, who were all friends, several spirits came through but were mostly connected to the guests.

In the second half of the evening I was working in the Barracks Building, with the assistance of Wayne.  We were using dowsing rods and pendulums to communicate with the spirits.  The staff were keen to stay with us as this is where they had been experiencing lots of different things in the last week.  On entering the building and walking up the stairs, Wayne felt a could touch to his neck, which he also felt in the corner of the far upstairs room.  When using his pendulum to communicate with the spirit, it was a female energy here that had touched him.  I was with Sarah (staff) and were talking to a male spirit using dowsing rods.  He was a British Officer aged 25.  Sarah wanted to know his name, so we both asked spirit to try telling us.  I had the name Terry – short for Terrence – Sarah had the name Edward.  Spirit confirmed his name was Edward Terrence.  Edward also confirmed the experiences Sarah had had were all from him.  Also another member of staff had seen a spirit previously, had quickly drawn a sketch of what she had seen, and Edward confirmed that was him.  Whilst someone was sitting in a chair in the shop downstairs, she felt coldness on her lap as if someone was sitting there.  Sarah also whilst standing on a trap door at the top of stairs, felt it try and lift up under her feet.  On checking we could see it was impossible to lift up.  I stood there and twice I felt a vibration under my foot when nobody else was moving.  We could feel coldness in front of us too.  Wayne then went to get his Rem pod and placed it on the trap door, and several times it went off.  We tried to de-bunk it by moving/running on the stairs, opening/closing the door downstairs, but each time you had to do it with force to set the rem pod off, which we know no-one had done at that time.
An amazing night at Upnor Castle – can’t wait to return!

Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel – 29th October 2015 (Kym)

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 29th October 2015
Colchester, Essex.


Area: Cellar
Equipment: Ouija & Table Tilting
We tried the Ouija, but unfortunately no movement, however with the table tipping it started rocking very gently, with creaks and taps coming from underneath.  After seeing a shadow walk past the tunnel Adam (guest) stood there and could feel alot of coldness around him.  When he stepped away the coldness stopped, when he stepped back the coldness was there again.  Then we all heard a whistle next to us.  With the second group we again had some gentle rocking on the table, and guests could feel a coldness between them, when Jasmine (guest) moved the coldness moved with her.  Then she had a cold blow in her ear which made her jump a little.  With the Ouija the guests communicated with three slaves from Nigeria, the first one called Zaf year 1243.  The second was called Nag, but was killed by the third spirit who was Alf the slave master.  Then another spirit stepped forward who knew one of the guests.  His name was Nev, and knew Joanne (guest) from childhood, which left her quite emotional.

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Glass Work, Scrying
With both groups we learnt how to use the dowsing rods and pendulums and was able to communicate with the spirits there.  We tried some scrying too.  With the second group using the glass to communicate with spirit, we had a young boy with us.  The boy was drawn to Jasmine (guest) in particular, and said he would like to do some drawing with us using the writing planchette.  So we moved down to the restaurant to try and was amazed with the drawings that came through, the first in particular was the number 8 which we believe was his age.
Some guests were trying the Ouija again and were talking to another slave called B9
Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Amherst – 13th December 2014 (Kerry)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Fort Amherst 13th December 2014
Chatham, Kent

Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums and Ouija board
Area: Radio Room

1st Session

At the start of the session we used the rods and pendulums and each guest had a turn at using them. We all had lots of movement on these, and guests were getting responses to questions. Kym and one of the guests picked up on a short man called Bob, around 5’6”, with a moustache and short dark hair. Another guest kept feeling cold spots on her, although the room we were in was very warm.
During the Ouija session a spirit came through but we were unable to get any facts from them as the glass kept moving to No for every question we asked! Spirit made it clear they didn’t like us being there. Kym and Nick (guest) heard one of the metal beds in the room rattling. We then started calling out and listening for noises, to which there were two taps on the wall behind me, followed by a tap on the door and the metal urn. Nick wandered to the other end of the room by the door and heard a noise from behind it. At exactly the same time Kym saw a black shadow on the door.

