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Infrared Video Camera

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

Infrared (IR) Video Camera

True Infrared Video cameras can only be produced by Sony as they have the trademark for true 0lux sensors. Obviously filming in total darkness is going to require an Infrared Illuminator. At one time when the hard drive cameras that we use were new, there was an added accessory, an IR illuminator that fitted on the hot shoe of the camera and took its power from the battery. We still have a few of these, although they are starting to be temperamental in use, but they are at least 10 years old. Nowadays it is much simpler to buy an additional illuminator with its own battery to go alongside the video camera. With the prevalence of CCTV systems Infrared Illuminators are very easy to find. Any illuminator will work, the more leds the better as IR light dissipates very quickly. Most Illuminators the fall off (the point at which there is no IR light) is about 10 feet from the source. To light a large room, you would need a few illuminators unless the camera was close to the subject.

We use the DCR-SR series of cameras (either 190 or 290), these all have hard drives to store the footage on, ranging from 30Gb to 80Gb which is ample for a single night, as the batteries only last about 90 minutes each. You can also use these cameras to take photos in nightshot mode which can be useful at times (as a flash can blind people in the dark)

When setting up our cameras we always set the clock to 12 hours behind the actual time. This is for one reason. If we had set for the right time when the footage is transferred to the PC it would span two days (because our events usually start at 8pm and finish at 2am). We have one set of footage from 8pm until midnight and then another set from midnight to 2am. To illuminate this problem, we set the clock for 12 hours behind the time so that when transferred we have just one folder with all the recordings from that day.

We use these cameras because they are simple to use, quite cheap to buy (compared to buying new cameras) and transfer to a PC is easy. The quality of the recording at night is limited by the IR illumination so it doesn’t matter what the quality setting of the camera is. The recorded footage will be have a green tinge or black and white.

These cameras can be picked up for about £100 on eBay (the price when new was up to £650) for a DCR-SR290 which is the top of the range. IR Illuminators range in price from about £20 up to £100 depending on how many LEDs and battery type (most CCTV ones work from a rechargeable 9v battery pack)

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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Wayne)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Seymour Room

Equipment used :- Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, Mel meter, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video and Still Cameras, SB7 Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders in all sessions.

Session 1

As always ghost pros and K2 meters were given to the guests to see if any communication could be established with spirit, almost immediately the ghost pros were lighting to indicate spirit presence.
2 female guests were talking to a female spirit that claimed to be Jane Seymour and another that said she was the spirit of the bride who became trapped in a chest and was not found until many years later.
We started a spirit box session and noticed a female scream lasting about 3 seconds over multiple sweeps, this was also heard by a male guest. Were these screams of the trapped bride?

Session 2

This next session became much more active with guests interacting with spirit and asking plenty of questions through the ghost pros.
We had male and female spirits present. A female guest managed to communicate with the bride on several occasions and also a male spirit that worked at the hall who died in the 1880s.
Another female guest using a ghost pro was speaking to a chamber maid in her 20s from the 1800s and an older chamber maid in her 50s from the 1700s.
We held EVP and Spirit box sessions but no voices were captured.

Session 3

Activity started before the guests came into the area, as just outside the doorway our next group could already sense spirit. A couple of the guests were being prodded by “unseen hands” and when they questioned Steve (GHE team) he told them that there had been the spirit of the “house master ” standing in that spot all evening and he keeps prodding people. All of the group where taking photos in and around the area before we went into the Seymour Room where the guests carried on taking photos as they were capturing many unexplained lights, orbs and the odd mist here and there. Ghost pros and K2s were being used by the guests that weren’t taking photos but they were having photos taken of them while they were trying to communicate.
Michaela captured 2 very bright anomalies located against the ornate woodwork which actually looked like light bulbs but clearly were not.
Free time

We (Wayne and Paula) joined with Louise (GHE team)  and the female guest and her boyfriend from Session 2 and went for a snoop around the building and eventually made our way to the room upstairs that Steve was using for all of his séance sessions, where we met Kerry (GHE team) and some of the other guests. We started to call out for spirit to copy our tapping and whistling but all was very quiet. After chatting about table tipping the huge table at Fort Amherst we decided to try table tipping with a large table that was in the room. The room is carpeted and the table has metal feet and was very heavy but we all gathered (probably about 8 of us) round the table and began to put our energy in to trying to get a spirit to move the table, which it did faster and faster the table then moved bit by bit across the room until it came to a standstill, then with no warning slid by itself in one smooth movement, amazing everyone, quickly back towards Kerry and Paula for about 12 inches.

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