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Charlton House – 10th October 2015 (Louise)

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Charlton House ghost hunt 10th October 2015
Greenwich, London

Area: Grand Salon
Equipment: Ouija / Table tipping / Writing Planchette

Session 1 – Group B
This is the area I decided to work in as it was felt to be the more active area in the building. We started our session with some table tipping. Initially it took a lot of effort to get any movement on the table, and then there was a gentle rocking motion for some time until eventually the table tipped up on one side and held this position. I kept encouraging spirit to move the table again or in some other way, but it just went back to a gentle rocking motion. After a while the table suddenly went up on to one leg and rotated anti- clockwise and stopped. Asking spirit to do this again, it did so this time clockwise.
During the Ouija session we had a spirit join us by the name of Tom. He was 4 years old and died in 1906. He told us that he was lost and looking for his parents, and there were 4 spirits in the room with us and he knew two of them. Tom then left us and there was another spirit moving the glass. We established this was the spirit of a young girl of 12 years old named Rebecca. She went on to tell us that she looked after Tom after his parents had passed away and that she was hung in 1906 for stealing bread to feed her and Tom. We then sensed that we were joined by a stronger energy. One of the guests asked if we were speaking to a male spirit to which he confirmed. He went on to tell us that he was 45 years old and that he had hung Rebecca and Tom for stealing.
Three of the guests (Fay, Gemma and Nicola) decided to use the writing planchette. Once the planchette started to move Fay asked the spirit if they could spell out their initials which to their amazement spirit did so. They then asked if the spirit would draw them a tree, and straight away spirit drew a tree.


Session 2 – Group C
In this session the table tipping was quiet and all through the session we only had gentle rocking. We all tried to encourage spirit but to no avail.
During the Ouija session, Rebecca came through again. She went on to tell us the same stories as the previous session only with the difference that she was born in 1906 not die. Her spirit came through really strong in this session. We asked her if she could spell out some of the names of the people around the table. She went on to spell out Kevin, Chris and Louise. Kevin and Chris (guests) were mother and son. We then asked Rebecca if she would like to communicate through the writing planchette and play a game to which she replied yes. The game consisted of a set of cards numbered 1-10. Setting the cards out face down, I asked Kevin to pull on forward but not look at it. Once the writing planchette began to move, we asked the spirit to write the number on the paper. The spirit drew the number 2. When we turned over the card we were all in shock as it said number 2. We tried this experiment another four times and spirit got two more right, drawing them out on the paper. I then asked the spirit to draw the animal that I was thinking of in my head (fish). The spirit went on to draw a perfect fish shape. Spirit then went on to draw random things. At the end of the session, when we looked at the paper, there was a perfect heart shape with the initial R in the corner. We assumed at this point that we had been communicating with Rebecca.


Session 3 – Group A
Again we started the session with table tipping. Movement to start was initially very slow with steady rocking from side to side. Encouraging spirit to move the table more or in another way, it went up on to one leg and gently spun round and then stopped. No more movement was experienced on the table despite encouragement from the guests.
During the Ouija session, to start to the glass never moved. With plenty of encouragement from the guests however, the glass began moving in a circle around the table very quickly first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. As the glass was moving around in a circle it was also spinning around under the guests fingers. Once the glass had centred we were joined by the spirit of a young 7 year old boy by the name of Richard. He went on to tell us that he was at the location in 1059 but unfortunately we couldn’t get the reason why or how he was connected to the land. One of the guests asked Richard to take the glass to where he was standing in the room. He took the glass to Sue (guest) and kept the glass at this point. I asked him if Sue reminded him of anybody and he spelt out mum. He went on to tell us that he was lost and trying to find her, but was in the company of two other spirits ‘Smith aged 9 and Eli aged 7’.

Very enjoyable evening, with lots of communications and footsteps and tapping noises also being heard

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