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Explosion Museum ghost hunt – 7th February 2015

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

This was our first visit to the Explosion Museum and since I was the only person to have visited before, I was also the only person to know where the better areas to ghost hunt. This site is so huge and instead of using all buildings that we could, I selected three that I thought would reveal the most activity. Since we are visiting a number of times this year, we will use different buildings throughout the year.

All my groups headed towards the Officers Admin building, as this seemed quite interesting when I visited in the day time.

All groups experienced movement in the séances, mostly arm movement and random pushing and pulling sensations but on several occasions there were noises that were not part of the building. Also whilst holding the séances in one of the bigger rooms, people of the groups kept seeing shadows and movements in the corners of their eye that they thought were spirits looking into the room from a long central corridor.

The spirit who visited us in this building were a mixture of shy and dominant. The first spirit was called Adrian and was a Canadian and he was quite entertaining as he was able to push and pull people in any way that he chose, although he didn’t really want to talk to me. There was also a very domineering older spirit who was a Lieutenant Colonel who didn’t really like us in “his” building and a female spirit who was equally quite strict and domineering.

In the first session we heard noises when we were upstairs that sounded like someone had entered the building. (No one was wandering around the site) and then when we were downstairs we heard noises from upstairs which sounded like someone walking around wearing dress shoes. There was also one noise that sounded like a case or heavy bag being dropped.

As we were exploring the building we passed a number of plastic chairs and a couple of arm chairs. These were all uninteresting in general but as we made our way through one part of the building (the oldest incidentally) to the toilet part and then returned through the same rooms, one of the plastic chairs looked as if someone had knocked or pushed it so that it was resting on its rear legs against the wall. Since there were only 5 people in the group and me, everyone said that they didn’t move the chair and it would seem unlikely that this was caused by something environmental.

There was one room downstairs that all three groups felt a similar experience in. It was a “busy” room with lots of oddness about it and this was also the same room and the one next to it with the chairs, but what was even more interesting is that whilst we were in these rooms we heard noises upstairs mostly footsteps, doors slamming (there were no doors that slammed and the majority of rooms didn’t have doors or the hinges were broken on those that did). There also seemed to be a noise of a conversation (two women and a man) in the distance, it was never clear enough to hear the words, but it was loud enough that we could hear it.

This was a very interesting ghost hunt and a venue which we are looking forward to returning to later in the year, hopefully our next visit will be just as interesting.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 19-10-2013 (Jo)

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Fort Horsted – 19th October 2013

Session 1: We began the session with a short 5 minute séance circle to build some energy. Spirit stepped forward and began to shove the men in the group using our arms. No physical activity happened to the women. Next we decided to try table tipping, and received a medium amount of movement, but during this there was knocking on the table when asked for. It seemed spirit found this easier than actually moving the table. Throughout the session, the KII meters were very active, we also heard moans and had consistent temperature drops.

Session 2: Again we began with a 5 minute circle to build the energy. Spirit was asked not to give physical activity during this time. This session was much more audible than the first, we received no movement on the table or with the glass, but continued to hear whistles on demand and footsteps below us in the tunnel and coming up the stairs. A few words were spoken on the Ovilus, but nothing that was relevant at the time.

Session 3: As usual, we started with a 5 minute circle, and some of the ladies in the group began to be moved quite violently, so we bought this to a close. We had very small rocking of the table, so decided to try the Ouija board. A female guest in the group had lost her son, Jake, and felt she was communicating with him via the board, so we continued this for the rest of the session.

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 25-5-2013

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 25th May 2013
Colchester, Essex

Normally at this ghost hunt we set up the majority of our remote cameras so that we and our guests can monitor the whole hotel during the ghost hunt, however due to a technical problem and the fact that we didn’t have enough time to set up all the equipment before the ghost hunt we only had half of our usual cameras. However those we set up in the most active areas and people were transfixed all night with the different activity seen from those cameras.

As usual I spent most of the night in the cellar, as it is a strange energy that resides here, people often experience the same types of feelings and sensations every time we visit.

