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Merley House

Monday, December 5th, 2022

Merley House

History of Merley House
Merley House in Wimborne, Dorset was built in 1756. In 1875 the whole estate was sold by auction but there is little information as to whom it was sold until it was bought by Ivor Guest, 1st Lord of Wimborne. In 1927, the MP for South Dorset, Angus Valdemar Hambro purchased the estate in a dilapidated condition, spending two years renovating it.
In 1939 the outbreak of war meant that the house was requisitioned by the War office. When they left in 1946 the house was again sold at auction. The house was converted into flats.
During the 1960s a holiday park was started, by the present owners, to help finance the restoration of the house. The ground floor was opened to the public and contained a collection of model cars, lorries, airplanes, ships and train sets. Most recently the downstairs was restored again to create spacious and elegant areas.

Ghosts of Merley House
From our investigations we have found that the most active areas are in the cellar, although upstairs activity still happens, especially on the first floor with disembodied voices being heard as well as laughter and the sound of children running around.


Watch our evidence at

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The Keep

Monday, December 5th, 2022

The Keep

History of The Keep
The Keep Military Museum in Dorchester. Dorset was completed in 1879, it was designed to resemble a Norman Castle, and is built of Portland stone which gives it a white appearance.

The Keep was originally the gatehouse for the Depot Barracks of the Dorsetshire Regiment as well as the County Armoury.
The Depot Barracks were the administrative centre for the Dorsetshire Regiment and its centre for recruitment and training. The Depot carried out this function between 1879 and 1958 with only one break. This was during World War Two when the barracks was used by the 701st Ordnance Light Maintenance Company and the 1st Quartermaster Company of the American Armed Forces.

Ghosts of The Keep
Staff and Visitors to the building often feel nervous on the top floor and often feel that they are being followed or watched!

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Shire Hall Courthouse

Friday, May 7th, 2021

Event Showcase: Shire Hall Courthouse

History of Shire Hall Courthouse
The Shire Hall Courthouse was Dorset’s courthouse from 1797 until 1955. Notable dates are the 1834 trial of the Tolpuddle Martyrs to the 1856 domestic abuse case that inspired Thomas Hardy to write ‘Tess of the D’Urbervilles’.

Ghost Hunting
We have finally investigated #ShireHallCourthouse several times since the end of Lockdown restrictions. On our site visit we had a real sense of being guilty ascending the staircase from the cells to the Courtroom! The cells and the holding pen just at the bottom of the staircase into the Court room was an unpleasant place. At night the cells too are an uncomfortable place and you get the sense that you wouldn’t want to be locked in them for any length of time!
The cells where the Tolpuddle Martyrs were held are a very foreboding place, which have proved good for a number of ghost hunting activities.

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Nothe Fort

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

Event Showcase: Nothe Fort
History of Nothe Fort
Nothe Fort was built in 1872 to protect Portland’s harbour, which was then becoming an important Royal Navy base. The fort played an important role in World War II, when the harbour was used as base by the British and American Navy.

In 1956, the fort was abandoned, and in 1961 it was purchased by the local council. It is now a museum and tourist attraction.

Nothe Fort has always had a legendary ghostly whistling gunner and many people claim to have heard his eerie whistling in the Fort’s extensive underground passageways.

Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating #NotheFort since November 2012 and our very first investigation we probably had one of the best piece of evidence you could wish for; a footprint (male about size 7) materialised in front of our eyes when someone asked to see the spirits footprints. He meant to have asked to hear the spirits footsteps, but in the heat of the moment asked the wrong question!

We have also heard disembodied whispers, voices, coughs, whistles and spoken sentences.

Our favourite areas are; The Engine room for table tilting and ouija boards, the tunnel complex for EVP’s and gadgets, the caponier for shear spookiness and strange feelings, plus spoken voices heard when holding séances (the caponier is not currently used due to health & safety measures). The Barbican is an interesting area which is immediately above the entrance gate, now home to pigeons and spiders, but that’s not what makes it spooky! Others areas which we find interesting are the whistling tunnel and some of the magazine/cartridge rooms and what is now The Blacksmiths Shop.
Of all the forts that we visit (both now and in the past) Nothe Fort remains one of the best preserved Forts in the UK with a lot of the original features that make up this Fort.