2nd Session

We again started this session with the rods and pendulums and everyone experienced lots of movement and responses. Guests also mentioned feeling cold spots.
A French male spirit came through on the Ouija, who used to work at the Fort. There were several attempts to get his name but this couldn’t be determined, although we established his age as being 44. He seemed to like Gaynor (guest) to ask the questions and would respond better to her than anyone else. Gaynor said she kept being touched on her left shoulder and she sensed that he was near her as she felt cold on that side. We heard a whistle in the room so we asked spirit to copy our whistles to which they responded each time. One of the guests saw a flash at the end of the room by the door and when we asked the spirit via the Ouija if he was by the door, he responded with a Yes. The ghost pro also responded to confirm this. On leaving the room at the end of the session we all heard three successive groans behind us.

3rd Session

Lots of activity once again on the rods and pendulums. During the Ouija session a female spirit called Victoria came through. She was 28, died in 1925 and used to work at the Fort. She was happy to communicate with us and responded well to our questions. We heard two loud taps on one of the metal beds at the other end of the room, and we called out asking spirit to do it again, but they didn’t. I sensed there was someone standing by the door at the end of the room and when I asked if there was a spirit by the door, the glass moved to Yes.

4th Session

Once again people felt cold spots in the room during the rods and pendulums session, despite the room being the warmest in the Fort. A couple of the guests using the rods asked spirit to point them in the direction of where they were standing, and the rods moved round simultaneously to point in the same direction.
Through the Ouija in this session we connected with a male spirit called Nigel who was 27 years old. He said his wife was called Nancy, aged 28 and they had a 4 year old son called Stuart. There was lots of information coming through and we established that they all died from TB in 1907. He said both himself and his wife worked at the Fort, he was a soldier and she was a nurse.

Kerry Gasiami
Paranormal Investigator
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Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt – 27-6-2014

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 27th June 2014
Pluckley, Kent

We don’t often write reports for our outdoor events, but this ghost hunt was exceptional and worthy of being written about.

After walking to the centre of the woods and handing out the usual ghost hunting gadgets (KII EMF (Electromagnetic detectors) and Ghost Communication devices) and explaining how to use them, a spirit energy called Thomas stepped close to us, listening to what I was telling the guests about what is likely to happen. Thomas was about 5’9” aged in his late 20s and had a rugged appearance and unshaven. He wore a white/cream granddad shirt and dark green woollen trousers. In life he wouldn’t have been a pleasant person and would always be in trouble. However as a spirit he had realised his wrongs and was happy to communicate with us, which he did.

As we were talking Holly (guest) felt a very cold spot on the back of her lower legs, neither of the guests either side of her felt this sensation.

There was also another older gent spirit (aged in his late 60s or early 70s) present although he was trying to communicate with us very little of what he tried worked, or rather very little we heard or felt. Some guests also felt cold spots but the problem with this is that we were outside and whilst it wasn’t windy and the temperature was about 13 degrees Celsius any slight breeze couldn’t be ruled out.

After a lot of questions and answers and some photographs taken we moved on further into the woods at another crossroad.

Here I set up my laser grid and asked the spirit to step into the grid. I also turned on my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio waves at 100ms in reverse) and asked the spirit, who was a familiar spirit to say something. After asking for Christian names to spoken we first heard “Holly”, then a while later “Kim” and when asking for how many people we all heard a clear “8”, although there were nine of us. On a couple of occasions I heard my name and other words although these were not about anyone present or in answer to a question. Nothing was seen in the grid although Maxine (guest) saw a blue light in the middle distance.

I suggested that we should create a séance circle to build the energy and allow the spirit to move and touch us whilst giving the guests a physical experience of spirit movement.

