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D Day Tunnels

Tuesday, May 26th, 2020

Event Showcase: D Day Tunnels
History of D Day Tunnels
The D Day Tunnels (Underground World War Two Command Centre) in Portsmouth, Hampshire are directly beneath Fort Southwick and they were excavated by the Royal Engineers in 1942.
700 staff worked here during the D-Day Normandy Landings by Allied troops during the Second World War.
After the war the tunnels ceased operations in 1949 then reopened during the 1956 Suez Crisis & during the Cold War. The Command Centre remained in use until 1974.
The existence of the D Day Tunnels was a closely guarded secret. The entrance to these tunnels are very uninteresting and unimposing.
Ghost Hunting
We have been investigating the #DDayTunnels since 2013 and have witnessed; strange whispering, voices, coughs, chills, talking, footsteps, doors closing and keys jangling not to mention pushing and shoving during our séances. The whole complex is eerie and it doesn’t matter what time of day or time of year you are in the tunnels it is always the same.
Just last year as we were waiting for the person to lock up, we were doing a final check to make sure we had all our equipment and two of us saw a person walking in the tunnels from a reasonable distance, we assumed it was the third member of our team although we wondered why he was walking in that direction but nevertheless we left the tunnels to wait outside and he was already outside and had been for 15 minutes! About 10 minutes after this the guy turned up to lock the venue, so it wasn’t him either!
Our favourite areas are; The large map room, the communication room and the old toilet area as well as the room halfway up the stairs (leading to the fort). Many of our guests have had some great personal experiences in the tunnels, but unfortunately for us we rarely have had cameras recording when the interesting stuff happens.

You can watch our EVP video at
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Old Beneficiary School – 20th February 2016 – Steve

Friday, February 26th, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 20th February 2016
Portsmouth, Hampshire


This is an unusual building as we often have activity but not in relation to the building or its past use. This particular evening was no different. I was in the main theatre, the upstairs room for all my sessions.

The first group were joined by a Man who was reluctant to say anything, he wore a schoolboy type cap and was aged roughly in his early 30s. He seemed to be dressed in clothing associated with a summer party and he gave me the impression that he had something to do with importing fine spices into the country. There was also a woman called Grace who said that she washed the floors when this building was a school in 1890s. When we were near the back of the room there was a spirit here called Daniel who was a recent spirit, someone who had passed away recently, although he gave the year as 2006 and he took his own life in sad circumstances. He said he lived locally.

During the séance we experienced lots of movement, including arm movement, footfalls, noises and squeaks that could not be explained.

The second group once again experienced some movement in the séance, although not as much as the first group. Although we did experience some of the strange noises and footfalls like the first group.

The third group didn’t experience any movement at all, nor did we hear any odd noises.

We look forward to returning later in the year

Psychic Medium
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Old Beneficiary School – 5th December 2015 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 5th December 2015
Portsmouth, Hampshire


Area: In front of the stage
Equipment: Table Tipping/ Ouija Board and Dowsing Rods

I started all the sessions on the Ouija board. Not everyone wanted to participate in this activity but all were more than happy to watch. The guests sat round the table and I asked spirit to step forward and come and communicate with us by moving the glass. Very little happened and the glass didn’t move despite all the encouragement to spirit to come and tell us their story. I told the guests to keep encouraging as I went to join two other guests that had started to work on the table tipping. Initially this was also very slow to start, but then the table began to gently rock from side to side. At this point a really cold sensation passed right through us as we heard a loud bang come from the wall right beside us. Jason (team) called out to spirit to make the again if that was them to make the noise again and straight away the noise was heard again but louder. With More encouragement from the guests on the table the table slid itself across the floor to the Ouija table and stopped.  As there was no movement from the glass the remaining guests decided to join us on the table. Shuffling noises and loud footsteps were heard coming from the on the stage and got us all a bit worried at this point. On investigation nothing was found but the footsteps carried on throughout the rest of the session. As there was now more energy on the table it started to rock back and fourth tipped on to one leg and spin us around. One of the guests asked spirit if they could walk the table to the door before we leave. To out surprise the table very gently started to walk towards the door. All encouraging spirit saying how well they were doing the table then walked very quickly and stopped very abruptly when it reached the door. Activity stopped at this point except that we thought we heard laughter of small children as we left the room.