You can watch our evidence at

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Nothe Fort – 16th January 2016 – Steve

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Nothe Fort ghost hunt 16th January 2016
Weymouth, Dorset


As a team we were really looking forward to this event as it has been a couple of years since we had been able to hold a ghost hunt at this huge Fort. The problem was that the fort could never find staff who were willing to work at the unsociable time required for a ghost hunt.

I chose a magazine room for my sessions

My first session we were joined by Toby a spirit from 1630s aged in his late 30s and Cecil, a Second World War soldier. Both spirits were able to manipulate people and move them in some way. During this time, we also heard some unexplained noises.

The second group also felt the presence of Cecil and some movement was felt by some guests.

The third group experienced lots of movement, most of it on command as well as strange horse related smells, many of which were not pleasant.

The fourth group we were joined by a Second World War Captain who didn’t give his name, although he was stationed in Weymouth during the war. This spirit was able to move everyone with ease, whether they wanted to be moved or not.

Many people in all groups felt hot and cold spots and heard strange noises, although this Fort is on a headland and some of these noises could have been caused by the wind, as the early part of the night was windy. It became still as the night progressed.

This was an excellent ghost hunt with all groups experiencing paranormal activity but unfortunately the Fort Management have cancelled all future events from all ghost hunting groups and companies based on an uneducated, ill-informed and close-minded opinion of the world of ghost hunting. Probably acquired from something the committee members watched on television, which is made for entertainment purposes. Not the real world of ghost hunting.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Nothe Fort – 20-4-2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Nothe Fort ghost hunt 20th April 2013
Weymouth, Dorset

The team were looking forward to returning to this amazing place, and the night did not disappoint.  Sean & I took our first group to the gun room, and immediately we had activity on the ghost pro.  We tried some glass movement on the Ouija table, and although the spirits responded on the ghost pro saying they would make it move, nothing happened.  We then did a séance circle to build up the energies.  Immediately to my left Christian (guest) had both his arms being moved.  He was able to ask spirit to move his arms in a particular way of which spirit did.  The guest to his left thought he was moving his arms, so we suggested she ask in her head for spirit to move his arms.  Although Christian’s arms moved to her response she still remained sceptic.  Spirit continued to move around the circle and move almost everyone, in many different ways, and often to their response.

For our second session, Sean & I were again in the gun room and tried some table tipping.  Myself and three guests very lightly placed our fingers on the table and asked spirit to step forward and move the table.  We were encouraged by the very high levels of activity on the KII,  that the spirit with us was a strong energy.  Although we only had very slight movement on the table, what amazed us all more was the continuous tapping under the table, on the metal frame and the wooden top.  And this would happen when we asked for it.

Sean & I then took the group down to the Caponier, and after some initial exploring we held a séance circle.  Sean & Pete (guest) were starting to feel some swaying, and at this point Steve (medium) joined us.  He told us the spirit with us was a policeman called Sergeant Terry.  The spirit was able to move around the circle and move many of the guests by gentle swaying.

This was the end of the controlled sessions, and at this point all the guests had the opportunity to explore the fort with ghost hunting kit, with or without team.

I returned to base, and took the guests that were there to a quieter end of the café and showed them how to use the pendulums and dowsing rods.  All were amazed by the movement when they were holding them.  We then tried the Ouija board, and were pleased to have some movement.  Although very slight, we were surprised by the gentle twists we received, even continuing when just two people were touching.

Great night – great venue – can’t wait to return.

