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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 4-5-2013

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 4th May 2013
Rochester, Kent

We are finding that every time we investigate Fort Borstal, the activity that is experienced by the guests is getting greater and more frequent and certain rooms have certain experiences which are consistent.

This ghost hunt was one of those nights. I, as usual, had the Counterscarp Galleries as my zone for the night, as this is the most physically demanding with 200+ steps to descend and ascend.

However the walk is definitely worth it, as these counterscarp galleries are rather active and being that this area is underground it is always rather dark!

All three groups witnessed the same spirits and activity

The spirits that were present were; Captain Daniel Bedford, a soldier. Tony, a rather mean looking prisoner from when the Fort was built and his accomplice “Biffa” or Bernard, both these prisoners were in their early 30s and both were of a muscular build.

The activity of all groups in a seance usually started with some gentle arm movement and then pushing and pulling people in all manner of directions, usually in a surprising way that the guest had no idea what would be experienced next, sometimes I had an inkling what would happen to a particular person, but I too was surprised by what most of the guests experienced. This ranged from the gentle arm movement, to people be swayed and rocked, to people being pulling to the floor by their arms and in some cases dragged across the floor, those that ending up on the floor had difficulty and in some cases it was impossible to get up off the floor. Many guests reported that it felt like someone was sitting on them. There were also lots of instances of people being pushed against the walls; this was unusual because it looked very much like an execution.

Although not all the activity was extreme physical behaviour many times throughout the night, with different groups, several people arms and hands were pulled to the floor and “draw” a smiley face in the dust. Which many guests felt this was an odd thing to do.

This was an exceptionally active night, with every guest getting some form of physical paranormal activity that amazed them.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 28-4-2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 28th April 2013
Pluckley, Kent

This was the last of the early evening ghost hunts until much later in the year and also one of the occasions where some of the guests failed to notify us that they weren’t coming until moments before we were due to start.

Those that did turn up were treated to an excellent ghost hunt with lots of physical paranormal experiences.

The first session after handing out some of our usual ghost hunting equipment, lots of activity was detected on the KII (EMF) Meters and on our communication devices, where the guests were able to communicate with the spirit energy that was present. His name was David McGloughan (not sure of the spelling) although the spirit energy in question said “you can call me Dave”. He was 32 years old, quite tall at 5’11” and of a muscular build, wearing a cream granddad shirt and tan or light brown trousers and big heavy black boots. He had a round face, light brown hair and a stubble beard.

I had intended to hold a séance here, but didn’t as we needed to move due to the coldness of the woods, so after we walked on and stopped at another crossroads.

At this location there was another spirit energy; Tom aged in his mid-50s and about 5’6” in height, he was unshaven and had large sideburns that extended down to his chin.

Guests were busy taking photographs as some of them had some very unusual mists or apparitions in them, it wasn’t a misty night, in fact there was no weather to speak of, it wasn’t cold either.

After I set up the laser grid there was lots more communication via electronic equipment and KII activity, but nothing notable was seen in the grid. During this time there were some very unusual noises, which didn’t sound like the normal woodland creatures or the trees. This sounded more like purposeful tapping, more like a musical instrument and when I whistled out a distinct whistle back was heard, albeit a very faint one.

At this moment we were interrupted by the sound of people who were shouting, mainly because they were lost and were trying to shout to the rest of their party whom they obviously got separated from. This went on for a while, which I found very amusing as I know where every path goes and we could clearly hear their anxiety. In reality they were only about 500 yards apart but on different parallel paths that don’t join up.

After one of these groups decided to head back towards their car we were able to carry on.

I held a séance where we originally came across the spirit energy Dave, Tom also followed us to this point. Everyone felt their presence as their arms we all moved on command and when I asked for the spirits to gently push people, they were happy to oblige. Many guests were also “wobbled” or swayed which the guests found slightly amusing. Tara (guest) had both her arms pulled backwards.

All the guests were moved in some way and some of the movements were all what the guests asked for (in their heads).

After the séance I turned on my spirit box (a device that scans at 100ms on the FM radio band in reverse). Some words were heard but they were very faint and not clearly audible.

As we were leaving the woods we came across a group of people who were glad to see someone, however they were expecting their friends and not us and were disappointed when I told them where their friends were walking, because their friends were walking on a path that would eventually take them around the whole woods, which is a 5 mile walk.

Psychic Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 30-3-2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 30th March 2013
Colchester, Essex

We always enjoy coming to The Red Lion Hotel in Colchester as something usually happens that hasn’t happened before plus we have known phenomena that seems to always happen to some guests.

The Red Lion Hotel also allows us to set up all our remote cameras so that all guests can monitor what is happening throughout the hotel, which is especially useful as some of the rooms we use are not big enough for all the guests to be in at the same time.

I as always chose the cellar for my sessions, mainly because this is where a lot of activity happens and guests get a unique experience.

