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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 14th November 2014

Friday, February 20th, 2015

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 14th November 2014
Toys Hill, nr Westerham, Kent

I don’t often write reports for our outdoor events as normally these are conducted between much larger events, where we have lots to write about. However this event was on par with an indoor event in terms of activity.
We started at the Manor site, lots of communication on our electronic equipment, a brother and sister aged about 7-8 years old running around.

One guests saw a mist rising not too far from where we were standing, it looked similar to smoke, but none of the group smoked. There was some mist in the distance, but it was a still night with virtually no wind.
I could sense Arthur, a Butler near to me, but he didn’t interfere or interact with the group, just watched.

After we moved from the Manor site into the woods, I set up the laser grid and one or two anomalies were seen. Some of the guests felt very uncomfortable, although there was no obvious reason for it apart from being a very still windless night. There was also more communication via the electronic gadgets.

I also turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio bands in reverse at 100ms). I started to ask simple questions like how many men in the group? The answer we heard on the Spirit box was three, which was correct. I then proceeded to ask more questions, each one in turn was answered correctly, even the place name; Toys Hill and November, plus names of the guests.

From this I decided to hold a séance to see if the guests could feel the physical presence of the spirits. It started with some light arm movement and people being pulled backwards. When I asked for a noise we all heard two footfalls from somewhere behind me (we were still all holding hands in the séance), this scared some people, then without any warning we all heard a very loud tree/branch cracking, to say this was unsettling would be an understatement!

Just about everyone was feeling a little jumpy, but I went off to investigate the branch/tree noise as I know the woods very well, but after walking a reasonable distance to where I thought the noise had emanated from, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, no trees or branches on the ground. So I returned to the group, who were all now scared out of their wits.

We left the woods by a different and quicker route than the way we entered, but saw and heard nothing. Back at the manor site, some people continued with the electronic communication but most wanted to leave, so we finished earlier than expected.

The Spirit Box session was one of the best I have ever had at this location, especially as just about everyone had their names spoken, the day, the month and the location and how many of us were present. It was truly brilliant. The noise in the woods was for me equally brilliant as I have never such a sound in this wood before. To top it off this was the last event at this location in 2014, hopefully when we return in 2015 we’ll have something else to report.

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Toys Hill ghost hunt – 22-9-2013

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 22nd September 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

After making our way through the fairly spooky path to the site of the old manor house and handed out to the guests some of our ghost hunting equipment, spiritual activity was noticed and spotted on the various electronic gadgets quite quickly. I then left the guests to wander around the various parts of the grounds and joined them intermittently as different parts of the grounds guests feel and can interact with different spiritual energies.

Whilst I was near to the terraces a familiar male spirit was seen. His name is Alfred and he would have been a head butler in the house. He often stands at the edges until I ask for him to do something physical to a guest, like a gentle touch or push.

There were many spirit present, which is nothing unusual, but it is rare for them to interact with us unless there are asked to join in, otherwise they just watch with curiosity.

Many guests were getting meaningful communication on various pieces of equipment and as I joined several groups of people I was able to tell them details about the spirit that they had not thought of asking or couldn’t get meaningful responses on the electronic equipment. Many female spirit energies were spotted and toward the end of this session a brother & sister who were about 8 years old had taken a liking to one of the guests and followed her around the site.

From the manor house we descended into the very spooky woods, the walk into the woods is scarier in appearance than actually being in the woods but that is because there are so many trees which are exposed out of the ground or knocked over by the strong winds that occur on this hillside.

Once in a familiar place in the woods I started a séance circle so that all the guests could experience a physical paranormal encounter. We were joined by a spirit that I have seen on a couple of previous occasions. He was called Edward and was a local Engineer. Aged in his late 50s and mostly bald with dark brown and grey hair on the back and sides.

Edward started by doing exactly what I asked; to gently move the hands of some of the guests and myself and the three people either side of me felt our hands gently move and when I asked the guests to ask in their heads or for others Edward did exactly what anyone asked with regard to moving hands. After a while Edward obviously got bored of doing what we asked and then started to do what he wanted, which seemed to be to stroke the shoulder of a particular guest, which she found a little odd, although it didn’t frighten her.

