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Red Lion Hotel – 29th October 2015 (Kym)

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 29th October 2015
Colchester, Essex.


Area: Cellar
Equipment: Ouija & Table Tilting
We tried the Ouija, but unfortunately no movement, however with the table tipping it started rocking very gently, with creaks and taps coming from underneath.  After seeing a shadow walk past the tunnel Adam (guest) stood there and could feel alot of coldness around him.  When he stepped away the coldness stopped, when he stepped back the coldness was there again.  Then we all heard a whistle next to us.  With the second group we again had some gentle rocking on the table, and guests could feel a coldness between them, when Jasmine (guest) moved the coldness moved with her.  Then she had a cold blow in her ear which made her jump a little.  With the Ouija the guests communicated with three slaves from Nigeria, the first one called Zaf year 1243.  The second was called Nag, but was killed by the third spirit who was Alf the slave master.  Then another spirit stepped forward who knew one of the guests.  His name was Nev, and knew Joanne (guest) from childhood, which left her quite emotional.

Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Dowsing Rods & Pendulums, Glass Work, Scrying
With both groups we learnt how to use the dowsing rods and pendulums and was able to communicate with the spirits there.  We tried some scrying too.  With the second group using the glass to communicate with spirit, we had a young boy with us.  The boy was drawn to Jasmine (guest) in particular, and said he would like to do some drawing with us using the writing planchette.  So we moved down to the restaurant to try and was amazed with the drawings that came through, the first in particular was the number 8 which we believe was his age.
Some guests were trying the Ouija again and were talking to another slave called B9
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