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Sandford Mill – 5th March 2016 – Steve

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Sandford Mill ghost hunt 5th March 2016
Chelmsford, Essex


After visiting this museum last year, we were keen to visit again to see if the activity that was experienced could occur again. We were not disappointed!

This time I chose the barn for all my séance sessions as it contained some more museum exhibits and the energy felt good.

There was a male spirit called Patrick in the barn with us. He was 34 years old and from the English Civil War era, he passed from being shot in the head.

The first group experienced lots of arm movement and pushing and pulling backwards, as did the second group, although we were also joined by another male spirit called Brian who lived near to the museum in mid 1750s. He told me that he had murdered children by drowning them in the river. The third group also felt the arm movement and gentle swaying of the first group but it was not as energetic.

This was another excellent ghost hunt with the majority of the guests experiencing some form of paranormal activity throughout of sessions. We look forward to returning later in 2016.

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