Many guests reported that when my hands were near to them they could feel a lot of heat coming from my hands even when I wasn’t touching them.

During this time other guests were gently swayed and rocked from side to side then all of a sudden the two people either side of me were pulled backwards, then pushed forwards and then pulled downwards by our hands towards the ground, which none of us wanted to touch because it was a little muddy!

The séance came to an abrupt end because one person couldn’t follow the simple instruction not to break the circle and due to this incident another guest was feeling unwell and faint and this guest required some attention by me.

I then held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment

There were several responses but unfortunately not all of them could be understood, the best ones can be heard at: –

After this I turned on my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio bands at 100ms in reverse) and asked for Edward to say something to us or said one of the guests’ names. Many random words were heard but no answers to our questions.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one is which many guests had a physical paranormal encounter or were able to have some kind of communication with the spirits that reside within the grounds of the old manor house.

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Toys Hill ghost hunt – 23-8-2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 23rd August 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

The weather forecast for this event wasn’t brilliant with an anticipation of rain and thunderstorms due, however and fortunately for us this stormy weather never materialised. The night however was relatively warm and the view from the top of the hill was somewhat murky, usually there is a nice view of the South Downs. The paranormal activity started in a very typical way, but as the night progressed so did the activity.

Around the Manor house in what I believe to be the hub of the house I handed out some of our electronic gadgets and after telling people to turn their phones off or to put them onto flight mode the EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) detectors started to show spikes of activity with several “hot spots” becoming apparent. The guests wandered freely around the site trying to communicate with the spirits and I joined various people in different parts of the site. On the terraces there was a varied amount of spirit energies, one of which was called David who was in his early 20s and whilst he didn’t say what he did for a living he was obviously an outdoor worker as he wore heavy and dirty boots. The guests were able to ask him personal questions and get sensible answers. Many guests also took photos during this time and some had light anomalies (orbs) whilst other had more interesting mists that appeared at the edge of their photos but not all the photos, it was like the spirits were teasing us.

I also saw a butler, probably the senior butler Alfred who didn’t interact with anyone, he did watch us closely, although I have seen this particular spirit before.

Various groups of people whilst wandering around had electronic communication with different spirits including a maid called Alice who was in her 20s and of a slim build, with light brown hair neatly tied at the back, who was attracted to the younger members of our group.

After telling the guests about certain smells that people in the past have smelt at this site which are nothing to do with the woods and parkland today but not telling what type of smells one guest said that she thought she smelt floor polish but didn’t tell me immediately as she thought that it sounded silly or part of her imagination.

From here we moved to the woods, as the séances that I hold in the woods have an altogether different feeling, it is also strangely active in one particular part. On forming a circle and explaining what would happen or might happen several guests arms started to move and when I asked them to ask the spirit whose name was Edward (also a spirit I have met before here) their arms moved on command. Another guest also commented that he felt very warm and even hot on his back, whereas the person standing next to him, felt cold on her back.

After Edward had moved the arms of all of the guests that he could (not everyone) he then proceeded to sway, push and pull backwards other people. Many of these were pushed or pulled back in unison and at one point four people were all moving in exactly the same way, which were small circular motions. One of the younger guests was pulled back more frequently than anyone else and he likened it to being on a boat.

At the end of the séance I asked all guests to think of a question to ask Edward as part of an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice experiment). The results of which can be heard below

After this I also tried to use my spirit box (a device that scans the AM or FM radio stations in reverse at 100ms) but unfortunately this didn’t work very well, as for some reason it picked up lots of normal radio signals (usually there are no radio signals in the woods) and whilst I thought I did hear some voices, there was too much radio interference to be positive of this.

Setting up the laser grid also had its own problems as every set of batteries that I put into the device drained almost immediately and I used 5 sets of batteries in a matter of minutes. This phenomena happened frequently on this particular evening, various people had their camera batteries drain almost as soon as they turned them on. This has not happened here before.

After leaving the woods and heading back towards the manor house area, the KII EMF meters and communicators all came back to life with lots of spikes and communication.

