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Rye Castle – 22nd August 2015 (Louise)

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Rye Castle ghost hunt 22nd August 2015
Rye, East Sussex

Rye Castle is an interesting Venue, albeit small the activity and atmosphere is different on every occasion, which makes it one of my favourite places to visit.
Only having one group made the ghost hunt more interesting as the guests had all got to know each other before I started my table tipping and glass work session in the Women’s Tower. This meant that the guests were much more comfortable, willing and not afraid to encourage spirit to come forward

Women’s Tower
Table tipping and glass work
At the start of each session, I split the group of eight guests into four so everybody had a chance to participate in each activity. Some of the guests had already done table tipping so were eager to get started.

Group 1
The first group of guests on the table immediately started to encourage spirit and the table begun to move straight away. Movement was slow at first, but with a bit more encouragement the table started to spin and carry out random movements having us running around in circles.
One of the guests then asked spirit if they could possibly walk the table, and to our amazement the table started walking towards the door, up the steps and into the courtyard. All guest were shocked by the way spirit seemed to keep stopping the table as if to work out how to move the table in the right direction to negotiate the steps.

Group 2
With the second group, we had some light movement of the table, but it was quieter. I then asked spirit if they would like to communicate to us by using the glass instead of table tipping. We asked spirit to move the table to the right for a yes answer, and to the left for a no answer. Spirit agreed to speak through the glass work. Some of the guests didn’t want to participate in this activity, but were more than happy to watch.
Once again asking spirit to move the glass left or right for yes and no answers the glass moved immediately. We had a male spirit come through who told us he was a guard at the tower and looked after the ladies, and told us he very much enjoyed his job as he liked making the ladies laugh.

Very enjoyable sessions with some amazing table tipping, can’t wait for our next visit

Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel – 18th April 2015 (Kym)

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 18th April 2015
Colchester, Essex

Area: Room’s 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette, Glass Work

Group C – We started with the scrying, and people were seeing the face change in the mirror to an older lady.  However, several of the women, including myself, started suddenly feeling very strange.  The room felt very hot and oppressive, we had headaches, and were feeling dizzy and tingly all over.  You could feel the energy around us.  What made us most surprised about this was when we entered the room it was quite cool as the window had been open.  I had closed the window when we entered.  But after about 5 minutes the energy suddenly changed and we all felt normal again.  Another guest then sat in front of the mirror, and we were seeing and feeling the same spirit energy again, and almost suddenly like before the feelings changed back to normal.  I then split the group with 3 guests in room 7 doing Ouija, and the remaining 4 in room 6 doing the writing planchette.  Both groups had movement immediately.  On the Ouija it was a female spirit, spelt the word PEG but then someone sensed the name Margaret.  Asking if that was the spirit’s name, glass went to yes.  She was age 78, but unsure of the year, possibly 1988 or 1891, although wouldn’t confirm which was correct.  Asked where she lived, she spelt the word LIVE, when asked if lived here, confirmed yes.  Asked if she would do some table tipping – answered yes.  I went to check on the other groups, and they had heard us mention the name Margaret:  they had the letter M drawn, and asked if the spirit’s name was Margaret, had confirmed yes.  So they had been communicating with a Margaret too.  Perhaps the same spirit was communicating with both groups.  With all guests possibly talking to the same spirit, I thought it would be good to bring everyone together and we tried table tipping.  The table lifted up one side at the start, then we were hearing lots of taps on the table, asking spirit to copy our taps, we would hear them repeated back.

Group D – Started with scrying in room 6 again, and first someone was seeing what looked like a 12 year old boy, and felt very sad, the person in the mirror looked like she was crying.  Some people were being touched.  Then the image changed to an older man with dark hair and moustache, the face would suddenly disappear, and some saw evil eyes.  One guest saw a shadow in the room by the doorway.  Then tried the Ouija in room 7 but only slight movement. With the table tipping we had gentle rocking and taps on the table.  With the writing planchette, had some movement, but one guest saw a shadow behind me walk past the wardrobe?  In room 7 they tried some glass work and it moved a lot.  The spirit was a lady who had worked here at the hotel.  The guests then heard a cough coming from the bathroom, and as guests Steve & Terri looked towards the bathroom (the light was on in the bathroom, and you were able to see the light shining through the door at the top & bottom), they saw a dark shadow pass across the bottom of the door.  The glass stopped for a short while then another spirit joined them.  This was a male, again had worked here, was married, had worked with me before on a ghost hunt here.  Asking for him to draw his initial with the glass, it looked like a C or an S.  The glass then started moving continuously in a circle, and I asked guests to ask in their head for spirit to stop the glass and change direction.  The glass responded to all the female guests immediately, but not the male guest.