Kym & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Nothe Fort ghost hunt

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

NOTHE FORT 24th November 2012

For our first session, myself, Carl and guests entered the Gun Room, and started with 6 x KII’s and 2 x Ghost Pro’s.  After a few minutes we had Ghost Pro activity, but no KII.  We started a séance with Carl filming.  No movement, but we heard noises, akin to footsteps, from both ends of the Gun Room.  We stopped the séance and split the group into two, one group going to one end of the Gun Room with myself, the other with Carl at the opposite end.  My guests were asking out for noises, footsteps and any spirit activity.  We had some activity on the Ghost Pro.  Then one of the guests asked to hear some “footprints”.  We all pointed out that we cannot hear footprints!  However soon after this Carl came and asked me to join his group as they had some wet footprints on the wooden floor.  We all gathered down that end of the room.  The floor in one part was wet as the rain had leaked through the roof.  All guests could clearly see footprints on the floor where no guests had been.  We were still not convinced that this was by spirit and asked for more footprints to appear.  We couldn’t believe what happened next!  A footprint appeared on the floor in the middle of the group and this time it was a naked print showing all five toes!!  As all the guests had shoes and socks on we knew it couldn’t be anyone in the group.  We asked for more but nothing, however here is one of the photos taken……

Nothe Fort - Footprint

Our next two sessions were not as exciting as the first, however we did notice the “footprint” gradually fading/drying (but at a slower rate than all the shoeprints) on each of those sessions, until it was gone by the end of night.

However, during our last session whilst in the Whistling Tunnel, we heard a door bang, one of the guests seeing a door open and bang shut.  We initially thought it was the wind, but at that time the wind was not that strong, and the door was an internal door which wouldn’t have moved by the wind.

A really interesting investigation and one we can’t wait to return to.

Sean McMillan & Carl Hutchinson
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Nothe Fort ghost hunt – 24-11-2012

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

NOTHE FORT 24th November 2012

Group B

I took my first group to the area I had set up with Ouija Board, Writing Planchette and Glass Movement on a table.  The first session was slow to start, with only slight movement with writing planchette.  I tried  a séance circle with four guests – with all of us being swayed except one, however this person commented that we are probably doing it ourselves, when spirit promptly stepped forward and moved her – thus leaving her speechless.  Two guests also had their arms gently move up to their surprise.  After finishing the circle, we all stood in the room and were hearing taps on metal, but when asking spirit to do two taps to confirm it was them – this was inconclusive.

Group C

This session was move active – perhaps spirit getting used to us.  We had glass movement immediately – with the glass twisting and drawing a circle at request – moving a little faster when asked.  One person took his finger off, and when asking spirit if they would like that person to re-join to take the glass them, which it did to the guests surprise.  Those four guests  moved to the writing planchette and had some movement.  We asked spirit to give us a sound, of which we then heard a female giggle.  We all went to a small room nearby as the guests had been in there and had experienced high emf activity – however when Sean & Carl’s group came past they established the room had telephone and electrical cable that were causing it.  However before this, whilst in the room it didn’t feel nice.  We had heard a noise behind the glass, one guest felt a vibration under the table she was sitting on, and when 2 guests were left in the room alone they saw the telephone cable move.

Group A

Some of the guests had left from this group, therefore with only 2 guests left we joined Steve’s group. During the free session I took a group of guests to the Caponier.  This area is not open to the public and looked like it hadn’t been used for many years – giving it a scary feel.  After having a good look around, we were all grouped together to start a séance, when myself and a guest saw what we thought was one of the guests bend forward and run away down the dead end area.  When I went to check no-one was there.  We then started a séance, with two guests preferring to  be in the centre of the circle where they felt safer.  Whilst asking for spirit to make themselves known, we were hearing whistles, thumps and dragging noises.  (When speaking to Sean & Carl after, they were hearing these noises too).  Steve came by to check, and took all guests except two to other areas.  Myself and the two guests stayed in this area for 20 minutes, and whilst there we noticed all the noises had gone.

An amazing venue – can’t wait to return.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Nothe Fort Ghost Hunt – 24-11-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Nothe Fort ghost hunt 24th November 2012
Weymouth, Dorset

This was the first ghost hunt for Ghost Hunt Events at this location and we certainly got some excellent evidence.

The weather however on this particular evening wasn’t so pleasant, high winds being the main concern and some rain showers, although by the time we started we were just left with the high winds. For those that don’t know, this particular fort is high on the hill overlooking Weymouth harbours, so walking on the ramparts was extremely gusty.

Fortunately this fort is separated into distinct areas with doors between each section so the entire group could be in the tunnels and we could be sure that noise from one group would not disturb other groups.

I had chosen a particular area to spend the night, which included the supposedly haunted whistling corridor and all the rooms associated in this area were magazine rooms, where ammunition would have been stored, before being hoisted up to the gun emplacements on the ramparts.