All in all a very interesting ghost hunt with some good physical activity felt by the majority of the guests that they could not explain or find a rational answer.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor Ghost Hunt – 12-7-2013

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 12th July 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

This location is one of the strangest we do, simply because there is no “normal” experience. Every time we come here, things that happened on previous occasions fail to occur, instead something else that we have not encountered before happens.

After making our way to the area where the house once stood and handing out some of our electronic equipment, the guests roamed around. Various contacts were made and there were some usual communication with different spirits. Some were workers from the old house, others were more random, plus various children.

After I had seen three spirits, all female, and maids walk past towards the terraces, I too walked in this direction and although I lost sight of them when near the terraces another male spirit called Simon de Verre stepped forward. He was lurking in the shadows and was stood behind a guest that was seated on a bench. When I informed the guest, she instantly moved away from the bench. Another guest however sat in the same spot and they too noticed that the atmosphere was different. As more people ventured into this area, me and Jason (guest) were being gently swayed and pushed. Each of us held out our hands to try to feel the spirit and whilst we didn’t feel what I would have expected to feel, we noticed that each of our hands were moving in a “breathing” motion. Gently in and out much like someone breathing. Another guest (Sue) felt a pressure on her throat when she was in this area on her own and she also relayed to me what she saw, which looked similar to a cook carrying something.

After many photographs were taken, where some had some strange mists although no orbs or light anomalies we moved into the woods.

Here we formed a séance circle and I encouraged spirits to come forward and touch people or move them. It took a while, but eventually a male spirit aged in his mid-60s and looking rather frazzled or worn out started to affect guests by gently moved their arms. This moved onto gently pushing people and then abruptly stopped. The reason for this was another younger male energy had walked towards us and unusually I could not see any detail, although I knew he was in his early 20s and quite muscular. This particular energy walked around the circle, making people feel uncomfortable. Sam (guest) felt unusually scared and afraid to look behind her. There were some odd sounds coming from that direction, although they sounded more like animals than anything else to me. Then as quickly as he arrived, this particular energy left and the old gent came back. Once again people started to sway and when I asked for him to push or pull people, he did so almost immediately with about half the guests feeling a pulling back sensation, which usually happened quickly and without any warning, which surprised them.

After the séance I turned on my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio band in reverse at 100ms) and when asking for the spirit to say one of our names, we first heard a faint “Charlotte” and then a very clear “Jason”. Charlotte was not a name of a guest, but Jason was. I then asked for the spirit to tell me how many of us were standing here, or the day of the week. After a short interlude we heard 12. There were 11 of us, although as someone pointed out, with the male spirit this could have been 12 if he was counting himself. Plus it was also the 12th day of July. I did ask some more questions, but sadly no intelligent responses were heard.

Once again an unusual ghost hunt with everyone getting some form of paranormal activity, either by touch, feelings or answering their questions via our electronic equipment.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 17-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 17th May 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is one of our locations where the level of activity that is experienced by the guests is always surprising, not least because the location doesn’t seem scary or likely to produce much spiritual activity, but actually is one of the more active outdoor locations.

This ghost hunt I always start in the same place, the site of the old manor house, as the level of paranormal activity felt by the guests is usually something memorable, but it takes time and patience for the guests to experience something.

As usual after asking everyone to turn their phones off the level of activity seen on our electronic equipment surged, this is relatively normal, as mobile phones interfere not only with our equipment but also the level of spiritual activity.

Guests wandered around the perimeter of the manor house, many had spiritual contact on our various equipment. One guest felt a touch on her head and at one point we were all standing on one of the terraces a guest asked that someone we touched or moved. Although I could not see the spirit energy present, I knew which person they were going to move and stood back one step and pointed to the person that was going to be moved, half of the guests could see who I pointed to. Almost immediately the guest that I pointed to felt a touch on her lower back.

Doing this time the spikes seen on our KII (EMF) Meters was outstanding.

From here were moved into the woods to hold a séance, as the woods seem to be where the spirit energies can move and manipulate people. A spirit energy in his mid-50s joined us, he was a farmer who produced cider. The séance started with lots of arm movement, which not only surprised the guests but also exciting and frightened them at the same time. This then progressed after I asked to pushing and pulling people forwards and backwards and generally whoever I asked the spirit to move, they moved.