With the first group I encountered a spirit energy called Jerry, he was about 70 years old and from the 1950s, he was a very happy fellow who liked to prove his existence to the guests. We were also joined by a young female energy, called Catherine, who preferred to be called Kate, she was from 1910 era and about 27 years old and spent most of the session watching and laughing at what we were doing. There was also a third spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the session, he was called Christopher, aged in his mid-30s, and quite a stocky build and from the 1960s era.

The session started with some gentle arm movement, which quickly progressed into pushing people and pulling them to the floor. Many guests felt their arms move in strange ways plus many also reported some very cold sensations and breezes. (There are normally no breezes in the cellar). After the séance finished some guests said that their arms felt strange, described by one guest as his arms did not feel that they belonged to him and he had to really concentrate to move his own arms.

With the second group, the spirit energies; Jerry and Kate were still present and once again many guests had their arms moved, usually on command, but after a while Jerry got bored of doing what people asked and decided to move people’s arms where he wanted them to go. Once again after I asked for people to be pushed, Jerry obliged and started to push some of the guests as well as making them bend over, by pulling their arms to the floor, which at times was very uncomfortable.

During this session, towards the end, several guests all reported seeing a face behind me, or between me and another guest, which at the time I couldn’t see on the screen, it was too far away to see with any clarity, however we have reviewed this footage and cannot see anything suspicious, however a compilation of the activity experienced in the cellar sessions is available to watch on our video site so you can watch for yourselves.

The third group to the cellar encountered similar activity, only this time Christopher, the spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the first session stuck around much longer and spent time affecting the guests. Once again arm movement was quite quick and purposeful but only affected a few guests, mainly towards my end of the séance circle with a few guests either side of me being affected. Many guests at the other end of the circle reported warm sensations around their knees and other strange sensations in their forearms. One guest commented that it felt like someone holding on to his forearm.

After our three controlled sessions, we allow (as we always do at The Red Lion Hotel) for the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or vigil in any of the areas that we have used throughout the night and they may use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group back in the cellar as they wanted to experience more movements and this time we were joined by a spirit energy that was called either Jeremy or Jeremia, who didn’t really tell me anything about himself and a young boy of about 8 years old called Tommy.

Once again lots of arm movement was felt by the guests, along with some strange tummy rubbing and lots of pushing and pulling people backwards. Just about everyone at one time or another was pulled to the floor. Many of the people affected in this session couldn’t lift themselves off the floor; they all said it felt like someone sitting on them, restricting their movements. Towards the end of this session our arms were moved in such a way that we were tangled with each other.

At one particular moment one guest who was not either stuck to the floor or had his arms tangled with other guests noted a face on the camera screen behind me. This particular guest was not in the second group and didn’t know that the second group to the cellar saw something similar.

Just as we were about to leave the cellar several KII (EMF Meter) Meters lit up, we had a number of KII’s in the cellar but all night no activity was seen on them apart from this brief moment.

No EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a ghost voices) were recorded in the cellar because of the loud noises heard from outside throughout the evening.

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Pluckley Woods ghost hunt – 12-4-2013

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 12th April 2013
Pluckley, Kent

Pluckley woods was on this night a very still and quiet place, no wind whatsoever and a clear cloudless sky, which was excellent for our ghost hunt and for star gazing.

At the first location a Woodman joined us, he was aged in his early 20s and was of a muscular build and he provided the guests with some communication via our electronic equipment and KII meters. When I saw a familiar spirit energy approach I knew this was the time to hold a séance as this particular energy likes proving to people that he is real. His name is Philip and he was involved in an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) on his motorcycle near to Pluckley woods in 1960s. There was also a female spirit energy present, her name was Mary and she was from the Victorian era, she was approximately 18 years old.

During the séance some peoples’ arms were moved on command, and cold spots felt by many (there was no wind at all) but our attention was on the strange noises that we could all hear behind Paul (guest) who was being affected by Philip. The noises sounded like a real person walking behind us and although many guests were looking in that direction, no-one saw anything unusual.

The second location some names were heard on the spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio frequencies at 100ms in reverse) that sounded like “Paul” and “Chloe” who were names of the guests, plus some other names which were not related to us at all.

I also set up the laser grid at the same time although nothing unusual seen in the grid. There was a female spirit energy present and the details that I described to the guests were confirmed on our communication device. Once again we could hear some strange foot falls, although with every sound heard, the guests lit the woods up with their torches and if there had been anything to see I suspect they would have spotted it.

From here we moved on to an older part of the woods and a spirit energy that we encountered in the last session was following us and was affecting Chloe. Chloe felt a great deal of pressure on her shoulder akin to wearing a heavy rucksack.

We formed a circle to hold another séance as there was a male energy present who was eager to move the guests in some way. His name was Timothy and he was able to move the majority of the guests arms and pull some of them backwards, all of which was on command. Many guests also felt touches to their faces and some peoples arms were moved into painful and what looked to be impossible positions.

After the séance some guests were asking questions and a lot of noises were heard at this time, but one female guest turned around to us and asked what did I say, when in fact I didn’t say anything at all, although she heard “Hello”, myself and the guest I was talking to didn’t hear a thing.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of paranormal activity felt by the guests.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 29-3-2013

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 29th March 2013
Rochester, Kent

Every time we return to Fort Borstal the event gets more interesting, more stuff happens to more people, this time around was no different, although this time the activity that happened wasn’t pleasant.

