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Charlton House ghost hunt – 10th October 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015

We have investigated Charlton House on a number of occasions and it is safe to say that we know that it is haunted and have many reoccurring incidents in various rooms of the house.

However every time we go there I try to investigate a different area or room and move the team around so that they can experience the different spirit energies.

This time around I chose the Library for my séance sessions and several spirits came to join us. We were joined in the first session by an Army Captain from the First World War, he didn’t give me his name but he was aged in his mid-30s. There was also a Priest present who was from a much later time period but he was not a happy fellow, but we really never discovered why he was so unhappy.

Various noises were heard within the room as well as people feeling their arms tingle and move, some people also felt cold spots that came and went but not consistent with a draft.

The second session we were joined by Dave a soldier also from the First World War, Dave was able to manipulate people much more than in the first session, with people being twisted and their legs moved, sometimes against their wishes.

Strange an odd noises were heard throughout this session some of the noises sounded like people walking on the upper mezzanine floor.

The third session we were once again joined by the Priest who was aged in his late-60s, this time around he was able to push and sway people by moving their arms. We were also joined by another soldier called Lincoln who was only able to make people feel tingly and slightly dizzy.

All in all this was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and we look forward to our last visit of 2015 at Charlton House on 20th November

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