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Tide Mill

Wednesday, December 7th, 2022

Tide Mill

History of the Tide Mill
Woodbridge Tide Mill in Suffolk was one of the first tide mills in the country and was unquestionably the last one working – operating for well over 800 years.

The earliest record of a tide mill on this site by the River Deben is in 1170.

In 1793 the present mill was built on the site of earlier ones. By the 1950s it had become the last working tide mill in the country, but in 1957 finally closed. It was saved in 1968, restored and opened to the public in 1973.

Ghosts of the Tide Mill
William, a mill worker, died one night by suffocation after falling into one of the flour vats.

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Sandford Mill ghost hunt – 19th September 2015

Thursday, October 15th, 2015

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 19th September 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this location and we were all looking forward to it with different groups spread out throughout the whole site and no two groups in the same building the scene was set for a very interesting night.

All my sessions were in the cottages which date back to 1890s and we tried séances in the two upstairs rooms of both cottages.

The first group we met a Canadian Airman who was called Toby, he was billeted in the cottage during the Second World War although he didn’t like the person who was billeted with him. Toby was a young man at 27 years old who was able to move people with ease in the group. He was however very shy and felt intimidated by us and was reluctant to complete a task that we asked of him e.g. making a noise.

The second room we met a female energy and children, the children were also from Second World War era and were evacuated to Sandford Mill during the Second World War. The female energy was from the Edwardian era and whilst quite strict she came across as being a teacher although she never confirmed this.

During both séances we heard noises on the landing, Nick (the caretaker) felt something touch his head as he was standing on the landing looking into the room. Jason (GHE camera) was standing beside Nick and could hear noises on the landing and downstairs.

On entering the second cottage and heading upstairs we could all feel the difference in energy, it felt much more calm and peaceful. I had the impression that this cottage was lived in by a nice couple, it felt like two elderly people lived here and the cottage had a warm comfortable feeling about it.

The second group to the first cottage felt the same sort of feeling in both rooms and James (guest) could also pick up on trouble and chaos, he gave his thoughts on the matter and what he felt. James thought that the children were locked into the room when they were in trouble and he also picked up on a foreboding atmosphere. During our séance in the front upstairs room we asked for spirit to make some noise (we asked in the first session too) and we all heard taps and purposeful bangs. The noises sounded like someone trying to use Morse code or trying to repeat the noises we made.

During the séances the spirit were more able to lift people’s arms or rock and sway them gently, this was repeated in both the first and second sessions and both times the guests that had this happen stated that it felt like they were on a boat.

In the second session all of the guests were part of the séance so no-one was outside of the circle, which is a shame as I was hoping that we could have had someone who was standing outside of the circle and for them to have been touched or prodded as the spirit seem very eager to touch someone who isn’t on the room and instead standing on the landing.

This was an excellent ghost hunt and we hope to return to Sandford mill sometime in the near future.

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