More or less as soon as we started the séance a male spirit energy called Tommy Belcher (or Bletcher) joined us. He was about 34 years old and quite tall at 5’11”. A wealthy man who was wearing a three piece black suit with a top hat. He also sported a silver pocket watch and was from 1850s – 1860s and many would describe him as being a typical “Hooray Henry”. This energy was present throughout all three sessions that I held in the cellar.

The first group of guests experienced some light and gentle arm movement, which was generally on command and affected the majority of the guests. Tommy was also able to gently push some of the guests, once again this happened on command.

Some guests also felt tingling or warm sensations in their hands, although one guest had very cold hands, which he said was unusual for him.

The second group to the cellar had much more activity, mainly because they were more open minded and did not restrict the sensations that Tommy was trying to achieve with them. Everybody had some form of spiritual movement, either their arms being moved at will and sometimes against their will or being pushed, swayed or pulled to the floor. Being pulled to the floor is a very common occurrence within the cellar. The staff of the hotel don’t like the cellar either and if they ever have to get something from the cellar they don’t hang about getting it!

One group of friends were being pulled to the floor, so one of them said to their friends “think up thoughts” and the more that they said up, the further down Tommy pulled them.

The Third group also had some gentle arm movement forced upon them by Tommy, but it seemed that Tommy wore himself out with the second group and even though the movements were defined, they were slow.

Many guests reported seeing shadows and movements through the tunnel part of the cellar, this is also a common occurrence as well as hearing footsteps and shuffling when at the other end of the cellar.

A very enjoyable ghost hunt was had by all, although after our controlled sessions few guests wanted to go back to the cellar as they did not want to be pushed, which always seems to occur to the guests that venture into the cellar by themselves.

No EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by me in the cellar because there was too much noise outside the hotel.

There is however a video from the night of the best bits from all groups, which is available to watch at

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal – 12-1-2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


I was with Steve most of the night but a couple of highlights for me were; during our second session in the casement galleries I went with some guests to the opposite end to Steve and three guests.  We held a séance circle and initially most of the guests felt like they were being swayed, like on a boat.  Then some guests had some gentle arm movement, to their amazement.  All were enjoying the feeling, until one guest felt like a hand around his wrist.  This unnerved him somewhat and after calming down we realised our session had ended.

After our two controlled sessions I took a group of guests to the Officers Mess.  We tried table tipping but unfortunately only heard the odd taps under the table, however we did hear heavy footsteps in the corridor.  Helen (team) who was filming went to investigate but it stopped.  When she came back into the room we would hear them again.  We then decided to try a séance circle in the corridor, this was very enjoyable as all the guests had some gentle arm movement.  The guests would ask in their head for spirit to move their arms a particular way, and to their surprise they got what they asked.

I then went with a group of guests to the Caponier.  As we went in a group of guests were just finishing talking to spirit on the Ouija table, however when we tried only slight movement on the glass was felt.  But to our amazement we heard a stone thrown on to the ground next to us.  We looked for the stone and found one in a small gulley.  Just when we resumed with the Ouija table we heard another stone fall to the ground.  Again when looking saw a white stone next to the first one, and we knew that one had not been there before.  Then whilst trying the Ouija table again we heard a third stone being thrown onto the wet concrete, however after much searching could not find it.  Here is a photo of the two stones.

Kym McMillan
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 30-11-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 30th November 2012
Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is still new to us as this is our second investigation here, however the evidence that we encountered on our first investigation surprised us (the EVPs especially) and we were hoping that the ghost hunt would reveal more to us. We and our guests were not disappointed.

I spent most of the night in the casement galleries which turned out to be the warmest area albeit the most walking to get there.

The first session started with some KII activity and some communication via our electronic equipment but within a matter of minutes we started a séance to get the guests to sense the spirit energy that was present.

His name was Jake and he was a prisoner who had helped to build the Fort, he had short dark hair and was about 6’ tall and of a well-built stature. Although he did not look friendly he seemed a happy sort of person. Jake started by lifting the arms of some of the guests and then some light pushing sensations. Some guests were swayed and twisted.