Within a matter of minutes the spirit energy that I had seen standing in the grid and had spoken some words on the spirit box, was standing behind me. This spirit is a familiar face to me as I have seen and witnessed his energy several times. His name is Philip and he passed away in a motorcycle accident in the 1960s. He was in his early 30s and he has said that the accident was his own doing.

Philip started by lifting the arms of the two people either side of me (Anita & Nicky) and I was able to prove to both people it wasn’t me lifting their arms. I then asked for either of these people to be moved or pushed, although neither moved at the time Anita told me afterwards she could feel the force pushing on her, but she had dug her feet in as not to move.

I then moved around the circle in between Bevan and Kim and once again Philip moved our arms, Bevan was very quiet when it was his hand moving, speechless in fact as he could not believe what was happening. When I asked for Philip to pull him backwards (I didn’t say this aloud) Bevan was really surprised when he got pulled backwards, although he now became vocal and said it was the best feeling. I wish in a way that I had filmed this as it would have made excellent viewing!

Unfortunately the spirit activity didn’t occur to Kim for some unknown reason. Other people in the séance circle were being wobbled and pushed forwards and backwards as well as having their arms lifted up and pulled to the floor including Maxine and Sarah who were on the other side of the circle.

Once again I moved around the circle so that as many guests as possible could feel this energy. This time I stood in between Holly and Jim and asked that Philip move these people in similar ways to the rest of the group as they were the only two people who had yet to feel this strange sensation. Almost immediately Holly and my hands were being moved although with Jim it took a little longer. Holly and my hands were moved in all directions, some of them were not very comfortable or just plain painful, but neither of us would choose these manoeuvres.

Philip was continuing to move people’s arms and sway or push people however all of a sudden Nicky just seem to “zone out” and didn’t respond to her name being called. As I looked at her I thought I could see her face changing into an older woman, but since she answered in a quiet manner I didn’t think much more about it. Then Nicky more or less collapsed and the only reason why she was standing up was because the two people either side of her were holding her up. Many people called her name but she didn’t respond to anyone and just muttered a few quiet words. I was really expecting her to go into a trance state, however and fortunately (for the other guests) she didn’t. I then quickly pushed her into the centre of the circle and performed some instant healing as well as making Jim able to join her in the centre of the circle, quite a complicated procedure although one which I have done before. After a couple of minutes Nicky was feeling better and more herself and talking normally. Once Nicky was talking and acting in a normal manner I closed the séance circle. Nicky couldn’t remember anything of what just happened to her and she said that she felt really hot, but that was all she could remember. Everyone else felt surprised and wanted to know what just happened and more importantly why it happened to Nicky, which I explained. This particular spirit encounter alarmed or frightened the guests and afterwards they asked me if I was concerned, I answered that this is not the first time this has happened to a guest and it didn’t concern me as I have had to sort out bigger problems than this, although in this instance it helped that all the guests remained sensible and followed my instruction which ended the situation without anyone being in danger or badly affected.

From here we walked to another part of the woods and although nothing in particular happened everyone commented how quiet the woods were and how there were few animal sounds. It was quieter than normal (usually there are bird noises if nothing else) and when everyone stopped talking no sound at all could be heard which some of the guests found more alarming than hearing a noise.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with all guests getting some physical movement that they could not explain nor in some cases understand although everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Psychic Medium
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Old Police Cells Museum ghost hunt (Sue) -1-2-2014

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

The Old Police Cells 1st February 2014

This was my first visit to police cells so I was really looking forward to this investigation. I was based upstairs in The Council Chambers. When I first arrived I went in alone to set up the room and sort out any equipment I would be using. I kept having the feeling I was being watched and found myself looking behind me. The Chambers is a huge very impressive room with an adjuring room to the side that although a lot smaller and not as grand gave me an uncomfortable feeling.