Group A – With the scrying this time nothing was seen in the mirror, so we all went to room 7.  Tried the Ouija but no movement.  Tried the table tipping, some slight rocking, but annoyingly every time I turned my torch off the table moved quickly.  With all the guests knowing each other, they felt confident it wasn’t any of them doing it.  I wanted to split the group as with smaller groups things sometimes happen, so three guests tried the writing planchette in room 6, whilst the remaining three stayed in room 7.  We tried with fingers touching the glass & table, and as we felt the table rocking we removed the glass.  However, as I took the glass off the table, the table lifted once, with the table tipping towards Stephen, to his surprise touching him.  Then when I was in room 6 we all heard noise next door, on checking the guests had heard a tap on the bathroom door, and a loud bang in the room.  On checking what it was, it was the folded Ouija table leaning against the wall, it had banged hard against the wall.  No-one had been near it.  I then brought all the group together again, and we tried table tipping, and had some gentle rocking.

Group B – With my last group we started with scrying, and were seeing a male spirit, with a rounder fuller face.  Facial hair and smaller eyes.  We tried the Ouija but had no movement.  With the table tipping, the table lifted once then slight rocking.  We tried the writing planchette but had no movement.  However with the glass work we had a male spirit come through.  He was not connected to the Red Lion or Colchester, but had just stopped by to see what we were doing.
Again a fun night at the Red Lion, with fantastic guests, all willing to try things, and with an open mind.

Paranormal Investigator
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013 (Sue)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Fort Horsted Sat 19th October

1st Session – Group B

I was based in Room 10. Almost as soon as we had arrived the Ghost Pro devices were lighting up red to indicate that spirit was with us.  We all joined hands and begun a séance circle asking spirit to interact with us. A female guest said that her face had been touched and she had cold spots down one side. We began to ask questions and spirit was giving us their answers via the Ghost Pro flashing once for yes or twice for no. We established we had a gentleman, who had worked here. He is a real character. I asked the guests would they like to try the Ouija Board, which they all agreed they would like to try, so we moved into the room on the right. We put a glass in the centre of the Ouija board and asked the spirit gentleman if he could move the glass for us to indicate he would be willing to talk to us. The glass didn’t move at first so we all took in turns to say hello and introduce ourselves to him. Spirit was very reluctant to go to any letters on the board. So we asked Spirit to move the glass to the moon drawn on the board for yes, the star in the centre as a neutral position and away from the star for no. Once we established this he was quite happy to talk to us. He was under 30 yrs old, married with three children and was still looking for his wife, who he believes is still in this Fort. Something had happened to his throat as me and another female guest could feel pressure on our throat and had a strange taste in our mouth. Quite a few of the guests noticed rapid temperature changes and had the feeling they were being watched. Spirit moved the glass round in a circle and then drew a square and a zig-zag. The guests where so shocked as this was their first experience of glass work. The whole time this was happening the ghost pro device was flashing and responding to our questions as well. Also one of the guests was using the dowsing rods and getting the same yes or no responses as the ghost pro device.

2nd Session – Group C

As my first session had been so active on the board we decided to attempt the Ouija straight away. So after all introducing ourselves by saying hello spirit my name is…. The glass began to move again. The glass was moving to letters but they were very random and didn’t make sense. We heard what sounded like footsteps coming from the area next door so we decided to investigate. We formed a séance circle and I encouraged guests to call out but we didn’t hear any other noises. I said would any of the guests like to perform a lone vigil away from the others. Four of the men very bravely decided to stay together but go to another area. I put two of the male guests in one part of the tunnel with a laser grid. I explained they needed to keep calling out to spirit and ask the spirit to stand inside the grid and block out the lights of the laser. The other two male guests I moved further down the tunnel and gave them a ghost box pro device. I told them to ask questions that would have a yes or no answer and see what response they got from spirit. I returned to the remaining four female guests and we went back on the Ouija board. Straight away the glass begun moving, not answering any of our questions but spirit drew with the glass a circle, a square, a zig zag and a figure eight. This was filmed by Jason my team member, so hopefully we have some video footage to show you. Whilst spirit was moving the glass we asked could the spirit touch one of the male guests on the shoulder that I had placed in the tunnels. Once again the ghost pro devices we very active but we had no activity on the K2 meters. At the end of the vigil we checked with the male guests had anything happened to them. The guests with the laser said nothing had happened but the guests that had been further down the tunnel had had activity with the Ghost pro flashing yes and no to their questions. The best bit was James (Guest) had said something had touched him on the back of his neck. So Another great session.

