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Fort Amherst – 13th December 2014 (Kerry)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Fort Amherst 13th December 2014
Chatham, Kent

Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums and Ouija board
Area: Radio Room

1st Session

At the start of the session we used the rods and pendulums and each guest had a turn at using them. We all had lots of movement on these, and guests were getting responses to questions. Kym and one of the guests picked up on a short man called Bob, around 5’6”, with a moustache and short dark hair. Another guest kept feeling cold spots on her, although the room we were in was very warm.
During the Ouija session a spirit came through but we were unable to get any facts from them as the glass kept moving to No for every question we asked! Spirit made it clear they didn’t like us being there. Kym and Nick (guest) heard one of the metal beds in the room rattling. We then started calling out and listening for noises, to which there were two taps on the wall behind me, followed by a tap on the door and the metal urn. Nick wandered to the other end of the room by the door and heard a noise from behind it. At exactly the same time Kym saw a black shadow on the door.

2nd Session

We again started this session with the rods and pendulums and everyone experienced lots of movement and responses. Guests also mentioned feeling cold spots.
A French male spirit came through on the Ouija, who used to work at the Fort. There were several attempts to get his name but this couldn’t be determined, although we established his age as being 44. He seemed to like Gaynor (guest) to ask the questions and would respond better to her than anyone else. Gaynor said she kept being touched on her left shoulder and she sensed that he was near her as she felt cold on that side. We heard a whistle in the room so we asked spirit to copy our whistles to which they responded each time. One of the guests saw a flash at the end of the room by the door and when we asked the spirit via the Ouija if he was by the door, he responded with a Yes. The ghost pro also responded to confirm this. On leaving the room at the end of the session we all heard three successive groans behind us.

3rd Session

Lots of activity once again on the rods and pendulums. During the Ouija session a female spirit called Victoria came through. She was 28, died in 1925 and used to work at the Fort. She was happy to communicate with us and responded well to our questions. We heard two loud taps on one of the metal beds at the other end of the room, and we called out asking spirit to do it again, but they didn’t. I sensed there was someone standing by the door at the end of the room and when I asked if there was a spirit by the door, the glass moved to Yes.

4th Session

Once again people felt cold spots in the room during the rods and pendulums session, despite the room being the warmest in the Fort. A couple of the guests using the rods asked spirit to point them in the direction of where they were standing, and the rods moved round simultaneously to point in the same direction.
Through the Ouija in this session we connected with a male spirit called Nigel who was 27 years old. He said his wife was called Nancy, aged 28 and they had a 4 year old son called Stuart. There was lots of information coming through and we established that they all died from TB in 1907. He said both himself and his wife worked at the Fort, he was a soldier and she was a nurse.

Kerry Gasiami
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Port Lympne Mansion – 1st November 2014 (Kym)

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Port Lympne Mansion 1st November 2014
Lympne, Kent
Halloween Special

Area: Conference Room
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums
This place looks, and was amazing!  The team had been looking forward to coming here all year.  And it did not disappoint.  We had 6 sessions so time was going to be crucial tonight.

Group E – We started immediately with scrying – 2 mirrors set up to use – and guests that were sitting and standing were seeing the same on both mirrors: man with a light bushy beard on the sides of his face, with a dark moustache.  Small eyes and glasses.  One group saw shadows in the mirror from behind them.  We then tried the rods & pendulums so we could ask spirit about what we saw, and one guest screamed and quickly put her pendulum down – when asked what happened, she said her pendulum was violently swung towards her.  After calming down she tried again.  Everyone experienced movement, with all being amazed at what the rods & pendulums were doing.  One guest thought they were magnetic at first, until they started moving apart too.  Some guests could feel spirit between them, when asking for those holding the rods to point where the spirit was standing, they all pointed between those two ladies.

Group F – We started with scrying and again everyone was seeing the same as the previous group – male, glasses, bushy light beard and dark moustache.  We were also feeling cold spots amonst us.  Someone felt it was a small child.  I was standing behind some guests, and one lady turned around suddenly, and was pleased to see me there, but when I said I hadn’t moved she then said she had felt someone walk behind her to her right (I was to her left).  We then used the rods & pendulums and people were picking up on a male & female spirit.  They asked if the spirit of Elaine had followed them up from the previous session – answered yes.  This was a lady of the manor, French, aged between 30 to 50, and had died here.

Group A – Started with scrying and again had a male spirit with glasses, moustache and beard.  When asking the spirit with rods & pendulums he confirmed he was the man in the mirror, worked here, did not die here, and was from the 1100’s.  There was also a girl aged 5.  The rods also pointed to the door and screen when asked where the spirits were standing, which was where guests were feeling.

Group B – Again with scrying people could see a man with a beard, moustache and glasses.  With each group I did not say what other groups were seeing, and was pleasantly surprised when similar experiences were felt.  We were also hearing footsteps around us, and seeing light and dark shadows.  Louise suddenly had a nosebleed which is unusual for her.  Cold spots were being felt around us.