My first group was the famous Boo Club. On entering the room we heard a noise and discovered the dowsing rods that were placed on a chair had suddenly appeared on the floor, there is no reason this should have happened and we did ask spirit to push them on the floor again but this never happened. Firstly we tried the Ouija board and some glass work but unfortunately we had very little movement on the glass. As these guests have been on many events I wanted to try and see what they could sense and feel. We spread out and stood or sat in different areas of the room. We began calling out and I asked spirit to make the guests feel how they had once felt when they was in this room. We did get some great results with several people feeling the same thing at the same time. Jason (Team) and Rusty (Guest) both said they had a metal taste in their mouth. This indicates they had got the taste of blood. Later on two guests both said they felt they had bitten through their tongue. Audrey (Guest) was drawn to a particular chair and when she was sat here she said she felt very emotional and upset but also that she had the feeling that she just didn’t care, almost as if whatever was going to happen would happen and she had no control over the outcome. She was also feeling cold spots down her right side. Audrey was picking up on how the person had felt when they once sat there. Some on the guests and me were feeling sick, light headed and dizzy especially when they were stood by the window.  Most people generally felt agitated and uncomfortable with a knotted feeling in their stomach. Darren and Mark (Guests) decided to sit in the area of the accused. They both felt very upset and emotional when sat here so much so that Mark said he felt like he wanted to cry. As the boys had had such strong feelings in the accused area three of the female guests sat in the same area. However they felt completely comfortable here so it was only affecting the men. Darren (Guest) chose to sit in the Judge’s chair. Myself and a few of the others guests stood close to him. We could feel cold breezes sweep across our hands and different parts of our bodies. There was no draught causing this. Darren said it felt a lot colder above his head than it did at waist height and when we used the digital thermometer there was a 6 degrees difference. Which is quite odd that it felt 6 degrees colder above his head than by his waist, normally heat rises so this did have us all intrigued.   The whole time the vigil was taking place we had almost constant activity with the Ghost Box Pros lighting up and flashing once for yes or twice for no to our questions. We heard a groaning noise coming from the adjuring room next door. But the most impressive noise we heard was the sound of a chair being scrapped across the floor. Jo (Guest) tried to see if any of the chairs had moved and tried to replicate this noise by dragging a chair but it was carpeted floors in this room and we could not recreate this noise and we could not find any chair that had been moved. Spirit gave Jo (Guest) the name of Michael, liked to be called Mickey aged 55yrs who had been sent to prison, although he would not tell her exactly what he had done just something bad.

Second Vigil – Group A

In my second vigil I was joined by my fellow team members Sean & Kerry.  We started off in the Chambers / Court Room but I was drawn to the adjuring room next door.  We began an Ouija board session and almost immediately the glass began to move around the table but could not spell out anything that made sense. Establishing the male spirit could not spell we got the spirit to move towards my torch for Yes of towards the triangle that was placed on the other side of the board on the table for No. We all took it in turns to ask the spirit questions and he seemed to respond better when the two male guests asked the questions. The Male spirit didn’t really want to answer any of our questions but was very happy drawing shapes circles, square, straight line etc. with the glass. He had once worked here. The energy on the glass changed and became very gentle. I instantly see a little girl aged 6 with brown bobbed hair, chin length with a fringe. She was wearing a brown shirt, white blouse type top and something was tied around her waist. She had no shoes on and her feet and legs looked dirty and grubby. Our spirit child was called Elizabeth and she liked moving the glass. Sean (Team) went off to get a ball that lights up. We threw the ball and asked Elizabeth if she would be able to move the ball for us but unfortunately she didn’t move the ball (This would take a lot of energy for a small child to do this) but she said she could see the ball. She had always lived her. Whilst we were in this room we did hear several noises.

