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Explosion Museum – 6th February 2016 – Kym

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 6th February 2016
Gosport, Hampshire



We started the evening by having a tour around the Explosion Museum with the VIP’s, being led into some interesting areas that are not seen by the general public.  I chose to work in a huge building that would have been used, and still was being used, for storage and boat building/renovation.  The weather was very wet and windy at the start of the evening, with the door being continuously blown open and closed, but the skies became clear and still later.

We started with half the group on the Ouija, and the remainder of the group on the table tipping, but with only slight movement on both all seven guests tried the table tipping together.  However, before this we were hearing whistles when asking out for them, and one guest felt his chair move whilst sitting in it.  The table started moving immediately, lifting up at the side, twisting and spinning randomly.  We were also experiencing a coldness moving around us, and some felt they were being touched.  We did hear what sounded like the glass being moved across the Ouija table, but on checking the glass had not moved, or if it had, it had been moved back.

With my second group we had a little movement on the Ouija, with the glass twisting, but no communication.  The group on the table had some slight movement, they tried the writing planchette, but the table tried moving again.  So I brought all the guests together and we all tried the table tipping.  We had some gentle rocking, and were hearing noises around us, a mumble or murmur in one area, one guest saw a shadow in a different area at the same time were heard a rustle/movement there too.  We all tried the Ouija, the glass moved to the numbers 4 and 5, was this his age?  The glass started moving to yes but then stopped.

With my last group we had a little movement on the Ouija but no communication.  We then all tried the table tipping and it did start rocking very gently.  I encouraged the guests to interact with the spirit, and the more they did this, the more the table moved.  We then tried the writing planchette, had no movement, but the table was moving again, so we switched back to that.  And again with the guests asking, especially Janet, the table moved and spun as they asked.

With the controlled sessions over, and an hour left of the night, I joined three guests, in the Admin Building.  We went to the shower/toilet area in the back left of the building and started with the Ouija board on the table we use for table tipping.  The planchette started moving immediately, and went to “Hello”.  We then asked for spirit to spell his first name and got “OFUK” – interesting!  The planchette went to “goodbye”, but we asked spirit to stay with us for some table tipping.  With our fingertips lightly on the table, the table started moving.  We managed to get the table to lift towards Mark for yes, and opposite for no, and was able to ask spirit some questions.  He was a male spirit from WW2 who had murdered someone here.  Mark suddenly felt a coldness behind him and heard a footstep next to him, which made him jump.  We had also heard a footstep earlier in a different place.  We then put the Ouija board back on the table without the planchette, and with us touching the board asked spirit to move it, to our surprise the Ouija board started moving on the table.  We then asked it to rotate, which it did.  With only a short time left, we went back to the table tipping, and again the table started lifting, spinning and started to walk out the room.  We did also have a spirit box on for some of the time and were hearing corresponding words to the answers on the board i.e. hello and yes.

A fabulous end to the night at a terrific venue!

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