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Fort Amherst – 4th March 2016 – Kym

Fort Amherst ghost hunt 4th March 2016
Chatham, Kent.


Area: Lower Gun Floor
Ouija & Table Tipping

With my first group we had a female spirit called Olivia come through on the Ouija, who may have come through to the guests at a previous event elsewhere.  With the table we only had slight movement, so switched to glass, and they were able to communicate with a General connected to the fort.  Back on the Ouija a male soldier had come through, and kept spelling N and Z.  Asking if he could spell he said no.  So asking spirit to try and communicate through us, we worked with yes/no.  We got the word “hang”, spirit had hung someone for doing something bad to his wife.  We asked if his wife could spell, answered yes, and she stepped forward.  However, all we got was O and Z, asking if they were from Australia – yes.  We asked if the spirits would join us for some table tipping and they said yes, so we did just that.  We had a lot of movement with the table rocking and moving a lot.  We were also feeling a lot of coldness around us, and the feelings of being touched.

With my second group we had a female spirit come through on the Ouija, that may have been connected to the guests there.  I joined two guests on the table tipping, but only had slight movement so with the other guests finished on the Ouija, we all tried the table tipping again.  We did have some slight movement, but had a little more from the glasswork, however we couldn’t determine who the spirit was.

With my last group we tried the Ouija first, and immediately had a male soldier come through, however couldn’t quite determine his name, age or year.  We did ask if he liked what we were doing and he said no.  Simon (guest) thought he saw someone standing behind me, asking spirit to take the glass to where he was standing, the glass went to me.  We then switched to table tipping, and had some incredible movement, with the table rocking fast, tipping and twisting at random.  Moving across the room too.  We were also asking spirit to copy our taps on the table, which we did hear and feel back.

With the free session I joined guests on the Upper Gun Floor, who wanted to do a human pendulum.  The spirit that came through was female that seemed to be looking for someone.  She was killed by her father, was also pregnant by her father.  We asked if she wanted any help but she said no.  The guests all were amazed that spirit were able to move them to answer yes and no, saying quite an odd feeling.

A fun night, with evidence of spirit coming through, and a lovely group of guests who were all willing to join in and participate.

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