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Explosion Museum – 7th February 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 7th February
Gosport, Hampshire

Missile Room and Cottages with Carl

Session 1
First of all we gave the guests a walk around as it was such a large area to show them where they could go and to give a brief summary of the location that we would be investigating.
A couple decided to go through to the cottages leading off from the main missile room while the rest of the guests spread out nicely throughout the area. Carl had placed REM Pods around the room, one of which he had placed on an old coffin carrier at the back of the room with an interactive bear. We also had a laser grid setup in the middle of the area. Guests were given ghost pros and K2 meters to communicate with spirit.
One of the guests in particular had amazing activity through her ghost pro, she established that a little girl named Carly aged 5 was with her and seemed to be following her as she moved around the area and the reason she had so much interaction with the guest (Stevie) was because she looked like her mum, most of this activity happened in the second part of the room but away from the coffin carrier where the REM Pod and bear had been placed. The next moment we were all called by Carl to go to the bear which was on the coffin carrier as it was alarming constantly and lit up like a Christmas tree as was the REM Pod.
Carly would then only communicate when Stevie asked a question or if Stevie asked her to cuddle the bear.
There was also another female spirit present in that area, a lady between 20-30 who could apparently see us which was established using the ghost pros.
As there were 2 spirits present we decided to use the SB7 which Carly came through on. She answered Stevie 4 times but we were unable to make out what she said but we could tell that the voice was that of a little girl with tone to her voice although some of us heard her say what we thought was her name “Carly” but couldn’t all be sure.

At the end of the session I spoke to the couple who were in the cottages for most of the time, they also found some unexplained goings on.
They had taken a K2 meter with them and started to call out and noticed that every time they mentioned the word “Explosion” the K2 went into the red so they decided to take photos on their phone whilst saying “Explosion” they had 2 pictures that were completely normal but the other 2 when they actually said “Explosion” had what looked like dust and shrapnel flying in to the room exactly as if an “Explosion” had happened outside and was blowing in to the room.

Session 2
Again we had a walk around with the guests. This time husband and wife guests managed to make contact with 2 spirits almost straight away using ghost pros.
They were both child spirits, a brother and sister that lived in the cottages but were playing in the missile room, running around and giggling. We then decided to bring the interactive bear and vibe pod over into the area where the guests said the children are playing and hiding.
The vibe pod and bear both lit up at times when it was claimed by the guests that the little girl was walking towards the bear, this was then also confirmed by the SB7 as a little girls voice came through saying “Happy” and “Teddy”.

We then lead the guests through to the cottages where again the word “Explosion” was used and triggered something as the K2 meter went into the red and almost immediately afterwards I (Wayne) had to leave the area feeling quite sick as did one of the guests.

Session 3
This last session became very quiet in the way of any activity. We had some movement on the K2s and also heard some footsteps which we all followed but Carl was at the front of the queue and saw with his own eyes a large shadow figure running through the missile room. We all went to investigate to see if anyone was in there mucking about but found no one.
We also tried for a time in the cottages with a laser grid but the only activity was with a guest that was using his own pendulum.

Wayne, Paula & Carl
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