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Charlton House – 20th November 2015 – Steve

Charlton House ghost hunt 20th November 2015
Greenwich, London


This was the last time that we had planned to visit Charlton House, the reason for this is simple, the start time of the event is too late and the Management won’t let us start earlier. We were hoping for a good ghost hunt and it was another excellent night.

All groups in the séance sessions felt the resident spirits move or touch them. Some of the movements especially with the third group were pulling us towards the floor, why this is so common we have no idea but there must be a reason otherwise spirit wouldn’t do it.

Have of the session I held a séance the half of the time I was introducing the guests to certain electronic gadgets and kit that we use. Many guests had useful communication via a spirit box including saying the guests’ names, which was scary to some of them.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which all the guests had some form a paranormal encounter, either from using the gadgets or from the séances.

We would like to return but until the event times are earlier this will not be possible.

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