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Old Beneficiary School – 5th December 2015 – Louise

Old Beneficiary School ghost hunt 5th December 2015
Portsmouth, Hampshire


Area: In front of the stage
Equipment: Table Tipping/ Ouija Board and Dowsing Rods

I started all the sessions on the Ouija board. Not everyone wanted to participate in this activity but all were more than happy to watch. The guests sat round the table and I asked spirit to step forward and come and communicate with us by moving the glass. Very little happened and the glass didn’t move despite all the encouragement to spirit to come and tell us their story. I told the guests to keep encouraging as I went to join two other guests that had started to work on the table tipping. Initially this was also very slow to start, but then the table began to gently rock from side to side. At this point a really cold sensation passed right through us as we heard a loud bang come from the wall right beside us. Jason (team) called out to spirit to make the again if that was them to make the noise again and straight away the noise was heard again but louder. With More encouragement from the guests on the table the table slid itself across the floor to the Ouija table and stopped.  As there was no movement from the glass the remaining guests decided to join us on the table. Shuffling noises and loud footsteps were heard coming from the on the stage and got us all a bit worried at this point. On investigation nothing was found but the footsteps carried on throughout the rest of the session. As there was now more energy on the table it started to rock back and fourth tipped on to one leg and spin us around. One of the guests asked spirit if they could walk the table to the door before we leave. To out surprise the table very gently started to walk towards the door. All encouraging spirit saying how well they were doing the table then walked very quickly and stopped very abruptly when it reached the door. Activity stopped at this point except that we thought we heard laughter of small children as we left the room.

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