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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 3-9-2011 – kym

FORT HORSTED 3rd September 2011

Investigation 1 ~ Jo, Carl, Louise, Marc, Bradley & Carrie
We headed to an upstairs room on the right hand side of the fort, taking photos and using the EMF which lit up to show spirit present.  Temperature was 15 degrees, later rising to 17 degrees, but returning to 15 degrees when we left.  We then used the Ouija board to talk with spirit.  We had a little response; Female, age 44, from 1700’s.  She tried to spell her name but it wasn’t conclusive.  We asked if she could make a noise, to which she replied yes, but we couldn’t hear anything.  We then held a séance circle.  Immediately we had a spirit present, Marc identified her as a girl, age 7/8, called Emily.  She was very mischevious, having great fun moving several guests.  And not just arm movement, Jo & Louise were moved around the room, twisting and turning several times.  We then whistled and asked spirit to repeat, of which it did, several times.  We assumed this came from the male energy on the stairs.  Carl and Marc stepped out of the circle to listen out for the noises, Marc sensing the male energy frightened the little girl.  At that point the girl left, and the male energy came in the room.  As we looked over to Carl he was doubled over in pain.  He had been punched in the stomach, but no-one was near him.  We promptly put him in the circle to help him recover.  We then left the room, and as we got to the bottom of the stairs, we heard what sounded like a large wooden door slam to our right.  We went to investigate, but it was a dead end, and no door.  We did ask spirit to repeat our knocks, of which we heard taps on the wall.

Investigation 2 ~ Graham, Debbie, Carol, Ellen, Julie & Elisa
We returned to the same room, and with the EMF showing spirit present we tried the Ouija board, but had no movement.  We did a séance circle and immediately we were hearing noises, when asking spirit to respond when asked nothing, but when ignoring spirit, noises were heard.  We proceeded down the stairs, and again heard what sounded like a door closing.  On investigating more noises were heard.  We then went into a room and twice we heard what sounded like a female moaning.  We closed the wooden doors and asked spirit to knock/open them.  Debbie & Graham who were standing next to the door heard a tap, when asking for spirit to repeat louder no response.

Investigation 3 ~ Mia, Graham, Sarah, Helen, Simon & Helen

We proceeded to the furthest part in the fort, and started with a séance circle.  I felt a spirit present, and Mia & I were moved backward and forward several times.  I then had the name Robert in my head, and asked spirit, if this was his name, could he move my arm.  Mine & Mia’s arm promptly moved up.  I then asked Robert to move around the circle and affect the other guests, but unfortunately no response.
As this group wanted to use the Ouija Board we tried this back in the Meeting Room – no response.  We then tried in a different room (Lynn’s room) but again no response.

I would like to thank Paul and his team for a fantastic night and look forward to being invited back again.

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