Many guests felt physical movement either swaying or twisting and those standing nearest to me or opposite felt themselves being pulled downwards, eventually everyone was moved in some way. I asked many times for the spirit to do the same thing to everyone and eventually we all were moved into the “Musketeer’s All for one sign”. The séance ended with an odd movement felt by everyone, which was an anticlockwise twist which everyone moved at the same time.

As we were about to leave the woods I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scan backwards through the FM radio frequencies at 100ms). Some basic Yes and No answers were heard to questions and then a guest asked how many men were present in our group and a very clear “One” was heard, which was correct.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests felt some form of physical paranormal activity.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 26-4-2013

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 26th April 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor is a strange place, during the day it a favourite location for walkers as the place is very serene and wonderful views over East Sussex towards Reigate. At night the atmosphere changes and although not in a scary way, but the location seems to have a more watchful feeling. Many guests often feel that they are being watched especially when we are standing around in the area that used to be the Manor house.

This night was no different. Whilst standing in parts of the current landscape, which would have been indoors in the past many people felt uneasy, although our KII (EMF) Meters lit up as the spirit walked amongst us. Our communication devices also allowed the guests to talk to the spirit energies.

Richard (guest) felt strange tingling sensations in his neck, not around his neck, but he said that it felt as if something was manipulating his neck muscles, which he also said felt quite nice, as it was similar to a massage.

After a period of time, we moved away from the remains of the Manor house, as the spirit energy contact was getting less and more sporadic and walked into the woods.

We were joined by a spirit energy called Thomas who was 67 years old, mostly bald and of a thin build, 5’11” in height who was an engineer in life and wearing a blue and white striped shirt, and the sleeves were rolled up. Although he didn’t tell me the era that he was from, by his mannerisms and how he spoke I would have said that he was from the 20th Century.

I started to hold a séance circle, as in the past this has been very fruitful. Once again various people within the group started to feel their arms tingle. Richard also informed us that it felt as if something solid was holding his bicep, like a cane or a walking stick.

Emma (guest) had her arms moved by Thomas and she also felt dizzy and sick at times, this seemed to occur when her arms were moving.

Since Thomas didn’t seem to have enough energy to move some people, I moved around the circle to assist with the energy requirements. When I was standing beside Katie (guest) her arm with me moved suddenly that it surprised her, she was also questioning the movement, so I asked her boyfriend to ask which way her and my arms should move in his head. There is then no way that either Katie or myself are going to know what he asked in his head. Katie was then really surprised when our arms moved and in the direction that was asked for, twice!

After the séance some guests left as they had moaned since the start that it was cold, I asked them why they were not wearing the correct attire for the conditions (a warm coat for instance), given that we were standing on a hill at midnight in April, to which they answered that they didn’t think it would be this cold. It was about 7 degrees Celsius and with a keen northerly wind and completely clear skies.

Those that remained, the spirit energy Thomas had not finished and as we stood there he was able to gently push and sway people, we were not holding hands at the time and the guests found this very strange and exhilarating at the same time.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena A.K.A. ghost voice) experiment. There were answers after all the questions, but unfortunately the majority of these were too quiet to hear properly or when amplified the recording was distorted.

The only one that is audible is my question and that can be heard at:-

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 1-2-2013

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 1st February 2013
Toys Hill, Kent

This location often surprises us as the best activity has been seen/felt by small groups of people however sometimes (it has happened before) many people in the group have had a paranormal experience, this was one of those times.

We started on the site of the old manor house, this has in the past been very active and on this night it was one of the more active times that I can remember.

After handing out some KII metres and our electronic communication devices things started to happen. Spirit energies were detectable on the KII and various spirits started communicating. I had the feeling that we were joined by a Maid and a Groundsman of the former house.

Many guests saw lights in the nearby woodland very low to the ground and some saw shadows which seem to move as people walked towards the woodlands to take a closer look.