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Explosion Museum – 7th February 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February
Gosport, Hampshire

Missile Room and Cottages with Carl

Session 1
First of all we gave the guests a walk around as it was such a large area to show them where they could go and to give a brief summary of the location that we would be investigating.
A couple decided to go through to the cottages leading off from the main missile room while the rest of the guests spread out nicely throughout the area. Carl had placed REM Pods around the room, one of which he had placed on an old coffin carrier at the back of the room with an interactive bear. We also had a laser grid setup in the middle of the area. Guests were given ghost pros and K2 meters to communicate with spirit.
One of the guests in particular had amazing activity through her ghost pro, she established that a little girl named Carly aged 5 was with her and seemed to be following her as she moved around the area and the reason she had so much interaction with the guest (Stevie) was because she looked like her mum, most of this activity happened in the second part of the room but away from the coffin carrier where the REM Pod and bear had been placed. The next moment we were all called by Carl to go to the bear which was on the coffin carrier as it was alarming constantly and lit up like a Christmas tree as was the REM Pod.
Carly would then only communicate when Stevie asked a question or if Stevie asked her to cuddle the bear.
There was also another female spirit present in that area, a lady between 20-30 who could apparently see us which was established using the ghost pros.
As there were 2 spirits present we decided to use the SB7 which Carly came through on. She answered Stevie 4 times but we were unable to make out what she said but we could tell that the voice was that of a little girl with tone to her voice although some of us heard her say what we thought was her name “Carly” but couldn’t all be sure.

At the end of the session I spoke to the couple who were in the cottages for most of the time, they also found some unexplained goings on.
They had taken a K2 meter with them and started to call out and noticed that every time they mentioned the word “Explosion” the K2 went into the red so they decided to take photos on their phone whilst saying “Explosion” they had 2 pictures that were completely normal but the other 2 when they actually said “Explosion” had what looked like dust and shrapnel flying in to the room exactly as if an “Explosion” had happened outside and was blowing in to the room.

Session 2
Again we had a walk around with the guests. This time husband and wife guests managed to make contact with 2 spirits almost straight away using ghost pros.
They were both child spirits, a brother and sister that lived in the cottages but were playing in the missile room, running around and giggling. We then decided to bring the interactive bear and vibe pod over into the area where the guests said the children are playing and hiding.
The vibe pod and bear both lit up at times when it was claimed by the guests that the little girl was walking towards the bear, this was then also confirmed by the SB7 as a little girls voice came through saying “Happy” and “Teddy”.

We then lead the guests through to the cottages where again the word “Explosion” was used and triggered something as the K2 meter went into the red and almost immediately afterwards I (Wayne) had to leave the area feeling quite sick as did one of the guests.

Session 3
This last session became very quiet in the way of any activity. We had some movement on the K2s and also heard some footsteps which we all followed but Carl was at the front of the queue and saw with his own eyes a large shadow figure running through the missile room. We all went to investigate to see if anyone was in there mucking about but found no one.
We also tried for a time in the cottages with a laser grid but the only activity was with a guest that was using his own pendulum.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
Paranormal Investigators
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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 7th February 2015 (Kerry)

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Equipment: Ouija and table tilting.
Location: Lab Building

Session 1

I decided to use the upstairs of the building and began the session in the room at the far end of the corridor. We started with the Ouija board and the glass started moving immediately. A female spirit came through who told us her name was Lorraine and aged 56. She died in 1865 and was connected to the building in some way, although we were unable to receive any more information from her. We then connected with a male spirit by the name of Geri. He was 24 and died in 1767. When asked if he knew the other spirit by the name of Lorraine, he said he did and when asked how he died he said he died on a boat that crashed into the harbour along with seven others. A guest then asked how many spirits were in the room, and the glass moved to 8. Geri said the spirits of the other people who died with him were all there in the room with us.
During this we all heard what sounded like a chair being dragged across wooden floorboards downstairs, but there was no one else in the building, no furniture downstairs and no wooden floorboards. The floors were all carpeted. We all found this very strange.
We moved to another room at the top of the stairs to try some table tilting, and the table started moving immediately. A slight rocking to start with, then gradually started moving faster. A guest suggested asking spirit questions via the table so we then established our directions for yes and no responses. We had Geri with us again moving the table. After a while the movements became much stronger and I sensed that a different spirit had taken over. The movements became aggressive and the table started twisting and moving around the room. At one point it was difficult to keep up and a couple of the guests came off the table as it was going too fast. This just left myself and guest, Mary, who sensed that this male energy was not very pleasant. The table then stopped suddenly and we had no more movement. All had gone quiet so we started calling out to see if we would get any noises, and then heard footsteps out in the corridor. When asked if spirit could do that again, we had no response but we did all hear quite a loud hiss and wondered where it had come from.

