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Sandford Mill – 5th March 2016 – Kym

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 5th March 2016
Chelmsford, Essex


Area: Museum
Ouija & Table Tipping

With my first group we had the spirit of Fred on the Ouija.  He was 27 years old, had died here, but didn’t work here.  He had committed suicide by drinking bleach, due to what he saw whilst fighting for the Essex Regiment in World War Two.  He had passed in 1949, and had three brothers.  The second spirit that came through was a man from England in 1578.  He was killed in October aged 56.  He gave us the following info: OTKPYCMRUZQ saying it was a radio frequency.  He said he was a house worker.

With my next group we had a female spirit called Tiffany, age 44 from 1423.  Is married and has 2 children and lives here.  Asked if she has lived before, she has had 5 lives, and will not re-incarnate anymore.  She passed away in childbirth, and the previous spirit called Fred was her brother.  She confirmed Fred was with the other group helping another male spirit move the table.  Asked if she had a message for us, she spelt UTAN4, asked if she was thanking the four people on the Ouija table, she said yes.

On the table tipping they were communicating with a male spirit, who was married with children.  Was happy to be here.  Had worked here, and there were more than one spirit here.  He had died here, was murdered, head trauma, a friend had killed him.

With my third group the spirit on the Ouija spelt their name as MAM.  Asked if she was royalty she said yes.  She was 37 years old from 1919.  King George was on the throne, she had 4 children, and was related to King George. She said she was his sister.  I did check these records, and although King George did have sisters, all passed in their 60’s and not in 1919.

With all three groups the table tipping was incredible, with all guests being amazed by what the spirits were able to do, lifting, rocking, spinning and walking the table around the room.  With many guests experiencing this for the first time.  It was a really fun night, and a venue I cannot wait to return.

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