3rd Session – Group A My last session was very different. The glass would not move at all, even thought it had been responding so well on the previous two vigils. The guests had such low energy levels that I even got them to sing a song to try and raise their energy. We formed a séance circle and I tried to encourage the guests to call out and ask spirit to interact with us. I always say the more energy and enthusiasm you have, the more spirit will respond but if you stand there and don’t say anything then spirit wont be willing to do anything for you in return. The only guest that had anything was Vicky. When we were all stood in séance, Vicky was using dowsing rods and asking questions. Vicky was stood just outside the circle. Suddenly she screamed and quickly joined the circle as she said had felt someone brush against her hair and ear and she had really jumped. The rest of the vigil was really quite with no activity on the Ghost Pro, K2 or the Glass.

Overall a great night. Some great activity on the ghost pro device. The glass moved and drew various shapes on command.  Two guests were touched. Also a pleasure for me to reassure people that the Ouija is safe when used correctly and with respect. I know a few of the guests were worried at first but left with a new understanding and respect for the Ouija Board. Fort Horsted is always an interesting location and one I enjoy as it is different every time I visit.

Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigator
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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 14-9-2013

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 14th September 2013
Colchester, Essex

This was our 4th visit to The Red Lion Hotel of 2013 and since we always enjoy the experience because the level of activity at the hotel always changes but there are always some common paranormal occurrences that the guests experience.

Both my sessions were in the cellar because it is here that the guests often experience the true capability of spirit energies and the level of activity is always better than the rest of the hotel, mainly because the cellar hasn’t changed for many years.

The first group to the cellar we were joined by a male energy called Colin Warden, aged in his mid-30s and passed away in 1984 in Colchester after being involved in a road traffic accident.

First of all Colin started to sway people especially Jade (guest) as he was also carrying out my instruction to move people’s arms. Many guests felt their arms move, often in strange and uncomfortable positions and mostly these movements were on command as I asked the guests to ask in their heads the direction that they wanted their arms to be moved. Colin obliged although he also did his own thing once he figured out how to move people.

During this séance lots of strange noises were heard, many of them coming from behind the walls away from the outside noise of vehicles. Shareena (guest) thought she was looking towards a window as she commented that she had just seen an outline of a person walk past the “window”, but I pointed out that there was no window and when the session finished and the lights came on Shareena was really surprised that there wasn’t anything that even looked like a window.

Many guests during the séance felt hot and some felt cold but his changed rapidly as Colin made his way around the circle and several people reported that they felt as if they were being watched which made them feel uncomfortable.

Towards the end of the session I became aware that there was another spirit with his, he was called Gordon and he is also a spirit that I have seen before at the Red Lion, although on this occasion he didn’t interact with the guests.

One of the guests also felt there was a girl aged about 7 years old called Emily with us, but I couldn’t confirm this as I didn’t see any child spirit.

The second group to the cellar we had much the same arm movement activity at first. But this time the spirit (Colin) couldn’t move around the circle as the energy wasn’t good enough (the guests weren’t encouraging him), therefore I had to move around the circle for those opposite me to sense and feel the spirit energy.

David (guest) who I stood beside felt lots of movement and as the spirit (Colin) moved him forwards and backwards and then proceeded to pull him by his arms down towards the floor. No matter what either of us said which at that point was “up” Colin dragged us down.

Once the spirit had moved or touched the majority of people very little else happened because the guests were not encouraging Colin to do anything, just standing in silence. I therefore finished the séance and we finished the session.

After our controlled sessions I joined a group of people in the outer cellar area for a Ouija board session. The spirit spelt his name as Puw and was able to answer all the questions posed by the guests. We also tried using a glass since Puw didn’t want to answer too many questions and the guests were really impressed that the glass ran around the rim of the table at great speed and was able to stop and move in the opposite direction when asked.

Various noises were also heard during this session that were not related to us or outside as it sounded like someone rearranging baubles on a Christmas tree.

I also joined some guests in room 7 where we heard some names on the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) but unfortunately they were not the names of the people present.

In a short session in the Parliament Restaurant any guest that stood in a particular part of the room felt the same sensations. The sensation of being dragged backwards through the wall.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt for some people, although it could have been better across all groups if those present actively encouraged the spirit energies to do something. Standing or sitting in silence is never going to encourage anyone to do anything. Our events are participation events, where everyone has to want to participate and to encourage the spirit to do something.

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