Session 2

We began in the room at the far end of the corridor and during the Ouija session we contacted two male spirits. The first was Dave, aged 47 who only died within the last five years. He was with his wife in spirit but had a son who was still alive. He told us that he was in the Navy and he worked on the submarines. We then had a spirit by the name of Colin who was 33 years old. He died in 1948 and was in the Marines.
We moved to the other room to try some table tilting and once again we had movement straight away. We had a strong energy with us who was able to manipulate the table with ease. It was moving all around the room, then I asked spirit to walk the table through the door along the corridor and into the room at the end, which it then proceeded to do so. It was quite a narrow corridor and guests found it difficult to move around with the table but they managed to keep their fingertips on it, and it walked right down into the other room and continued spinning and twisting around the room. I then asked spirit to walk the table back again to the room we started from and it did so. The guests all commented how amazing this was. When we were back in the room the table walked over to the window and pushed a guest against it, then gave a couple of nudges as if wanting the guest to move out of the way, which he did. I asked spirit if they were able to touch us and the table responded with a yes. One of the guests said she felt a touch on her hand. I then asked if spirit could pull one of the ladies’ hair and nothing happened at first, then I got a sharp but gentle tug on the back of my hair. All guests present were in front of me and there was no one else in the room.

Session 3

We started again with the Ouija, but unfortunately didn’t get any movement after quite some time trying so decided to try the table instead. It took a while to move but eventually it tilted up on one side and did a half spin then stopped. There were only very slight movements after that but it needed a lot of encouragement.
We tried the Ouija again and got a bit of movement initially, but spirit seemed reluctant to answer questions and all we were able to find out was that the spirit was female and aged 54.

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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 7th February 2015

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our first visit to the Explosion Museum and since I was the only person to have visited before, I was also the only person to know where the better areas to ghost hunt. This site is so huge and instead of using all buildings that we could, I selected three that I thought would reveal the most activity. Since we are visiting a number of times this year, we will use different buildings throughout the year.

All my groups headed towards the Officers Admin building, as this seemed quite interesting when I visited in the day time.

All groups experienced movement in the séances, mostly arm movement and random pushing and pulling sensations but on several occasions there were noises that were not part of the building. Also whilst holding the séances in one of the bigger rooms, people of the groups kept seeing shadows and movements in the corners of their eye that they thought were spirits looking into the room from a long central corridor.

The spirit who visited us in this building were a mixture of shy and dominant. The first spirit was called Adrian and was a Canadian and he was quite entertaining as he was able to push and pull people in any way that he chose, although he didn’t really want to talk to me. There was also a very domineering older spirit who was a Lieutenant Colonel who didn’t really like us in “his” building and a female spirit who was equally quite strict and domineering.

In the first session we heard noises when we were upstairs that sounded like someone had entered the building. (No one was wandering around the site) and then when we were downstairs we heard noises from upstairs which sounded like someone walking around wearing dress shoes. There was also one noise that sounded like a case or heavy bag being dropped.

As we were exploring the building we passed a number of plastic chairs and a couple of arm chairs. These were all uninteresting in general but as we made our way through one part of the building (the oldest incidentally) to the toilet part and then returned through the same rooms, one of the plastic chairs looked as if someone had knocked or pushed it so that it was resting on its rear legs against the wall. Since there were only 5 people in the group and me, everyone said that they didn’t move the chair and it would seem unlikely that this was caused by something environmental.

