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Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt – 27th June 2015

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Chelmsford Museum ghost hunt 27th June 2015
Chelmsford, Essex

This was our first ghost hunt at this museum, although I had visited earlier in the year to see if it was suitable and spirit energies present. I had envisaged that I would work in a particular area come the ghost hunt but as it turned out I didn’t use the area I thought I would.

To start the event we held a tech and equipment session in one of the larger upstairs rooms, this was also one of the cooler rooms as it was June and quite warm outside. We also gave out traditional ghost hunting equipment; dowsing rods and pendulums alongside more modern equipment like KII EMF readers and Ghost Meter Pro’s which are essentially communication devices.

The first group session I used what used to be a drawing room in the old Oaklands House and we were joined by two spirit energies, one a small boy about 7 or 8 years old who was called Scott, the other a Doctor from the early 1900’s called Timothy or Tim. Various people in the group were moved by Tim, however he didn’t touch two people for some reason, but everyone else had either their hands lifted and moved or they were rocked or pushed, sometimes quite quickly to the floor.

The second group session I started in the same room and after some minor spirit activity where some people in the group had their arms moved or felt spirit touch them I moved to another room to see if the spirits would do anything different. The room I chose several people felt unsteady on their feet and although I wasn’t being affected directly, every time I moved closer to those who were, I felt sick and dizzy. Two guests in particular felt themselves being forced towards the floor and once on the floor they were unable to get up. They both reported that they felt pinned down.

The third group session I started in the main hall, which incidentally is where I thought I would hold my sessions. The spirit that was around us and affecting everyone was a First World War Sergeant who didn’t really tell me his name, just what I assume was a nickname “Tinney”. He was about 6 foot in height, of slim build and had a typical moustache for the time period. He had been shot in the neck but survived. Asking the spirit to move people resulted in many people being pushed, swayed, twisted and moved all around the room and onto the floor. Many occasions the whole group except one person ended up on the floor, sometimes pushed against the walls, sometimes against people, sometimes on their own (relative to the rest of the group). This was a fun session for both the spirit and guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and a location that we look forward to returning in November 2015

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Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt – 13th September 2014

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 13th September 2014
Ely, Cambridgeshire

The first time we visited this venue for a ghost hunt it was an interesting night, although I was unwell at the time and could not do my normal activity on the ghost hunt, I was therefore keen to return to see if this made any difference to the paranormal activity that the guests encountered.

The first group we started in the Study, we were joined by a spirit called Timothy aged in his early 20s and had a motorcycle accident in 1984 local to this venue. He was about 6’2″ and dressed in full leathers and I described him as looking like the French cartoon character TinTin (i.e. baby faced).

During the séance Timothy first started to lift the guests arms and then he proceeded to push and sway some people, mostly this happened to Diane (guest) as it always took her by surprise which was amusing to watch. Jeff (guest) who usually didn’t get warm, said that he had never felt so warm before.

I decided to move into the Bedroom as this was a cooler room as I too was feeling quite warm. In this room we were joined by a more forceful spirit that was able to lift everyone’s arms but in a robotic way, something that I haven’t experienced for a long time.

The spirit was called Judge Cartwright and he wore a three piece black suit, he had shiny buckles on his shoes and was aged in his late 50s. He gave me the year as 1780. This particular person wasn’t a nice person, in his eyes everyone was guilty, but he too was corrupt and often took bribes. All he managed to do during the rest of the séance was make Karen & Nicole (guests) feel unwell and not “in the room” and slightly detached from what was going on.

The second group séance was in the larger room because the group was quite big. Some of the guests felt their arm moving and swaying, but this only affected half of the circle.

One guest felt his stomach and vocal cords tighten and when he spoke he sounded drunk and incoherent and even to the point of being delirious and distant. However after a few minutes this feeling subsided and he returned to his normal self.

This was an excellent ghost hunt in which all the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves as did the Ghost Hunt Events team and we will be returning to the venue in 2015.

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