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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 7-12-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 7th December 2013
Rochester, Kent.

Fort Borstal is one of the special places that we go to where we have had so much in the past, but every time we return we don’t really know what to expect, tonight was one of those nights with lots of physical paranormal activity felt, noises heard and strange phenomena that we have no seen here before.

After splitting the whole group into three smaller groups everyone headed off into different directions and as usual I chose the double Counterscarp Galleries as they are in my view the most spiritually active areas of the Fort. Paranormal stuff always happens here and usually when it is a good night something that has never happened before affects everyone.

The first group to this area we were joined quite quickly by a male spirit who often frequents this area; Captain Daniel Bedford, a First World Soldier. After forming a séance circle Captain Daniel was able to move the arms of some people quite quickly, others took a while to move. He proceeded to start with gentle arm movement which each guest in turn was able to ask in their heads which way their arms should move and Daniel moved the guests arms, it even worked this way when other people asked for someone else’s arms to be moved.

After this gentle arm movement Daniel moved on to pushing and swaying some people, this too was also quite gentle, but purposeful. He also used our arms collectively to push Dave’s (guest) chin up as he kept saying “Stand Tall” as Dave was a tall person who generally had to look down at everyone. Dave and John (guests) we both pushed towards the centre of the circle several times. I and the people either side of me were also pulled by our arms down towards the floor, but we never actually touched the floor. This is quite a common experience in this room with this spirit. Both Dean and Darren (guests) also experienced this arm movement and some gentle pushing but not the same level as John & Dave.

The second group to this area Captain Daniel joined us very quickly and even before I had finished the do’s and don’ts he had already started to move some of the guests but mostly concentrated on Russ. This quickly moved on to Simon and most of this group of friends felt arm movement, which was mostly on command but Daniel got bored of this and did whatever he wanted. This mainly involved everyone getting twisted and tangled up on one side of the circle, the other side of the circle they experienced some light arm movement but it was not of the same calibre because those questions kept questioning the movements and wanted their arms to be moved as and when they wanted, whereas Daniel wanted to move their hands when he wanted to not when asked.

Various time through this session some people were pulled backwards towards the far wall and pulled towards the back wall. This is activity that I have seen in this room before although not for many months.

During one of the strange twisting sessions Russ felt a punch to his stomach, which surprisingly came out of the blue as I usually get a milliseconds notice before something like this happens so that I can warn the guests. This particular time this didn’t happen and it certainly didn’t happen when a bit later Simon felt a punch in his face, this too came as a surprise to me and an unwarranted surprise to Simon!

Also during this session Russ and Simon were pulled to the floor with other people’s hands pushing downwards on Russ’ head. When I asked for the spirit to do something different to end the session we were all pulled and pushed out of the room. Russ said that whilst he was trying to fight the sensation he wasn’t having any luck withstanding it and either had to move or fall over!

This sensation has happened once before and only happens to certain people, although this time was much better because there was little anyone could do to avoid being moved, which as a Medium I like because in a way it proves the spirit are stronger than we are, if they want to move someone they can and will.

The third group to this area were very scared and nervous of doing this activity because they were all on a Hen party, and they thought it was going to be scary, however after an initial nervous movement and when everyone felt the gentle movements that Daniel was able to inflict on the guests they all settled down. Once this happened Daniel was able to move everyone very easily everyone felt their arms move. The guests were all able to ask Daniel to move their arms to point at certain people or to touch others. However Daniel was quickly able to move all the guests and gently sway and push people. He even pulled some of the guests backwards and made them feel like they were on a boat (Julie). The Hen (Alicia) said something in her head and almost immediately Daniel moved her hands and mine to make her salute. This is something that I have never seen this spirit do to anyone he before.

This very quickly moved on to him standing behind certain people and when he did so they could feel a strange coldness, this is not a normal cold as it felt like someone had just opened a refrigerator door behind people and the two people either side of the person who felt the coldness felt nothing. I moved around the circle (as the sprit finds moving me a lot easier) so that everyone could feel this strange sensation. However when I made the final move the two people either side of me felt a strange warmness and this was generally followed by either the guests arms moving or mine and theirs arms being dragged down towards the floor to touch our shoes or stroke someone’s lower leg and my hands were placed on the floor (as it is dusty) and then placed on someone’s jacket or stroking their shoulders which left a white dusty mark. Some of this group were wearing whistles, which Daniel had great delight in touching and pushing. There was also another spirit in the next room; a former prisoner, who coincidentally help build the place but passed away whilst doing so. He didn’t interact with the session but I could hear him laughing a lot.

After these controlled sessions we then let the guests roam throughout the fort and re-visit areas and rooms that they had visited and some areas that they had not visited in our controlled sessions. This part of the night we allow the guests to venture off with some of our ghost hunting equipment. Many of the guests thoroughly enjoyed this time and had lots of spiritual contact on our electronic ghost hunting equipment and they noted that some of the areas had lots of spiritual activity which was shown or displayed on the equipment.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of physical paranormal activity felt by the guests. Some guests whilst off on their own heard footsteps and other strange noises which could not be explained because they were the only people in those areas.

Let’s hope the event that we have planned here for 2014 are just as active and enjoyable.

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