Third Vigil –Group B

My last vigil was very similar to the first. We started off in the court room. I sat guests in the same places as I had with my first group and some of their experiences were very similar. The male guest stood by the window felt sick. A lot of the guests felt very uncomfortable, uneasy and just generally wanted to leave this room. When a guest was sat in the same chair as Audrey had sat, she also felt cold spots down her side and also felt someone was stood behind her. The Ghost Box pros were lighting up and responding well to our questions. We moved to the adjuring room next door and had a little activity on the glass but not as much as my second group had experienced. But it was all women on the glass and previously it had responded better when the men asked questions. (I later learned that women would not have been allowed into this room it would have only been men) We heard a lot of noises and one brave guest went off and stood on her own to see if she could figure where the noises were coming from. After a few minutes she came back saying how strange it was as she could hear the noise but couldn’t figure what was making the noise. The session came to a end and one of the guests said to me she was glad she was leaving as this whole area just made her feel so uneasy and anxious she also kept rubbing her stomach.

An interesting evening with many guests having very strong feelings. Most people did not want to stay in these rooms and wanted to just get out. Some good photographs were also taken with strange mists appearing in the photos. I look forward to returning to the police cells in the future as this place has left me intrigued and wanting to find out more.

Special thanks to all the guests. Till next time.

Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Horsted – 21-9-2013 (Sue Paranormal Investigator Report)

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Fort Horsted 21st September 2013

I was based in Room 10. We could sense and feel spirit was with us although we could not establish exactly who they were. The most active areas were the room to the left and the corridor that run in between the two rooms. We went into circle and began calling out asking for spirit to make themselves know to us. The 2 x  ghost box pro’s immediately light up and responded to questions we established we had a female and a male spirit although they would not give any personal information, in fact when we asked would they be willing to talk to us via the board or glass they refused and said no, the guests found this quite amusing as spirit was quite amendment of what they were and were not willing to do for us.

We heard a lot of noises all night especially when standing in the corridor inbetween the two rooms. Lots of taps and banning. we heard footsteps and even sounded like someone walking on gravel but there is no gravel anywhere in the surrounding area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group but not the 3rd we could clearly hear the sound of running water, we didn’t hear the water constantly but it was quite frequent as if there was a stream behind us or water running down a bank. When i checked with the owner there is no stream or any reason why we would hear water in this area. When i spoke to Karen (she was in 3rd group) on a break she said she had heard water running in that area when she was here a few months ago.

One of the guest was wearing the hearing enhancers and he clearly heard a heavy door bang shut there is no door in this area.

In both my 1st and 2nd group when a female stood in the exact same spot the same things happened to both guests. They stood in the corridor with there back to the opening of the room on the left. When stood here both guests they kept being touched on their face and having their hair touched they also felt extreme cold spots next to them. The ghost box pro said when asked on both occasions that the Jasmine & the other guest both reminded spirit of themselves and the guests looked and was around the same age as the spirit. Interestingly both of these two guests did look very similar to each other had the same hair colour, hair style & length, same build and approx same age also this was the only time the female spirit interacted with us.

We went into the room on the left. Spirit would not talk to us via the board or move the glass but i gave one guest a set of dowsing rods and explained to them how to use them. We asked the spirit to use the dowsing rods and take the guest to wear the spirit was stood, it took the guest to the far back wall. The guest had established there yes and no position with the dowsing rods. We continued to talk to spirit and ask questions and we had 2 x ghost box pros on the table and one guest with the dowsing rods. interestingly we was getting the exact same response via the ghost box pro the dowsing rod also gave the same answer to the questions, so was very good to have two ghost boxs and a set of dowsing rods all given the exact same answer to our questions at the same time.

When we was in circle in the corridor area Audrey said that when she looked at Jason who was filming she could see Jasons face changing and that Jason looked like he had a moustache. We had seen a lot of shadows by the top entrance and had the constant feeling of being watched. We set up a laser grid in the area that you walk through to get to room 10 the area that leads round to the bend although this did not get any results.

Overall a very interesting night. Although we could not get any specific information to let us know who was was talking to we heard so many noises. Taps, bangs, footsteps, walking on gravel, a door slamming and running water.

Paranormal Investigator
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