There was one room downstairs that all three groups felt a similar experience in. It was a “busy” room with lots of oddness about it and this was also the same room and the one next to it with the chairs, but what was even more interesting is that whilst we were in these rooms we heard noises upstairs mostly footsteps, doors slamming (there were no doors that slammed and the majority of rooms didn’t have doors or the hinges were broken on those that did). There also seemed to be a noise of a conversation (two women and a man) in the distance, it was never clear enough to hear the words, but it was loud enough that we could hear it.

This was a very interesting ghost hunt and a venue which we are looking forward to returning to later in the year, hopefully our next visit will be just as interesting.

Psychic Medium
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D-Day tunnels ghost hunt 30-11-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

D-Day Tunnels ghost hunt, Portsmouth 30th November 2013

Sue (GHE Team) wanted to return to an upstairs room she had been in on a previous ghost hunt, so after making sure we knew exactly where we were going (leaving markers) we took the group of guests.  On entering the room we all commented how warm it was, Sue had felt this before in this room.  Some guests were drawn to the rear of the room, where you could see the chalk wall showing where the tunnel had been dug out.  We decided to all do a séance circle to bring the energies closer.  Some of the guests hold regular ghost hunts themselves, and were able to sense the spirit around us.  We asked spirit how many spirits in the room with us, the ghost pro confirmed 7.  Donna (guest) could see a male spirit, looking very angry with a disfigured face.  Some of us started swaying.  We were able to communicate with the spirit with the ghost pros too.  Donna could see the spirit standing behind me, I could feel a tingling sensation on the top and back of my head.  I could then feel pressure in my ears, and Donna said “ I’m sorry but I can see him sticking his tongue in your ears!” Yuck!  Some of us started itching in various places, we asked spirit via the ghost pro if he had fleas, he responded with a yes.  Myself, and four guests to my left were all feeling a heavy weight on our left shoulders.  We were hearing noises around us too, as if spirit were throwing stones, and seeing shadows in the doorway.

With the spirit saying he will talk to us through the Ouija board we all dropped hands and tried the Ouija board.  We received the following information; year he was here 1637, had 5 children, his name started with the initial L, his wife was called Helena.  His wife had been raped, by a work colleague, and as a result the work colleague had slit his throat.  We also realised after, the disfigurement in his face was because of a fire, and maybe that’s why we were all feeling warm.

During the Ouija session I joined a guest (Peter) on the stairs who was feeling tightness in his chest, with difficulty breathing.  When I joined him I could feel it too.  I also felt a tingling on my head, and Peter was feeling cold in front of him.

On leaving this area Zoe (guest) suddenly felt like someone was right in front of her, saying “you’re gonna burn”.  She felt very unnerved by this, and upon returning to base had to go outside and cry.

As we were all walking back to base, on the floor in front of us was a rubber foot (there are various things like this around the fort).  We knew it hadn’t been there as we walked through, and thought the other team members had put it there for fun.  However when mentioning this to them, they said they had not been to that area, and definitely did not do that!

Kym McMillan
Sue Kyle
Kerry Gasiami
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt – 9-11-2013 (Kym)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt, Portsmouth 9th November 2013

Area: Main Theatre

Equipment: Ouija Table, Ghost Pro, KII, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums

On entering the area with our first group we turned on the Ghost Pro’s & KII’s and explained how they work.  We then held a séance circle to bring the spirit energies forward.  Whilst in the circle Sue & the guest next to her, could feel cold on their hands, child height.  We then sat the guests around the table, fingers on glass asking spirit to step forward and communicate with us.  After a short while the glass started moving, very slowly.  We asked spirit to tell us their age – it went to 5.  Then moved to A and asked the ghost pro’s if 5A was his class – yes.  Jason (team) who was filming for us had the name Joseph in his head.  The ghost pro confirmed this was his name.  After not much more glass movement the guests used the dowsing rods and pendulums to communicate with Joseph.  John (guest) in particular was receiving a lot of response with the rods, with the spirit of Joseph saying that John reminded him of his father.  The guests then wanted to try some table tipping, and with hands on table could feel and hear taps on the table.  We were also hearing noises on the stage.  With very little time left on this session, Sue & I put our hands on the table too, and with a lot of encouragement from all of us, the table lifted once towards John.  With no more movement, and big thank you’s to Joseph for his huge effort, John wanted to try the pendulum, and was amazed by the huge circles the pendulum was moving, and when asking Joseph to stop and change direction, it did immediately.  It was also noted throughout the session team and guests, when standing in a particular area felt pain on the top of their head.  This was not felt on any more sessions.