During the séance heavy breathing, whistles, mumbling and groans were heard from further along the tunnel and since we were the only people in this area and no other group was anywhere near us these remain unexplained. Some guests also reported strange cold spots that emerged and faded around them at various intervals. The area we were in is a sealed area with no possibility for a breeze as all doors were closed and there are no holes for air from outside to come in.

We moved down to the other end of the gallery as the guests wanted to explore, whilst down here I set up a laser grid, which some guests reported seeing the lights change and flicker, two guests volunteered to investigate but came back very quickly because they heard a scream, the rest of us didn’t hear anything.

As we were leaving the area, myself and a guest who were at the back heard footsteps behind us and it sounded like someone wearing dress shoes as opposed to boots, which made everyone want to leave the area quicker!


I took the second group to the same area, as I could still sense that Jake was still around and now had the desire to manipulate the guests more forcefully.

The séance started with lots of arm movement, just about all the guests felt Jake’s energy as he lifted their arms as per the guests requests (which was certain guests asking in their heads). I noticed that there were also two other spirit energies present, both WWII Soldiers, called Dave & Justin. These two energies could obviously see what was happening, they didn’t join in but I could see them laughing at us.

As Jake got more used to moving certain guests the intensity of the movements increased with some guests being pulled downwards to the floor. There were also incidents of peoples arms being moved to stroke the stomachs and hair of other guests. Several guests were twisted and moved into very uncomfortable positions and generally tangled up with each other. Some guests were even forced to the floor and couldn’t get up.

Whilst all this was going on not many noises were heard as we were too busy laughing however just before the end of the séance we all heard a name being called out, I thought it sounded like my name spoken in a female voice. However not all guests could agree on the name spoken.


The third session was also in the same area and room as the second group as the guests wanted to experience the same types of movements.

Once again Jake was present as well as the WWII soldier Justin, once again the spirit energies started to lift the guests arms and move them according to their non-verbal instructions. There was also the same type of stroking attempted, although the guest that this was happening to didn’t like the idea and kept ducking and diving out of the way, which only increased the amount of activity as the spirit energies wouldn’t give up.

Many guests were also swayed and pushed but not quite as spectacular as the second group, this time it was more gentle and controlled.

During this séance many whistles were heard as well as other strange noises which we all heard but couldn’t decide what we were actually hearing, although the noises did sound of a metallic nature.

A couple of times Mercedes (guest) who was opposite me didn’t look well, she also complained of feeling nauseous and on both occasions I had to step out of the séance circle to help her. Both occasions after a few minutes she felt better although on the last occasion she felt drained.

After leaving the area Mercedes felt better although still quite drained.

After we finished our controlled sessions we then let the guests go back to any area they wished to try to get more activity or experience any further activity. All of the guests wanted to experience the Ouija boards again or to investigate the Officer’s Mess. No-one, least of all me, wanted to go back to the galleries, as the staircase to get to this area is a hard one to climb (approx. 130 steps) and it is a lot harder going back up!

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with the level of physical activity much higher than our first investigation unfortunately this time I didn’t record any interesting EVPs or videos, but since we will be returning to this venue in 2013, there will be lots of opportunities to gather more tangible evidence.

The Ghost Hunt Events team on this occasion comprised of:-

Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Psychic Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt, Rochester – 20-10-2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 20th October 2012
Fort Borstal, Rochester, Kent

Fort Borstal is one of those sites as a Ghost Hunt company we never thought we would be able to investigate, because it is privately owned. However we were nicely surprised after the owners contacted us wanting to know whether we would be interested in investigating their Fort.

Considering this is one of the five that was built especially to protect Chatham and we already investigate Fort Horsted (which is the largest) we were very keen to see what this Fort had in terms of spiritual activity. We were not disappointed.

The approach to this Fort is strange, not least because of the lack of lighting and it certainly looks a scary place upon arrival and as my team said to me, very atmospheric.

