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Red Lion Hotel – 28th May 2016 – Kym

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 28th May 2016
Colchester, Essex


Area: Rooms 6 & 7
Equipment: Scrying, Dowsing Rods, Pendulums & Glass Work
With all four groups we started with scrying and were all seeing similar images: older female, with wrinkles, one side of the face and eye dropping, a male with a goatee beard, and a wide grin, with a lip curl sometimes.  Would see shadows moving behind the reflection of people too.  With the rods & pendulums all were able to communicate with the spirits.
We then tried glass work, and had little movement on most groups, but one group we had the spirit of a male, who had died in this room (room 6) in the 1900’s from a sudden illness.  We asked if he had a message, responded with yes, asked if he needed help going to the light, again responded with yes, so we did our best to guide him.
With the first group doing glass work in room 7, myself and Karl & Charlie (guests) were feeling the energy of a spirit next to us.  It felt colder, static/tingly, and the air just felt thicker.  We moved in different places in the room, and the feelings were moving with us.

With one group (hen party) we also did the Human Pendulum in room 7, and had the spirit of a little boy with us.  He didn’t know his age or the year he passed.  He did die of an illness, some of his family did too.  He had lived here in this building, and had a sister.

With the free session I joined a group of guests wanting to try some table tipping, so we set up in the bar area.  The table started moving, very gently, then would lift up one side but do no more.  Whilst doing this I felt and saw what I though was someone walk behind me, when I looked no-one was there.  Two of the guests felt and saw the same.
A fantastic night at the Red Lion Hotel – we all love coming here.
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