With our second group, we had 7 guests so 3 and Sue tried the glass on the Ouija table, whilst I sat with the remaining 4 guests using pendulums and rods.  Whilst we were receiving lots of movement, with guests asking spirit to move the rods and pendulums in certain ways, including the pendulums vibrating unusually on request, Sue was communicating with a spirit called Dan age 8, he said he was born in 1478 and passed in 1486/1489, saying he went to school here, but on checking the school opened in 1748.  All the correct numbers but in the wrong order, but he was only 8!  He said he had 3 brothers (one called Alfred) & 2 sisters.  We then brought all the guests together on the table so everyone could experience the glass moving, but not wanting to break the connection the existing guests had.  The glass started moving slightly different and we had the spirit of Charles age 26 who was a teacher here.  The spirit seemed to respond to one guest, saying she reminded him of his mum.  The guests then wanted to see if Charles was able to move the table.  Lots of creaks/taps on and under the table were heard, then it lifted up one side.  The table then started sliding across the floor which was made easy for spirit as it was laminate flooring.  All the guests were able to ask where they wanted the table moved to, and to their surprise the table would slide there.  We then asked spirit to lift the table up on to one leg and rotate with everyone having to move fast to keep up.

This was now the end of the controlled sessions and the guests then explored the theatre with equipment with or without team.  I spent some time in the main area with guests, and was able to experience table movement again.  I then suggested the guests tried the writing planchette in a school room, and leaving them on their own, they were able to experience various letters/pictures being drawn.

A fantastic night – made even more brilliant by the enthusiasm of all the guests!

Kym McMillan & Sue Kyle
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt – 9-11-2013

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt 9th November 2013
Portsmouth, Hampshire

Our first event at Groundlings Theatre, (the Old Beneficiary School) in Portsmouth on 26th January 2013 was a very interesting and active night with lots of paranormal activity encountered by the guests, so when we returned we were hoping for a similar night, but since we never anticipate what may happen, because then we could be disappointed we were still hoping for a good ghost hunt and as it turned out the majority of the guests had a great night, full of unusual experiences which was enjoyed by all.

After a brief introduction we split the whole group into two smaller groups with my group heading into the very spooky costume department. I chose this area last time because of what I felt on my initial visit.

After formed a séance circle and explaining what may happen I asked for spirit to come forward to move or touch people gentle, almost immediately we were joined by a male spirit called Timothy who was a local greengrocer, aged in his mid-50s from the 1940s era (War years).

Timothy started to gentle left guests’ arms and when I asked them (the guests) to ask for their arms to be moved in a particular direction (in their heads) Timothy responded and did exactly what people were asking to start with, then as Timothy got more proficient he was able to lift peoples arms up as far as some of us could stretch and a little more in some cases! From here he moved onto to stroking people’s arms, shoulders and faces and the men’s chests as well as dragging us by our arms to floor. Several times hands and arms were moved toward me to (what I can only assume was to) remove my hat (as I have a red light on my hat so that guests can see in the dark). Jo (GHE team) commented that it felt like the spirit wanted to remove her hair band and after many attempts the spirit nearly managed to achieve it.

Once Timothy got the hang of moving us he started to sway and push people forwards and backwards which to many guest felt like a ride on a boat on a choppy sea. Many of us wished this didn’t happen because the room was very warm to start with and all this exercise was only making us hotter.

At one point when I was bent over looking at the floor I noticed there was a spirit Horse in the room, the horse seemed to be without a rider, although Carl (GHE Team & Camera) could feel a cold spot behind him and some unusual noises (also behind him). The movement then progressed onto stroking the boots of those guests wearing boots, whether this had anything to do with the horse I don’t know because while this was going on I was being twisted and pulled to floor.

One guest (Esther) thought she saw someone walk past the internal window, but no-one else saw anything and all the other guests were upstairs; the building manager was in his office and didn’t come out all night as he was working.

After all this movement I called an end to the séance because we were all hot and bothered.