As a group of us were just talking about previous guests’ experiences I noticed a male energy who looked to be a head butler or someone of importance approach us. He was about 55 years old, quite tall at about 5’9” and very well dressed in a three piece suit. He also had a full well trimmed beard and gave me the date at 1914. This particular spirit who wanted to remain nameless provided the guests with lots of answers to their questions and when asked to touch or move people some guests reported feeling a light brushing sensation, as if someone had just walked passed them. Some guests also felt a warming sensation behind their knees. One guest was sure that she felt a physical touch on her back. Other guests reported the feeling of a dog had just brushed past them.

From here we moved into the woodland as there is a particular area which seems to be more active than the rest of the woods. After walking through an extremely muddy section I stopped by a familiar tree and told the guests that this is the area where we would very shortly be holding a séance. After explained what is likely to happen during the séance an older male spirit approximately 70 years old wandered near to us, he seemed grumpy and called me “a daft old bugger”. Just as I was telling this spirit where to go I noticed another much younger male spirit energy approach, this spirit I have seen here before.

His name was Edward and he is in his mid-20s and every time I seem him he is wearing a grey pinned stripped suit with a bowler hat. He seems to have something to do with finance or accountancy, although he never really answers that question.

Asking Edward to move the guests’ arms, he did so very willingly and soon the majority of people had their arms moved. I also asked Edward if he were able to push or sway people and within a matter of minutes many guests were being pushed or pulled backwards much to their surprise.

Once again some people felt a warming sensation on the back of their legs, especially around their knees, whether this coincided with me asking for Edward to push people I don’t know. At one point when asking for Edward to do the same thing to everyone, my side of the circle (about two people either side of me) were all pushed at the same time towards the centre of the circle and then rapidly pulled backwards. This was a very strange sensation. After this Edward decided that some people should be pushed more forcefully or pushed to the ground, however it was a bit muddy and none of us really wanted to touch the ground, it took all our strength to resist.

After this rather physical séance I decided to conclude this session, but asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Edward, the questions and his answers were recorded and out of the nine people present there were seven responses, however only five could be easily understood.

You can hear these at:-

During the séance many guests including me heard the sound of cough, like someone clearly their throat to get attention, although I didn’t see anyone nor heard any footfalls that could explain this sound, it remains anomalous.

As we were leaving the woodland there continued lots of KII EMF activity and lots of communication via electronic equipment.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one that many guests enjoyed especially because of the physical nature of the séance and the excellent EVPs that were recorded.

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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 3-11-2012

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Toys Hill and Weardale Manor ghost hunt 3rd November 2012

Toys Hill, Kent

We often find that this time of year is a better outdoor ghost hunt as there isn’t much noise outside, obviously being the weekend before Guy Fawkes we were treated to some interesting firework displays!

Our first session was under the trees where the manor house would have stood, this in the past has been the scene of quite a lot of activity and as usual there were high levels of EMF energy shown on our KII meters as well as some good communication via our other electronic equipment.

Some of the guests saw lights in the trees as well as shadows, these were not fireworks or car lights as they were too low to the ground. The shadows were unexplained although I have seen similar when holding previous ghost hunts at this location.

A couple of guests who had stayed with me under the trees (the rest had wandered off) felt a brush on their legs, they said that it had felt like a dog had brushed past them. This has also been reported here and one previous ghost hunt, we all heard the sound of a dog approaching.

After wandering deeper into the woods I stopped at a familiar area, as this has been the scene of so much activity on previous ghost hunts and held a séance here.

A male spirit energy called Daniel joined us, he gave his age as early 20s and the year as 1911. Daniel was easily able to move many of the guests arms, push them and generally sway them on the spot. Several guests also reported the feeling of people pulled downwards, and some were physically pulled downwards by their arms.

Dave (guest) was firstly pushed backwards, although I had noticed that he stood in front of a tree when we started and I am fairly sure he thought the same tree was behind him, but due to all the movement felt by the other guests, the tree was no longer directly behind Dave. So when he was pushed backwards he didn’t resist as he thought the tree would stop him from falling over, but he just missed the tree and fell over!