For this ghost hunt we had three distinctly different areas to investigate; The Caponier, which as the worst staircase in the world to navigate, 92 steps down (and back up!), The Officers Mess, which was a secret area even to those soldiers stationed there in The Second World War and a third underground Caponier.

My area for the night was the main Caponier (with the wonderful staircase [sic])

The first group had varying degrees of activity on our electronic equipment; some spikes of KII activity and some communication, but I thought it would be better to hold a séance since this particular place doesn’t get any people visiting and the energy levels would naturally be low.

A male energy by the name of Thomas came forward, he told me that he was a Colour Sergeant (Sergeant Major) in the Army. He was about 6’2” aged in his 20s and of stocky build and he was wearing civilian clothing (a blue shirt). He also gave me the impression that he was a funny character and had a wicked sense of humour. The was also another male energy present; Dave a private. Both were from the Second World War era.

During the séance many voices, mumbling and footsteps were heard, although given where the other two groups were, no person on site could have been responsible for these noises.

Both Thomas and Dave treated most of the guests to some gentle arm movement as they in turn went from one person to another to manipulate them.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Due to the natural echo because of the long tunnels cancelling out the background noise was quite difficult, as was listening for ghost voices, however the clearest and most audible from this session can be heard at:-

The Second group I took to the other end of the Caponier (as it is a double Caponier).  Almost immediately there was good communication from our electronic equipment but no KII spikes. During the resulting séance a WWII Soldier by the name of Jeremy came forward and was able to move some of the guests arms. There was also a female energy present, aged about 20 years old and called Isabelle. During the séance we heard lots of noises, some in the tunnels and one very loud sound that came from the dry moat, this sounded like wood being banged (an impact sound). Several whistles we also heard, although when we heard them no-one could say in which direction the sound came from.

The Third group I took to the same area as the first group, although very little happened because the group were busy laughing and joking with each other and paying little interest to the reason why we were there i.e. ghost hunting.

The strangest sound that we heard was the sound of footfalls, as if someone was approaching but given the staircase and the fact that it was dark, we would have easily seen someone approach, as they would have needed a torch to navigate the staircase.

After we finished our controlled part of the night, we let the guests (under supervision) return to any area which they enjoyed or wanted to experience again in a smaller group or on their own.

I spent some time with another member of my team in the Officer’s Mess just for about 10 minutes or so but during those 10 minutes the both of us heard; a door slam (there are no doors to slam), lots of footsteps, knocking sounds and female voices. We also did several EVP recordings as there was a male energy present who seemed to be of great importance. This energy didn’t like either of us being there and made us feel uncomfortable. Carl who was listening with sound enhancement equipment heard some responses when I asked whether this spirit energy was from Yorkshire. Carl heard “go” “leave” and some laughing.

I too also heard sounds but couldn’t hear any words although I did have a strange chemical taste in my mouth. We both also saw some strange lights further along the corridor.

On analysing our EVP recordings the following results can be heard at:-

After this the remaining guests joined us in this area to experience the same feelings that we had both just felt. Although the uncomfortable feeling had dissipated, probably due to the fact that any area isn’t scary when there are lots of people about, we did hear some noises, taps, knocking, whistles and some loud bangs.

However one of the guests did capture a strange photograph, which seems to have the shape of a person at the end of the corridor. Both the photographs below are copyrighted to Emma Coyle.

All in all a very enjoyable ghost hunt, especially since we were the first ghost hunting company to investigate Fort Borstal, hopefully future visits to this location we will have more activity experienced by us and our guests.

The Ghost Hunt Events team were:-

Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Spiritualist Medium

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Lowndes Arms ghost hunt – 14-7-2012

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

The Lowndes Arms, Whaddon, Buckinghamshire – 14th July 2012

We were invited to investigate The Lowndes Arms by the Landlord & Landlady as they had many paranormal occurrences happen within the pub. The Landlord had seen a figure in the bar as had the Chef had some of his knives thrown and items move about the kitchen.  The Sun newspaper was also going to be in attendance in the evening to watch and participate in the ghost hunt.

