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Explosion Museum – 24th July 2015 (Kym)

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 24th July 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Area: Officers Admin Building
Equipment: Pendulums and Dowsing Rods

Group B – This was a lovely old untouched building, with a tremendous amount of atmosphere to it, and I wanted the guests to enjoy exploring and feeling the energies around them.  With Louise’s assistance we showed the guests how to use the rods & pendulums, establishing their yes & no’s, and then communicating with spirit.  We had a male spirit with us initially who worked here in the 1900’s.  The spirit said there were more than 10 spirits in this building with us.  Everyone then went off to explore, myself I ventured to the opposite end of the corridor into a small room and immediately felt like I was being punched in the stomach, not a physical feeling could just sense this.  I felt there were two men in here that had fought.  Louise joined me and said what she had picked up here: A male spirit called Arthur, worked in the building, died in the 1950’s age 41, was married with two children.  His wife had died during childbirth in her 30’s, his children are still alive.  He worked with his brother who also died here, they didn’t get on and fought alot, and a possible fight here.  Whilst on her own later Louise asked spirit to give her a sign, and she had pins & needles suddenly in her left hand.  We stayed for a short while talking to the spirits, I asked for the spirits name I was talking to and was given the name Peter, Louise said she was also given this but when asked if that was the spirits name her pendulum said no, I asked if I was talking to Arthur’s brother called Peter, and my pendulum said yes.  Peter also confirmed there was a fight in this room with his brother.  He was here 1925-1950, and died aged 47.

We joined the guests downstairs, and one guest said he felt uncomfortable in the bathroom and wouldn’t enter that room.  We went with him, and could feel the energy when entering that room.  It felt like a static energy all around us.  I sensed someone had been strangled here, and could feel pressure on my throat.  Louise was also picking up on the same.  All three of us could feel the energy, but also quite bizarrely we all felt it suddenly go at the same time.

Group A – Again we started in the large end room upstairs with showing the guests how to use the rods & pendulums.  We asked spirit what this room was used for and it was the recreation room.  Louise had connected with a female spirit called Mary, she had worked here, and died here, age 49 in 1944.  She worked here in the war as a maid/housekeeper.  She had not married and had no children.  A guest (Kim) joined her, and Louise asked her to see what she could find out from the spirit, and Kim got exactly the same, including the name Mary.  I was with the remaining guests who were initially picking up on the two brothers from earlier, and were surprised by the amount of energies in the room, with rods & pendulums spinning erratically.  We all then went downstairs, and could hear noises, at first thinking they were from upstairs, then realising they were in a room next to them, followed the noise.  They sensed they were talking to a mischievous male spirit.  Louise took Kim (guest) to the bathroom that we felt the energy in earlier, and with no knowledge from myself of Louise, Kim could feel the energy, could sense someone had been strangled, and by using her rods had confirmation that someone was murdered here by strangulation.

Area: Grand Magazine
Equipment: Ouija, Table Tipping, Writing Planchette

Group B – I had now moved to the Grand Magazine and started with five guests and myself on the ouija, and Louise with two guests trying table tipping.  The table started moving very gently at first, and establishing their yes & no found out they were talking to two children.  Then the table started moving with a lot more energy, and was able to confirm this was now a male spirit.  On the ouija we didn’t have any movement on the glass, but did feel the table move.  We did try asking spirit to move the table, but with no movement we switched to the writing planchette.  Although we didn’t get any drawings, the planchette did move up and down, and the guests were able to communicate with the spirit this way.  I did join the others on the table tipping, and asked spirit to lift the table up so we could all feel how strong the spirit was by trying to push the table back down, which was incredibly hard.  Two male guests tried the ouija and had some glass movement with the letters P D Q then the glass went to goodbye.  The five guests then tried some table tipping together and had some movement, whilst I joined the two ladies on the ouija.  We had a male spirit called Mark, from 1824 and was married with 4 children.  He didn’t work here, but did live here.

Group A – This group of guests had a lot of experience talking to spirit so didn’t really need our assistance, so initially Louise & I asked spirit to move a chair whilst we rested our hands on it.  And to our surprise the chair started rocking quite fast, and did twist slightly.  I then joined the guests as they had stopped the table tipping and were asking spirit to move the glass on the table for yes & no answers.  They were talking to a 13 year old boy, who worked on HMS Victory as a powder monkey.  He knew Nelson and was involved in battlement on the ship, and had died in combat on the ship, although it did not sink.  He was at the battle of Trafalgar.  He gave the year initially as 1850.  They were fighting the Spanish.  They were also able to establish the spirit’s name was William Henry.  We then switched to the ouija table and the spirit stayed with them.  Asking spirit to spell his name, he gave us William Henry.  Asking for his family name he spelt FUGR twice.  Asking if he meant Fergus – confirmed yes.  He also confirmed he was 13 years old, but the year was 1803.  He had 4 brothers and 1 sister.  He was the middle child.  His mother died in childbirth.  His father and other children fought too.  William died in an accident, a canon had backfired.

Some guests wanted to return to the Admin Building with the Ouija and when they came back said they had spoken to the female spirit Louise & Kim had spoken to earlier, and she confirmed her name was Mary Smith.  Also they took the Ouija in to the bathroom and spoke to the sprit(s) there and confirmed that a man was strangled there because he was gay.

Wow – what an amazing place – still didn’t explore everywhere so definitely looking forward to coming back!

Kym & Louise
Paranormal Investigator
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