When Dave finally stood back up Daniel continued to push Dave until he fell face first into the mud which gave us all a good laugh! Whilst all this was going on some of the guests on the other side of the séance circle could hear footfalls and shadows behind them and asked that Carl (GHE Team member) go to investigate. As Carl was now opposite me and I could clearly see him, on my side of the circle we too heard the sound of footfalls behind us and the sound of twigs snapping, like someone had walked over the sticks. We also heard some heavy sounds, like something dropping from the trees or something heavy being dropped, but considering it wasn’t windy the source of this noise remains a mystery.

After we finished the Séance I turned on my Spirit Box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) and then asking for spirit to say our names. Several times we heard the name “Carl” and “Tom” (Tom was one of the guests) and “Hartnoll” (Tom’s surname) plus “Tommy” and “Donna” (another guest). During this time there was high levels of EMF energy which could be seen by the guests on our KII meters.

After leaving this area of the woods and heading back to the site of the old Manor I held an EVP (Electronic voice phenomena) experiment to record ghost voices. There were many unexplained noises in the recording and several possible EVPs but only one which could easily be understood. You can hear that one at

Once again a very good ghost hunt and one in which many of the guests felt spirit energy in the form of a physical sensation, plus the added bonus of hearing their names called out on the Spirit Box.

Carl – Paranormal Investigator joined me from Ghost Hunt Events

Spiritualist Medium
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Toys Hill & Weardale Manor – 17-8-2012

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Toys Hill & Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 17th August 2012

We haven’t had a lot of luck with the weather at this venue in 2012. First time it was -10 degrees Celsius back in February, then in April it was just before a thunderstorm, June it was a thunderstorm so fourth time lucky and this was well worth waiting for.

We started in the remains of the manor, gave the guests lots of our kit to investigate with and let them roam around. Many guests reported seeing shadows and lights within the near distance trees. I generally stayed put and various groups of people reported different activity in all directions, but the one thing they all commented on was the fact that all felt watched.

A male energy by the name of Philip approached, he was a gardener when there was a house at this place, he tipped his hat to me and some of the guests felt his presence.

Steve (guest) felt a light touch on his back and the sound of a dog, panting during the phase when the spirit Philip was around.

Many guests also reported hearing voices, whispering and whistles in one particular place. Four guests (Andy, Wendy, Marie & Shelley) all heard these sounds as well as the sound of a children’s music box. I then went over to the part to have a look and was met by a Frenchman spirit called Alain. He was about 55 years old and dressed in a smart black suit which had a silver pocket watch attached. He gave me the impression he was from 1900s.

The guests that had some of our equipment all had high levels of activity displayed on the various meters.

From here we decided to move into the woods to hold a séance, as the last time this proved very successful but due to the heavy rain it was not as enjoyable as it could have been.

Once again after finding a suitable spot there were high levels of activity shown on our KII meters and on our ghost communicators.

Within a few minutes of us starting a séance a male energy aged in his early 30s approached us, his name was Roger and he was wearing a white shirt and grey trousers and it was impossible to associate him with a period of time, although he wasn’t wearing a tie or hat.

Roger was very capable of moving people in various ways and generally pushed and pulled most of the group, starting gently and then as his confidence grew the level of movement increased and some people, especially Phil and Lisa, were manoeuvred into some rather uncomfortable positions.

Cold spots were also reported by the guests, mainly behind me as the temperature was a steady 20 degrees Celsius most of the night, these cold spots were felt behind four or five people and it felt like stepping into a freezer.

During the séance Andy felt a stick hit his legs and since Carl (GHE Team member) was outside the circle and at the time on the opposite side of Andy went to investigate although Carl could not see a stick anywhere near Andy. After the séance finished Andy found the stick about 14 inches in front of him.

After the séance finished, which I concluded after most people apart from two had either felt arm movement or had been pushed by Roger, some of the guests wandered deeper into the woods as they thought they heard voices and noises whilst the séance was taking place. The rest of the guests made their way out of the woods.

However those that stayed listening in the woods were soon returning because they heard footfalls in the woods and since no torch light was seen, this scared them.

We made our way back to the site of the manor house and conducted an EVP, although when we played the recording back very few anomalies were heard, however once we analysed them we discovered there were quite a few responses, although not all could be interpreted.

The best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and a very productive one with many paranormal occurrences taking place.