We arrived mid-afternoon as we had brought just about all our kit to investigate this pub and had many hours of set up to do. As we were relaxing in the garden a couple of patrons were talking to us and they too had seen a figure whilst eating their lunch in the bar just a few hours earlier.

We started our base line readings at 8.30pm to establish what the pub was like before any spiritual activity took place. It is normal that before we start to place objects around a building and start to monitor any paranormal activities that the level of activity is lower, these readings in all the upstairs rooms were all within acceptable limits and nothing unusual was spotted or recorded. Temperature was about 21 degrees Celsius in all the rooms and 0.5mG (milli Gauss) of electrical activity.

We had setup six remote cameras which could be controlled and viewed from an area within the main bar and at the beginning of the night no-one seemed interested in what we were doing, however as soon as we turned on the monitors the whole bar was now either watching our screens or talking about ghosts!

From 10.11pm until 12.30am many orbs (light anomalies) and spiritual activity was recorded on our remote cameras, we had motion sensors placed upstairs and for no obvious reason these were being set off. Our KII Meters were showing high levels of activity and our MEL Meters recorded spikes. The majority of the team spent time upstairs within the environment to record and witness any spiritual activity and this ranged from; hearing footsteps of a wooden floor (the corridors were carpeted), hearing whistles, feelings of dread and despair, huge temperature drops and participating in some glass movement across a table. Some of the strangeness that we witnessed, including the EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) can been seen at

A strange photograph was also taken by us (see below). What we find odd is that the left hand side of the picture is in focus whilst the right hand side isn’t. We cannot find an explanation for this.

We started our séance circle with the reporter from The Sun at 1.30am in the biggest room upstairs, this room was directly over the bar. Almost instantly we were joined by a female energy called Angela who was 47 years old and she told me that she was a School Mistress from 1870s and worked in the local school. She was a very strict person and called us “Naughty little boys”.

During this séance there was some very gentle arm movement and some slight pushing felt by those present. We were also joined by two children spirit energies who I had spotted on my initial site visit several weeks earlier, although they did not enter the room, they stayed in the corridor.

We were also joined by a male energy called Timmy who was about 62 years old and a fairly portly gentleman and 5’6” in height. He was a local farm worker and passed away in 1917 in a farming incident. He told me that he was using a new piece of farm machinery and had been “pulled in”. He was a happy fellow and it was his energy that was responsible for the gentle movement of our séance circle.

During this séance I conducted an EVP experiment and many spirit voices were recorded after each person, however some of these voices could not be interpreted by our experts. The clearest recordings can be heard at:-

The séance consisted of; Lee (the Reporter), Suzy (the Landlady), Sean (GHE Team), Kym (GHE Team), Marc (GHE Team) and myself. Also present in the room was Alex (The Sun Cameraman), Mike (The Sun Photographer) and Carl (GHE Cameraman)

We then had a quick break and then resumed the ghost hunt in two groups. The Landlord Jeff had joined us and Lee, Jeff, Sean and I started a Ouija board session. Kym, Carl & Marc went back upstairs to the large room to conduct their own vigil.

There was slight movement on the Ouija board but nothing very impressive as the spirit energy that came forward could not spell. However during this session we all heard various whistling noises. Sean contacted (via Walkie Talkie) the other group to check whether the whistling that we were hearing was them, but the sound of them whistling and what we had heard were different. The group upstairs also heard whistling and “screams” that we did not hear and although this was recorded by Carl none of these whistles or scream could be heard on the recording, but strangely the audio from the camera could clearly hear us downstairs.

Whilst we were trying to get the spirit energy on the Ouija table to spell their name we could all hear a breathing sound, Sean commented that had it been windy then he would have assumed that it was the wind, but it was a still night, there was no wind. Jeff commented that this noise was normal, although he had no idea what was causing it. To me the noise sounded like someone was asleep in the corner of the room and although we searched for the cause of the sound, nothing could be found. This was mainly due to the fact that it sounded different in different areas of the building, those in the bar thought it came from the restaurant area, whilst those in the restaurant though it came from the bar. Jeff confirmed that no electrical equipment was on that would make this noise. The only electrical equipment which was turned on was in the cellar but we could all clearly hear the cooler above the sound of whatever it was we were hearing. However what was strange is that when we became aware of the sound it lasted for about 10 minutes and then stopped and we did not hear it for the rest of the night.