Lots of strange noises were heard throughout the session including rumbling sounds (like someone moving a wardrobe), growling that seemed to come from the other end of the room and taps and bangs, although when we made sounds and asked the spirit to repeat them we heard nothing that resembled those noises. Carl at one point whistled out for a spirit to copy but before he had even asked for it to be repeated we all heard a “blown whistle” like someone trying to whistle who couldn’t.

We let the guests roam around the wardrobe department, some didn’t feel comfortable walking between the clothing rack and many reported feeling very heavy or disorientated at the far end. The dressing room end I noticed a young female spirit called Fiona who had joined us whilst the séance was taking place but had spent the time laughing and giggling at us. When we moved into “her” end of the room she seemed sad and made one of two of the guests feel the same. Fiona was about 25 years old and had been a member of staff when it was a school, the exact year she didn’t tell me but from what she was wearing I would have put her in the 1860s. Fiona was about 25 years, tall at 5’9” and of a slim build. Later in the evening it transpired she was murdered within the building and the perpetrator was never caught and she was with child.

After a short break the second group came to wardrobe department and once again Timothy was present and very quickly started to move the guests, more or less as soon as I asked him to do so. Whilst Timothy did allow people to ask where their arms should go he quickly bored of this and started to what he was doing with the first group. This turned very quickly into a session of twisting people, bending people over and pulling people back and upwards with our hands. Several guests were also pushed and swayed into each other and twisted around on the spot so that they were facing the other way, very similar to a dance where people would be twirled around. These movements continued until everyone had been moved in more than one direction and several of us were once again made to touch, and this time, stoke the floor.

Timothy tried to push and pull guests but this didn’t really work for him so instead he pulled us back by our arms and pulled us all together in the middle of the circle by our arms. This was a very strange experience.

During this session we heard some strange noises but they were much quieter than the first group although there were some loud knocks and bangs which sounded like someone closing a door within the room. Although there were no doors, just cupboards.

After the séance finished as the room hadn’t cooled down and after all the movements which were more forceful than the first group we were all quite hot we let the guest roam about again. Many of the guests didn’t like walking up and down the aisles because they felt odd and uncomfortable and. many reported that it felt like they were not welcome or shouldn’t have been there.

Those guests that ventured into the dressing felt the presence of Fiona although she seemed more shy than when the first group were here.

After we finished the controlled sessions we allowed the guests to roam around the whole building with our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined three guests back in the wardrobe department where they were attempting some scrying. Whilst Elaine was sitting in the chair and I was explaining what should happen Esther started to see an older man looking back at her, he had beady eyes and a very pronounced nose and chin. Elaine also said that she felt her chest to be bigger and more pronounced when she breathed.

A while later I joined two guests upstairs in the main theatre and I gave them my spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms) and asked for the spirit to say their names, it took a little while but eventually we heard both the guests names (Fran & Kelly). I then asked for the spirit to tell me their name, which was Alan and as soon as the spirit had said his name I could see him standing beside Fran, he looked about 50 years old with round spectacles and was a fairly tall man at about 6’ and of a strong build (square) wearing a mortar board hat and teachers cloak. Although his cloak was ripped and torn and covered in chalk marks. He carried a cane but rarely used this as it was more of a deterrent. He came across as a stern but fair man. Fran could feel a strange coldness (the room was cold as it was) on her right hand side, which was where Alan was standing.

When Alan removed his hat he was virtually bald with some hair on the back and sides which was mostly grey and now he looked older at about 60 years old (although he never actually told me his age). I asked for Alan to answer our questions via the spirit box and he was able to tell us how many of us were present as well as answer questions asked by the guests. During this time three guests joined us and said that they were joined by a spirit called Alan downstairs who was a teacher and were very surprised when I told them that we were talking to a spirit called Alan who was a teacher, as this seemed to be the same spirit that they were talking to downstairs. The reason why they left downstairs and came upstairs was that Alan that they were talking to left.

When I asked how many females were now in our group Alan correctly answered four. One of the guests asked for chair to be moved (there were about 100 chairs in the room) and whilst we were talking we all heard the sound of a chair move, but unfortunately we had no idea which chair moved, no guest was near any chair at the time of the noise.

