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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 6-7-2013

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 6th July 2013
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is always an interesting ghost hunt for us as something that has never happened before usually happens to the guests however no one could have predicted what happened on this particular evening. As a team with a combined experience of over 100 years none of us have ever seen or witnessed anything that even comes close to what one particular guest experienced in the Caponier, however that will be covered in the second report by the paranormal investigators. However that doesn’t mean nothing of interest happened to the people with me on the contrary I too had a very unusual experience in the Counterscarp galleries…

The first group to the Counterscarp galleries we formed a séance circle in one of my favourite parts, it is actually the furthest room, not particularly big but usually the séance held here have a common theme, which I am very aware of and hence why I bring people to this area every time.

We were joined by a familiar spirit energy to this area; Captain Daniel Bedford who is a strict man however he also likes to make guests aware of his presence and he started by moving various peoples arms, sometimes on command other times of his own free will. He was also able to physically push some people. Using some people arms and hands he was able to rub the chins of some of the male guests, this is a common occurrence. He also tapped one particular guest three times on his head, very similar to the phrase “is anybody home”. Daniel was also able to slow punch two of the guests under the chin, as if to tell them to stand up straight. I and another guest were also pulled down so that our hands were touching the floor and our hands were dragged on the floor. Many guests heard the sound of “chatter” as well as breathing and whispering sounds, this is anomalous because the dry moat ground level outside the counterscarp galleries is about 15 feet below where we were stood inside and there are no animals wild or domestic in the moat. Several guests also saw something pass the windows since it was still light outside and other guests saw lights at the other end of the tunnel, no explanation could be established for either occurrence.

At the end of this séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Unfortunately there was quite a lot of noise from the guests shuffling which when the files were analysed by our experts drowned out any spirit response because the echo in these tunnels is a lot longer than in a normal room. However the only good EVP can be heard at:-

The second group to the Counterscarp galleries I formed a séance circle in exactly the same room, hopeful that the same spirit energy would be present for the guests to experience his energy. Unfortunately he wasn’t but there was another male spirit called Bernard or Biffa to his friends present. He was from a time when the Fort was being built, about 1880, as he was a prisoner. Once I asked Biffa to move the guests in some way, lots of people arms were simultaneously moved and everyone felt a physical force push them down towards the floor. One particular guest (Chris) was pushed down with such a reasonable force that he couldn’t get up and whilst he thought it was safer to stay on the floor the spirit had other ideas. Biffa then managed to push and pull us all across the floor until Chris was pushed against a wall. I have no idea how we managed to be moved in this way and I have never seen a spirit manage to do this to people before. Once we were all against the wall Biffa then decided to twist people and bend them into what looked like impossible positions, yet we all managed to stay linked and the séance ended with us rubbing Chris’ chin which looked like a thinking man’s pose.

Just as we were about to end the séance everyone heard the sound of a whistle request that I had made earlier, they were two very distinct repeats of a whistle that I asked spirit to repeat about 20 minutes earlier.

The third group to the Counterscarps were not eager for more spiritual movement as they were the group that had the amazing activity in the Caponier, however during the séance in exactly the same room both Biffa and Captain Daniel were present and they continued moving people’s arms and pushing them. Once again we all heard the now familiar “chatter” and whisper sounds, although we still have no idea where these noises could have come from. Some odd noises were also heard coming from the moat, one of these sounded like a man groaning or cursing, however having walked the whole of the dry moat (in daylight) I know that this is very unlikely that anyone would have been in the moat as it is more or less impossible to get out especially at night where the hazards cannot be seen.

Using a spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio band in reverse at 100ms) we heard the words “Ann” “Hi” and eventually “Go”. None of the questions asked had any intelligible answer.

Moving to the other end of the Counterscarp gallery there were two Second World War soldiers present, one was Welsh and the other from Lincolnshire, neither did very much to affect the guests although Jason felt a poke in his stomach.

This was an exceptionally active ghost hunt with all guests getting some truly exciting paranormal evidence that they could not explain but nevertheless enjoyed.

The video of what happened that amazed us can be seen at although the report from this group is published under the Paranormal Investigators section.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 17-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 17th May 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is one of our locations where the level of activity that is experienced by the guests is always surprising, not least because the location doesn’t seem scary or likely to produce much spiritual activity, but actually is one of the more active outdoor locations.

This ghost hunt I always start in the same place, the site of the old manor house, as the level of paranormal activity felt by the guests is usually something memorable, but it takes time and patience for the guests to experience something.

As usual after asking everyone to turn their phones off the level of activity seen on our electronic equipment surged, this is relatively normal, as mobile phones interfere not only with our equipment but also the level of spiritual activity.

Guests wandered around the perimeter of the manor house, many had spiritual contact on our various equipment. One guest felt a touch on her head and at one point we were all standing on one of the terraces a guest asked that someone we touched or moved. Although I could not see the spirit energy present, I knew which person they were going to move and stood back one step and pointed to the person that was going to be moved, half of the guests could see who I pointed to. Almost immediately the guest that I pointed to felt a touch on her lower back.