The group upstairs heard many knocking sounds, taps, whistles and screams but none of this was recorded on any of our equipment. They also commented that at various time the motion sensor lights came on, yet on inspection of the remote camera recordings the motion sensors were not activated.

The ghost hunt finished at about 2.30am.

This was a very interesting ghost hunt as it is unusual that we have the time or the space to set up our remote camera system and monitor it for six hours. We feel that based on the evidence that we recorded it would be worth a re-visit later in the year to ascertain whether the phenomena that we witnessed is recurring paranormal activity or a one-off. We recorded over 27 hours of video and have numerous examples of light anomalies (spirit orbs) and other unexplainable activity recorded during the ghost hunt.

Those present from Ghost Hunt Events were:-

Steve – Psychic Medium
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 9-6-2012 (One)

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 9th June 2012

It is always a fantastic experience for our guests and ourselves when we investigate Fort Horsted in Chatham, Kent. We have had some amazing experiences at the Fort and every time something new or different happens much to our delight. This time was no different.

After splitting the whole group into two smaller groups, both groups set off in opposite directions so that we knew that we could not hear each other and therefore any noises heard by either group was not our own doing. As the Fort is a horse shoe shape noise travels in the corridors very easily.

My first group set off to the furthest part of the Fort in an area which we have had some great experiences. All the guests had time to play with our equipment although there wasn’t a lot of KII activity. We did however have some very good activity on our communication device. I was aware of a male energy called Tomas (pronounced Thomas) although I could only see his face, he seemed to be of Mediterranean descent as he had olive skin, dark hair and dark eyes and rough shaven. He was about 30 years old and passed in the early 1980s. Although I do not know what his link with the Fort was. Tomas gave the majority of the people a push during the séance we held. Some guests also reported a sensation that they were being pushed downwards and felt a pressure on their shoulders. Tomas also moved the arms of myself, Donna, Steve and Kerry as we were all together and Stuart although felt no arm movement, did get pushed a lot.

Whilst the séance was taking place we all heard some very loud whispering and mumbling as well as the sound of footsteps approaching us. Paul (Business Development Manager) thought that the sound had to be a person and set off to investigate the sounds. He didn’t find anyone until he came across the other group, who were exactly where they were supposed to be. Therefore the noises we heard of people approaching are anomalous. I also set up a Geo phone (a device that visually shows noises) at the corner of a tunnel away from us but close enough so that if a noise was detected the lights on this device would light up so that we could see and hear the noise. This device lit up many times and some of the guests also reported seeing shadows and dark shapes move in the same corridor.

From here we moved into the very long and extremely dark tunnel which has proved to be eventful on previous occasions. This time though just about everyone felt an oppressive feeling that made them want to leave, but not on their own!

After short break I returned to this same area with the other group, once again there was little or no KII EMF activity but some good spirit communication from our electronic equipment. Many of the guests were very scared, not just because of the complete darkness but mainly because we heard very similar noises to our first session; mumblings, whispers and footsteps. A female energy called Alice made herself known to me. She was a Nurse in WWI, aged about 19 years old and was approximately 5’6” and had long brunette hair.

I suggested to some guests to put their hand out so that they could feel Alice, many reported pins and needles in their hands, although one guest actually felt a real touch which scared her witless. Other guests could also smell a fruity fragrance which they said did not smell like perfume. This has been reported before in this part of the Fort from our previous events. Many guests also felt cold spots and shivers which was not related to the weather as there was not a breeze within this part of the Fort. Taking the group into the long tunnel did not result in them feeling the same as the previous group. This time the atmosphere felt completely different.

