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Colchester Town Hall – 28th November 2015 – Louise

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Colchester Town Hall ghost hunt 28th November 2015
Colchester, Essex


Area: Kitchen and adjoining rooms
Equipment: Table tipping / dowsing rods

Session 1: group C
I started this session in the Kitchen area. Working on two tables it was decided that the group split into two smaller groups so there was an even number of guests on the table. I explained to the guests to put one hand lightly on the tables and I stood on the middle of the room and called spirit forward to come and move the tables in some way. Initially there was no movement, one of the tables then started to gently rock back and fourth but no more movement even with encouragement from the group. At this point the guests decided to split up and take the tables to separate rooms to see if the spirit activity would be stronger. One group had no movement at all from the table even with my encouragement and theirs. So I decided to try the group with the dowsing rods. After explaining how they work to the guests showing a movement for yes and a movement for no, they all began to get activity and all started to asks questions. A couple of spirits came through that of a little girl and male spirit in his 50’s. However no more information was received. In the other room the group had the table moving and the K2 that I had placed on the chair was lighting up. I asked spirit if they could possibly light the K2 up to amber and hold it there and it did so, a which point the table started tipping on to one leg and spinning round really fast. All the guests started laughing and the K2 lit right up to red. After some more encouragement from the guests the table started to walk and went out of the door and right along the corridor stopped for a while and then walked straight back into the room. As the activity from spirit was so great, I decided to ask the guests if they would like to move one of the bigger tables in the room. The table I can only describe as a long school dinner table. We all placed our hands on the table and immediately the table started to tremble. Vanessa and Marie (guests) called out to spirit to ask possibly if they would move the table for us instead of making it tremble. Then all of sudden taking us all by surprise it started rocking really forcefully back and fourth.

Session 2: Group A
This group were the VIP’s being looked after by Kym (Team). It was decided that we all start the session back in the Kitchen area. Again initially the tables didn’t move, so I asked the group to encourage spirit to move the tables to which they did. Both tables slowly started to move just gently rocking back and fourth. Kym (Team) then decided to take a group into another room. My group and I stayed on the table in the kitchen as it had really started to move. The guests asked spirit to show them more with table to prove that they could do more. A this point the table tipped up on to one leg spun round in an anti-clockwise direction and walked us out into the corridor and straight into the other room where all the activity had taken place on the first session. The table walked right up to Kym’s group and stopped. Both tables then stopped moving. But we noticed that the K2 was lighting right up to red. I asked spirit to take it back down to the green light which it did, then asked if they would take it back up to red if we moved into the kitchen area and move one of the big tables in there, it shot straight up to red. After placing our hands on the table and calling out to spirit the table completely spun round in a full circle. We could not believe that this was happening. The table then stopped and we could here taps, bangs and scraping noises coming from under the table and we could also feel the vibrations through our hands. One of the guests asked spirit if they could possibly do that again for us and it did so straight away. At this point I and one other guest saw a shadow figure pass by the doorway. We went to investigate and the temperature in the corridor had dropped significantly.

Session 3: Group B
This session was started in the Kitchen. Initially there was no response from spirit even with encouragement from the guests. The table then stated to move very slowly rocking then suddenly started to spin went up on to one leg and held this position. With encouragement from Janet (guest) the table started to walk out into the corridor and down the stairs. This amazed the guests, so as we were getting a lot of activity from spirit, Janet (guest) decided that we move on to one of the big tables that I can only describe as a school dinner table. The table immediately started to rock back and fourth forcefully. At the same time during the session a number of guests saw shadow figures walking along the corridor and disappearing into the other room.

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