Group C – This group was now down to one guest as some had left due to illness.  So myself and Kat went to the room on our own.  We didn’t try scrying but sat quietly with rods & pendulums, starting of at one end together.  We were hearing noises at the opposite end so I went to check.  I then heard a noise near Kat, and she said it sounded like someone had sat on the chair behind her.  She then joined me, and it seemed quiet again so I went to stand in the middle of the room.  We then heard a loud bang behind a screen, checking – nothing had moved.  We then stood leaning our hands on the back of a chair, and we felt and heard a tap on the chair.  Then it creaked.  Then the chair moved – just a little at first.  Feeling brave we asked for more – and to our surprise the chair twisted 90 degrees whilst we had our torch on – WOW – we did not expect that!  Time up we were gutted to leave.

Group D – I told the guests what had just happened, and I tried again to ask spirit to move the chair again whilst myself and guest were holding it, although we had some slight creaks, no movement.  We did try again a little later in that session, but again only slight creaks.  With the scrying guests were seeing a male with a goatee beard and moustache.  Whilst using the rods & pendulums we were asking spirit questions.  I had a female spirit that had worked here.  We were then hearing footsteps in the room around us – often going under a chair someone was sitting on.  We also heard a male groan, and were feeling a lot of cold spots.

This was one of the best investigations I had experienced, it was a pleasure to be involved, and one I hope we return to in the new year!

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17-3-2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 17th March 2012

As a team we look forward to every visit at the Fort, mainly because every single time something unusual or interesting happens, again we were not disappointed.

Even before the ghost hunt had begun, I was showing the team around the Fort as there were some new areas opened up or cleaned up that we could use, whilst in one of these areas, two team members were with me, one stayed at the bottom of the steps. The three of us heard a whistle, I thought it was Carl (who stayed at the bottom) but when we descended the steps, Carl said he didn’t whistle nor had he heard a whistle.

A couple of weeks earlier I had visited the Fort to shoot some video and exactly the same thing had happened then, in exactly the same area.

Whilst in this area Sean felt someone blow in his ear and as I was showing Sean the entrance to the lighting tunnels I just had to fall over! As I often say to the guests and manager at venues, if anyone is going to fall over or bang their heads it is usually me!

We split the group up into smaller groups and each group headed off to their favourite areas, I volunteered to take all the groups to the double casements, as this involves a strenuous 67 stepped staircase. After the group had looked at the various rooms we started a séance in an area which in the past has proved very popular. A male energy by the name of Marcus stepped forward he gave me the date of 1978 and he was 34, and a mechanic. There was some small amount of movement from Marcus but some of the group were not patient and wanted things to happen instantly. Very little else happened in this session because the same people spent most of the time chatting or making unnecessary noises.

The second group that I took to the same area, had already had a very interesting first session, in this area a male energy called Taylor (which I presume was his surname) stepped forward he was in his late 30s or early 40s. He gave me the year as 1972 and he drove a gold coloured Ford Cortina with a red interior and his love was to accessorise his ‘baby’ (the car). When I asked what he did for a living he seemed very reluctant to divulge this information.

A female energy also joined us, her name was Annie and she was a WWI Nurse or FANY. (First Aid Nursing Yeomanry), she came across as being quite strict and was offended by some of the comments made by a male guest. In fact his EVP question was one of the clearest from the whole night.

Both Taylor and Annie started to move the arms of the guests and one guest felt as if she were being pushed down, as she commented that she felt a heavy weight on her shoulders. As a group we all heard whistling and mumblings, some of the guests saw red lights whilst others saw white lights. Guests also felt strange coldness spots and breezes, which is not unusual for this particular room and toward the end of the session groans and grunting were heard by everyone in the group.

We finished the session with an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or ghost voice experiment.

The best can be heard at

The third group to this area had already seen and sampled most of the rest of the fort but once again this particular session (which is probably the most active area within the fort) was just as interesting. We were joined by a WWII soldier called Taff and Timothy, both in their early 20s. Taff was a Welshman with a loud voice and of stocky build, whereas Timothy was from Sunderland, fair skin and ginger and quite shy. There was a third soldier in the background although he never came into this room. There was plenty of movement and guests were pushed by unseen hands, all quite gentle though. We all heard whispering and mumbling again, as if we were hearing the sound of a conversation but not the actual words spoken. There were also some tapping sounds and some rather louder bangs. Some of the tapping noises were in response to me tapping my torch on the railings.

At one point I called out to spirit to make another noise and at that precise moment an owl which I gather was nesting in the moat or on top of the fort called out, which made everyone jump!

The last session we allow the guests to go wherever they wish to and I took a group to casement 10, which was damaged most during the tire fire which lasted for three weeks. This area is also where previous ghost hunts have had experiences with lit candles, because these rooms would have been used to store ammunition, the spirit energies that are present are all too familiar with what happens to open flames near ammunition. Whilst standing with the guests in the left hand room a male energy by the name of Philip made himself known to me. He gave me the year as 1672 (the Fort was not built until 1880) and he kept himself inside the lighting tunnel, almost too afraid to join us. Some of the guests saw shadows in the lighting tunnel as there are four ‘windows’ into the lighting tunnel in this room.

Once again a very eventful ghost hunt and at a location in which the guests thoroughly enjoy mainly because of its lack of modernisation, but that is what is part of its appeal.

Spiritualist Medium
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