After this session we allowed our guests to roam to some extent. They were able to go to any area of the Fort with us on a supervisory role. Many guests chose to go to the most interesting part of the Fort; the double casement.

I on the other hand took a small group of people to an area which a) has never been investigated before and b) it was an area that I wasn’t supposed to be in. Curiosity however led me here.

Since I have never been to this area before I did not know what to expect, although spirit joined us very quickly. A male energy whose name remains a mystery because he wouldn’t tell me approached us. He looked like a sailor not dissimilar to Captain Birdseye, however he was a carpenter who hand extremely large hands (he was generally quite a stocky built man) and smoked a pipe. When asking for this spirit to repeat a noise we were not disappointed, just about every noise we made we heard a response, although they were quiet responses we have recorded some of the whistles. We also heard footsteps from the staircase and other noises which sounded similar to stones being thrown.

We also heard several bangs and taps in response to our requests and a general mumbling sound, which due to where we were could not have been anyone else talking.

Whilst in this area I undertook several EVP recordings. The best is below and I commented at the time that I heard something, although not as clear as the recording.

Once again a very exciting and enjoyable ghost hunt and one which our guests thoroughly enjoyed although disappointed that we had to finish at 2.0am. The six hours according to most of the guests had just flown by.

The full video footage from this event will be available on by the end of June 2012. Episodes will be priced at £1 each.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17-3-2012 (team two)

Thursday, March 29th, 2012


1.  Group C
We first went to room 10 and after taking photos, lighting tealights and having a general look around, we held a séance.  I immediately felt spirit behind me by extreme cold and being pushed and pulled.  Two guests next to me felt the coldness too.  We started hearing many different noises in the corridor; footsteps and faint whistling.  I then saw a shadow in the doorway, then a guest saw a shadow in an alcove in the wall and the tealight in the alcove flickered greatly at the same time.  Other guests were feeling ‘cobweb touches’ on their faces.  We then stood in the corridor with the laser grid on asking for spirit to come near.  We threw two led balls down the corridor and one seemed to rest against the wall then roll away from the wall and slightly back towards us.

2. Group A
We went to two upstairs rooms in the fort, but after nothing seemed to be happening we moved down to the corridor.  We set up the laser grid pointing down the corridor and two of the guests saw one of the red lights turn off then on.  We split up into two smaller groups along the corridor and asked out for spirit to make themselves known.  After not much being heard we walked down towards a smaller room, and just before entering a whistle was heard.  We stayed in this room for a short while before leaving.  I then took two members of the group to room 10 for a short while whilst the remaining guests visited the graffiti area.

3. Group B
I took this group to room 10 and after a short while started with a séance circle.  Guests were seeing different lights through the doorway into the opposite room, and again different noises were being heard. Jo (guest) started feeling very unwell.  She was feeling sick, hot and dizzy.  We broke the circle as she felt she needed to be sick – which she did!  After checking that Jo was happy to continue we stepped into the corridor and set the laser grid up.  Again we threw the led balls down the corridor but nothing happened.  We then decided to rejoin the other groups and just before leaving, whilst asking the guests if there is anywhere they may like to return to before the end, the lights on the K2 meter lit up for the first time that night.  We asked spirit if we should stay by lighting up the K2 – nothing happed.  We asked spirit if we should go back to the first room the group had been to that night and the lights on the K2 went on.  We then proceeded back to the narrow dead-end tunnel for a short while, but only heard just a few faint noises and whistle.

I would just like to thank all the guests for a great night and a special thank you to Paul for his generous hospitality throughout the evening.

Kym McMillan
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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 3-9-2011 – lynn

Monday, September 12th, 2011

FORT HORSTED – 3rd September 2011
We were all looking forward to the ghost hunt at the Fort, this was our second visit and were hoping on as good as our first visit.

The night was still and warm I took my first group Graeme, Mia, Sarah, Helen, Simon and another Helen into tunnel 10.