After we had enjoyed a cup of coffee back at the car park and just before we were about to leave, Carl (team member) saw a “shadow” behind me and exclaimed that it looked too real to be a spirit and so the four of us who were there turned on all our torches to try to see what this was. To our amazement there was a young male (real person, wearing a blue shirt, black top and trousers and had glasses with curly black hair) standing very close to the hedge on the way out of the car park and even when I blinded this person with my torch he failed to move, but just looked down to the ground. All of us decided that this was a very good time to leave as he was probably drunk. As we were driving out of the car park we noticed this same person lying down on the grass beside the road which was really strange.

Spiritualist Medium
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Toys Hill and Weardale Manor – 2-6-2012

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Toys Hill & Weardale Manor ghost hunt – 2nd June 2012

You would think that organising a ghost hunt outdoors in June would be a fairly safe bet that the weather would be reasonable, possibly even warm? But no the British weather was unpredictable as ever and instead of a nice warm evening we were treated to a night of torrential downpours, thunder and lightning. Not the best place to be with lightning around, standing under trees on top of a hill holding electronic gadgets and conductive umbrellas!

However we proceeded with the ghost hunt armed with hats, hoods and umbrellas. I decided that due to the amount of rainfall we wouldn’t go to my normal starting point, as this was the most exposed, instead we headed into the woods, where I had hoped that the trees would give us some protection from the rain.

We have never tested our equipment in the rain, but assumed that it would be OK. After handing out KII meters and our ghost communicators to the guests, one of the KII meters showed some brief activity but then promptly stayed lit (when the other KII did nothing). After some brief tests we had to assume that water was affecting the device. The other meters however were working and we managed to get contact with a male energy, who looked like his was from about 12th Century, this was solely due to what I could see him wearing, although he did answer some of the guests questions via our communication devices. We also tried Carl’s (Paranormal Investigator with me) Spirit box and speaker but this proved to be unsuccessful or rather we couldn’t hear any obvious answers above the sound of the rain.

Deeper into the woods we held a séance because although it was raining heavily the tree cover was acceptable and the guests really wanted to experience something. We were joined by a male energy called Norman, he was approximately 5’6” in height and looked to be in his late 40s wearing a white shirt, grey flannel trousers with braces. He was also wearing a grey bowler hat which covered his mostly bald head. Norman gave me the impression that he worked with numbers, possibly an accountant or someone in that field. Norman then proceeded to give the guests some physical activity and he gently pushed the guests forward and then all of a sudden pulled some people backwards, much to their surprise. He also moved the arms of some of the guests. When he was moving the guests, especially when moving Jon (guest) it seemed very forceful. Norman was also able to rock most people, either from side to side or from left to right with ease.

I noticed that there was also a female energy nearby, she seemed to ignore us as she looked like she was out for an afternoon’s walk. She was dressed in expensive looking Elizabethan clothing and she was quite tall, about 5’10” in height and she carried a parasol. She did not interact with us and just walked by.

After the séance I used my spirit box to see if we could get a response and although we heard “hi” and “hello”, when I asked the spirit to say the name of anyone present, we think we heard the name “John” but due to the amount of rain hitting our respective umbrellas it was very difficult to distinguish actual words.

From here we walked back out of the woods, as we were all thoroughly soaked and whilst making our way through the woods the rain stopped briefly. I decided that since it wasn’t raining too heavily if at all, this would be our only opportunity to investigate around the remains of Weardale manor, as this is the most exposed location.

At this spot under some very tall pine trees I became aware of a female energy; either Anna or Annabelle who was standing near to us. She was dressed in a maid’s uniform and she was approximately 19 years old. Once again we had some KII meter activity and some communication. I also tried to do an EVP experiment, although the device would not play back at the time, there were some EVPs recorded but due to the noise of the rain (which had suddenly increased) we cannot clear the recordings up enough to identify the words spoken. We also tried the spirit box again although this stopped working after a few minutes, probably due to the rain. Just as this stopped working we all saw a huge flash of lightning and heard some very malicious thunder claps and decided that we would be better off not standing under the trees during the thunderstorm.

Although a very wet ghost hunt it was enjoyable and the guests did get a physical experience although we were all very glad to get back to the cars for a warm drink.

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