The first group we started in a room where a hanging mannequin adorned the room, which nicely set the scene and being the first ghost hunt at this location I let my guests wander from room to room with some of our equipment, until I could sense a particular area where spirit activity was higher. There were brief moments of communication via our electronic equipment and in the resulting séance there were also brief moments of paranormal activity.

Whilst wandering in some of the corridors we could hear a strange rustling noise, which was odd because this is a museum and there is no rubbish or in fact anything we could attribute for this noise. Also within the same part of the building odd whistling and wind noises were heard. This was strange because whilst it was windy outside there were no openings to the outside from within this tunnel and when going through the doors (which were closed) at either end of the tunnel no-one could hear the wind from outside.

Unfortunately two of the guests had turned up in an overly jolly drunken state and whilst we thought that they would sober up being in this environment, they didn’t and thus at the end of the session the group that they were in left the Fort.

The second group I took into one of the magazine rooms, which to everyone present looked like a dull room, as it was just a whitewashed room. However as I was leaving the area with the first group I noticed a spirit energy in this room and had promised (myself) to go back to this room.

The spirit energy was called Mark, aged in his late 20s or early 30s and approximately 5’10” in height and of a slim build. He had a skinny thin looking face but wasn’t wearing anything that I could identify the period.

I immediately started a séance with the group and asked Mark to lift our arms or push people. My arms were the first to be lifted (which is quite usual) but then one by one every guests arm (with the exception of one guest) was being lifted and guests were able to ask (in their heads) which way they wanted their arms to be moved and Mark happily obliged. Mark also made a point of rubbing peoples chins with our arms, which is not dissimilar to a thinking or pondering gesture. I then asked for Mark to start to push people and once again he obliged, however this was more like swaying than pushing and the one guest that didn’t have his arms moved, wanted to feel something. I then moved around the séance circle and stood next to the guest as I was determined that everyone would feel something. After a few attempts (unsuccessfully) of trying to move our arms, Mark moved on to the pushing and this guest was pushed forwards and pulled backwards, much to his surprise. After this everyone was being pushed, pulled and swayed. Some guests were even pushed into other guests which was very amusing to everyone present.

At the end of the séance I asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Mark, the more personal the question the greater likelihood of there being an answer and these were recorded as part of our EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

There were quite a few responses to the questions, some were clearer than others and the best ones can be heard at:-


The third group I took to the same area as the second in the hope that Mark would be able to manipulate these guests in much the same way. Once again Mark was able to move some of the guests arms and push and pull them, but for whatever reason it wasn’t as good as what the second group had experienced. This is likely due to the fact that the third group was bigger group.

However during the séance there was much greater communication activity on our electronic equipment.

After we had held three controlled sessions the rest of the night we allowed our guests free reign of the entire fort, leaving them to go wherever they wanted and let them use our equipment. Many of the guests used this time to go to the Caponier (which is out of bounds to the public during normal opening hours), the Barbican and the ramparts (which by this time of the night wasn’t so windy).

Whilst I was on the ramparts with some guests I was describing some of the spirit energies that I could see and trying to get those energies to make themselves known to the guests. Some guests felt the energies, some guests including myself heard the sound of footsteps behind us and as we turned around expecting to see someone, we realised no one physical was there.

At one particular time I had just entered the Caponier to escort some guests to the Barbican and they had just experienced some paranormal activity (they had seen something). I was then able to describe what I could see which was a male spirit called Charles, dressed in soldiers attire from 17th Century. As I pointed out where he stood, the guests present said that was exactly where they had just seen a shadow and what alarmed them in the first place. As some guests thought they saw a face.

This was a very enjoyable and active ghost hunt. There will be reports from the two other groups, but the highlight of one of the first group sessions is that whilst in one of the Gun rooms a guest had asked for footprints, when they actually meant footsteps. However whilst they were watching a bare footprint, approximately size 7 appeared in front of them. The picture below shows what they saw.

Nothe Fort - Footprint

The Ghost Hunt Events team at Nothe Fort were:-

Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Kym– Paranormal Investigator
Sean– Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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