Later on I was downstairs with some of the team and guests and we heard  a loud bang, like someone had knocked over a chair, when I went to investigate as some guests were upstairs they too had a heard the same noise and thought it was us who had made this noise. What the noise was we don’t know, but everyone said that the noise seemed to be inside the building.

Guests generally investigated on their own for the remainder of the time, with some guests trying to do more table tilting which worked for them whilst other were investigating in other areas using dowsing rods and pendulums and some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment. All guests had very productive sessions on their own as well as with the GHE team.

All in all this was another excellent ghost hunt with lots of unexplainable paranormal phenomena happening to the guests which they thoroughly enjoyed and were able to experience on their own as well as with the Ghost Hunt Events team.

We look forward to returning to The Old Beneficiary School in 2014.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Groundlings Theatre – 26-1-2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt 26th January 2013
Portsmouth, Hampashire

Marc & I were using the Umbrella Room for the night (so called because of the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling) and prior to being a theatre this room was one of the classrooms for the school.  Our first group were 4 girls, and we started by sitting around a ouija table.  We had contact immediately on the Ghost Pro and established the spirit was a female actress.  We asked if the spirit would communicate with us through the ouija table, with a reply of yes we tried this.  Noises were being heard from one corner of the room, so I went to stand there.  I tapped three knocks on the counter and asked spirit to copy, what I heard was three heartbeat type knocks on a table next to me.  I then felt like someone pinch my right eyebrow, and started feeling my chest tighten making it difficult to breathe.  Marc who was sitting at the table, started feeling his chest tighten too.  The girls and Marc started feeling coldness around their hands and faces, and it felt very cold under the table too.  One of the guests felt she was being touched on her nose, eyebrow and ear on the right side of her face.  We turned on the Sprit Box and asked spirit to say any of the names of the persons present and heard the name Marc.

As we had no movement with the Ouija table, thinking as this was a classroom we may have a child spirit present, for the second group we tried the writing planchette.  Marc set up his MEL meter on the counter in the corner where we heard noises earlier, and started noticing the numbers increasing.  It continued to increase until it reached 3.8mg.  Then the alarm lights went off – detecting a shadow going past.  The temperature increased by 2.7 degrees celsius.  We had ghost pro activity throughout and established we had a female teacher aged over 20, although no movement on the writing planchette.  We turned on the Ovilus and heard “good evening” “Mark” (guest and team) “Emma” and “Tom”.  Then to all of our surprise we started hearing various swear words.  A guest commented about going up the ladder and we heard “fatal” “funeral” “sin” on the ovilus. For our third group we started with the ovilus and the following names were heard “steve” “zoe” “ruby” “peter”.  We asked if spirit was calling the names of children – we had a yes on the ghost pro.  Then the Manager Jim said he was teaching children at the theatre earlier that day with those names.  We then heard the names “kelly” and “alan”.  The 5 guests we had were all related/together and one of them was a lady called Kelly.  Someone she knew called Alan had passed recently, and when asked if this spirit was him the ghost pro answered yes.  The ovilus continued giving us; “alan” “forever” “content” “i feel happier” “steve birkett” “medicine” “leicester”.  All of these words (except steve birkett) had some meaning to the guests.  2 of the male guests kept feeling very cold with touches to their faces.  The guests asked Alan to say how old he was, the ovilus answered “ten” – although this wasn’t his age the guests understood his answer.  We heard “rest” and “sybil” – this was the name of Kelly’s nan.  We then heard “question” “stand back” and “bless”.  I then looked up at the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and asked if Alan could show us if he could move any of them.  Much to everyone’s surprise and delight one next to the window started rotating slowly clockwise, then getting faster.  I said as the umbrella was next to the window we couldnt’t be certain it was spirit, therefore could spirit change the direction.  After 5 minutes of slowing down, the umbrella started rotating anti-clockwise.  On the ovilus we heard “faster” and “much”.  After a while we noticed the umbrella had stopped and when we asked for Alan to move it, it started rotating again.  We asked Alan to move another umbrella, and one started swaying slightly.  The MEL meter had been turned on and with no-one near it, the shadow detection alarm went off.

This was the end of the controlled sessions, and everyone then had the opportunity to explore on their own.  A fantastic venue – can’t wait to return.

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