Doing this time the spikes seen on our KII (EMF) Meters was outstanding.

From here were moved into the woods to hold a séance, as the woods seem to be where the spirit energies can move and manipulate people. A spirit energy in his mid-50s joined us, he was a farmer who produced cider. The séance started with lots of arm movement, which not only surprised the guests but also exciting and frightened them at the same time. This then progressed after I asked to pushing and pulling people forwards and backwards and generally whoever I asked the spirit to move, they moved.

Many guests felt physical movement either swaying or twisting and those standing nearest to me or opposite felt themselves being pulled downwards, eventually everyone was moved in some way. I asked many times for the spirit to do the same thing to everyone and eventually we all were moved into the “Musketeer’s All for one sign”. The séance ended with an odd movement felt by everyone, which was an anticlockwise twist which everyone moved at the same time.

As we were about to leave the woods I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scan backwards through the FM radio frequencies at 100ms). Some basic Yes and No answers were heard to questions and then a guest asked how many men were present in our group and a very clear “One” was heard, which was correct.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests felt some form of physical paranormal activity.

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The Priest House ghost hunt – 11-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The Priest House ghost hunt 11th May 2013
West Hoathly, West Sussex

This investigation was different than many of our others, as the size of the venue is not large enough to split guests into groups, so we started with what we normally do at the end of the night and that is to let guests wander freely around the building using our equipment to communicate with the spirit energies.

There were two reasons for this, one, was to find active areas within the building and two, was to allow the guests to ask their questions about ghost hunting and as the evening progressed into darkness everyone would know their way around the building. As this is a 15th Century building, the floors, staircase and ceilings all have uniqueness about them!

Many guests found that the upper rooms were high in spirit energies and lots of communication took place using various equipment, many guests who brought their own EVP recorders also had responses to their questions.

As I was wandering around the building checking on various groups of guests I too noticed spirit energies and described who I met along the way.

In the bedroom I came across a young girl of about 8 years old, who was holding a rather beaten up teddy bear, when I asked her about the bear, she asked why I called it a “Teddy” bear. This may be because the phrase “Teddy” bear was invented by a US toy company in 1902 after the US President Theodore Roosevelt. The guest that was in this room at that time had recorded several anomalies on her recorder. Also in the same room was another female spirit energy aged in her 20s but acted very maturely as if she was in her 60s, when asking for her name, she refused to tell me. Both girls were dressed in clothing that I would associate with the mid-1800s.

In the corridor upstairs I came across a portly gentleman about 5’8” wearing a three piece black pin stripe suit, shiny black shoes with a top buckle and wearing a top hat his name was Harold. He also sported a trimmed grey beard and hat mostly black and grey hair. He walked around the room a lot, pacing but didn’t actually want to communicate with us.

Downstairs I decided it was time to do a séance to invite the spirit energies to do something and to let their presence to be felt by the guests. I had no idea what we would encounter in the séance, but I wasn’t expecting what happened, no-one could have done.

The spirit energy that came forward was called Toby Turner, aged in his mid-20s and of muscular build, he gave me the year of 1910. Toby was quickly able to move some people into odd positions and after some relatively mild and gentle arm movement, Toby increased the activity to include pulling people backwards, but just the top half of a person, so it became rather painful and literally back breaking. Toby also used the furniture in the room to assist his movements with us, using the table that we were standing in front of. He pulled our arms down to the table and then used the table as a pivot to pull us further down. However when Toby realised that the table was in the way he used this. There were many items on the table for display purposes, all tied together with fishing wire. Toby manipulated our arms to push the brass plates on the table, usually in a circular motion to twist and slide these items around the table. There were two groups of people who were doing this, myself and Mark’s (guest) hands and

Jo (GHE team) and Karen’s (guest) hands. We were standing opposite each other. Our hands were moving all the items on the table, because they were all tied together, once one started to move the rest of the items followed, which made a lot of noise and Toby was determined to push these items off the table, but those guests that were in front of the table were able to stop them falling off. This was strange because normally spirit energies do not interact with objects in this way.

The séance ended with Jo and Karen’s hand lunging or punching into Jeff (guest) and Justin (guest), the last punch into Justin’s stomach was actually quite forceful, so I stopped the séance.

After putting all the items back to their original positions we went upstairs to try to communicate with the spirits.

Once in the bedroom a female spirit energy called Dorothy was present, she was in her 60s, a spinster, who was very religious and didn’t like our presence, however many guests could feel her presence, either by touches on the head, or some guests who were sitting on some furniture felt like they were being pushed off.

Tapping noises and responses to taps were heard along with a whistled response. Also in this room we used an Ovilus (a device that turns EMF energy into spoken words) and Dorothy was able to use this to say some words including the name of a guest “Justin” and “Priest” plus answers to some questioned asked by the guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the majority of the guests felt some physical paranormal activity, but it was also a strange event, the séance will be remembered by us and those guests involved for a long time.

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