We lit some small candles in the room to the right of the mail tunnel as it was pitch black.
We started with séance, the group was very quiet so I started to ask them if they had had any other experiences as we were chatting a male energy called Stanley came in he was about 55-60 years old when he passed. He appeared to be quite tall, and skinny he was wearing a very smart suit and told me he was a clerk, he did not tell me how he had passed, I asked Stanley if he could give us some gentle pushes or pulls to let the guest know he was there, both Graeme and my right arm shot backwards, then forwards. I asked Stanley to go round the circle and do something to the other guests. Mia and one of the Helens reported that their arms were moving,

We decided to go into the main tunnel where we again did a séance I asked Simon to stand next to me as he had never had any evidence, I asked spirit to step forward and a little boy of about 6 or 7 came through, he started swinging our arms then lifted them Simon was very impressed with this, everyone heard footsteps and mumbling. A lady came through who was about 40 years old she was quite butch but would not give me any other information. We broke the circle and we all stood around taking photos and listening out there was still lots of strange noises, I went to use my camera and the batteries had completely drained one of the other guest said their camera had done the same. We made our way back to meet with the other group.

My second group went back to tunnel 10 with me were Carl, Jo, Mark, Bradley, Carrie and Lou.
We started off with a séance circle, again straight away we all heard strange noises no one could work out where they were coming from or what they were. Mark (seasoned Ghost hunter) said he was feeling a tall man around him, we had some arm movement, Carrie was unsure of this and asked spirit not to do it to her, everyone commented on cold blast of air around them, we broke the circle and went out in to the main tunnel everyone felt they did not want to do another séance circle, again lots of footsteps could be heard, but could not work out what direction they were coming from, we went into the room to our left. Carrie at this stage said she felt very sick and had pain in her tummy, I place my hands on her back ant tummy after a few minutes she said it had gone, we all stood around trying to work out where the sounds were coming from, Carl said he saw a face peer around the door, someone else said they saw it as well. Both Mark and myself felt that one of the energy’s around us had taken their own life in this room. We made our way out towards the door, instead of going out to our left we went further down the tunnel to our right, I felt very uncomfortable in this part so did some of the others, Jo said she could hear a noise which we all heard at first we could not work it out, Jo and Carl thought it was running water, Mark then said it sounded more of a roar of fire, we all confirmed that this was what it was, ( I later checked with Paul who said that tunnel 10 was badly affected by the fire, Mark threw a ball and asked spirit to return it to us he also set his EMF meter which went crazy the red light was really going (this is a sign that Spirit is around us), we tried asking question using the EMF with one flash for yes and 2 flashes for no, every time we asked a question spirit went away, we went back to the main tunnel and again set up the EMF which was again staying on red.  Every time we asked the question are you happy spirit just went away. One of the spirits that came through using the EMF meter said he was a French prisoner of war we got the name Joel.
We finished up and made our way back to the main group.

I took my 3rd group back to tunnel 10 the group was made of Graham and Debbie (seasoned Ghost hunters), Carole, Julie, Ellen and Elisa.

We made our way into the room to the left of the main tunnel, it was very dark and the candles had nearly gone out I lit 4 candles 2 at far end of room and 2 opposite the door way,
We held séance circle and asked spirit to come through, again we heard lots of weird noises, footsteps and the strange mumbling, I asked spirit to blow the candles out,
As spirit was not responding to me I asked Graham to call out as the previous group they had responded well to Mark and Carl.

After a while of just feeling uncomfortable we made our way into the other room, again lots of strange noises, an energy came through called Simon He was lost and seemed quite upset I said we would help him to go over, the group were doing their own thing, and everyone noted different temperatures in the room, we went back into the left room and Debbie noted that the candles had moved instead of 2 in each alcove there was 1 in the end and 3 in the other, there was also wax dripped where it appeared to be moved unfortunately we did not have any evidence to prove the place of the candles were, we did take photos after.
Graham threw a penny and asked spirit to return it to him; again we heard mumbling, which appeared to be coming from all around us,

To sum up we had a fantastic evening with all groups getting some evidence, either being moved or by hearing things. Everyone got some form of orbs on their cameras.
Fort Horsted did not let us down.

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