I usually hold my sessions in the counterscarp galleries because just getting there is a physical challenge in itself, 232 steps to be precise, but to me it is a really interesting area where paranormal occurrences are normal.

The first session there was a male spirit present called Capt Daniel Bedford, he is a spirit who I have often seen in the counterscarp galleries. He is a tall slim built First World War soldier who carries a crop and undoubtedly would have used this as part of his command style. The resulting séance started with people feeling a tingling sensation in their hands and arms, which progressed to their arms actually moving (which is what I asked for amongst other phenomena). After the majority of people felt their arms move, Daniel became braver with his actions and many people saw their own hands being rubbed across the chins of other guests and themselves. These actions also increased along with the phenomena of being pushed and pulled backwards which to some guests was unnerving as they had no idea when this would affect them. Many times various different people’s arms would fly across to hit Ross (guest) in the face, but fortunately every time he was able to duck and dive out of the way as I could feel or know when a lunge was coming. Cold spots were also felt by the guests, which in this particular fort is unusual because all the exterior holes are sealed and the weather outside has no impact on the conditions felt inside.

There was also another male spirit energy present, his name was David and he was a convict, he approached us with caution and did not interact although he did speak to me briefly. He was a Cockney and of a stocky build.

The second session that I undertook in the counterscarp galleries more or less started how the first finished. The same spirit energies were present and the séance started with arm movements almost immediately interspersed with pushing and pulling sensations, twisting and turning people into odd positions and dragging them downwards on to the floor. Once again many people felt cold spots and breezes which are unusual. Many people arms were moved in such a way that it looked like they were trying to be strangled by other people’s arms. Other guests were moved and pushed towards the wall. Several attempts were made to lunge at people, although once again I could feel it coming 1 or 2 seconds before the action took place and could warn whichever guest the action was intended for. However there was a moment when my attention was gravitated towards another young male spirit who should not have been there and needed help. He was a young (17 years old) male who passed away during a relatively recent (1997) motorcycle crash on a road not far from the Fort and whilst I was engaged with him and trying to help him a lunge of people’s arms hit one of my team members in the face (Kym) and then the second lunge which was more like a punch hit a guest in the shoulder.

During the séance Matt (guest) saw light orbs and another guest felt very aggressive, as I have met this guest on several of our ghost hunts I knew that this was not in his nature and I called an immediate end to the séance. The guest that felt aggressive asked me to come over to him as he “wasn’t feeling right” and I gave him some emergency healing to take away the aggression. As everyone was recovering from the active séance we could all hear a strange mumbling noise which included the sound of whistles and whispering. The whispering sound seem to come from further along the tunnel in the direction of the other counterscarp gallery.

When I asked whether the guests would like to walk down to those galleries some guests didn’t want to venture down there on their own! So we all went down to that area, although nothing was seen or heard once we arrived.

After these sessions the guests were allowed to wander freely, some but not many wanted to go back to the counterscarps and I joined a group in the Officer’s Mess area. Various spirits were encountered in this area, the majority looked to be female Nurses or Second World War clerks. Carl (GHE team member) who was sitting in a chair noticed that the chair was swaying and moving which he found odd although his instruments detected high levels of EMF and huge temperature fluctuations which coincided with the chair moving.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt where the majority of guests had a very unusual night and many paranormal occurrences. This was one of our more memorable ghost hunts at this location and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even those who were pushed to the floor or lunged at.

Several EVP’s (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by the team but we have not had any confirmation from our experts of actual ghost voices.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 1-3-2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 1st March 2013
Rochester, Kent

Once again the team were just as excited as the guests to return to Fort Borstal for the first of our visits to this magnificent fort in March, it was also the first of four Forts for the month of March.

This was our third visit this year and one thing that we have started to notice is that activity here happens to people in small groups of four or five people, any more than that and the activity is lessened.

As usual my area for the night was the counterscarp galleries since the majority of the team don’t like the staircase (200+ steps)

The first group we started in the left hand side of the galleries and almost immediately there were high levels of KII activity as well as some electronic communication. Various spirits were present including a couple of sergeants from The Second World War, a lady and a child.

Some guests felt touches on their legs and there was a strange breeze in the tunnels which was very unusual because there are no holes or gaps to the outside and once the door is closed (which it was) there should be no airflow within the complex.

Many guests and I also heard strange mumbling sounds and many guests were extremely jumpy in the dark, so much so that they didn’t want to do a séance, as that would have meant standing in the dark.

The second group to this area we started a séance almost immediately as I could see that the spirit were eager to show the guests what they could do. The spirit was called Captain Daniel, he looked to be a First World War soldier but he didn’t actually tell me.

Initially this started with lots of arm movement which then slowly progressed onto people hands being pushed into other people and poking them in the stomach. From this point as the spirit got more used to moving people he started to push people forwards and pull them backwards. Darren (guest) who was standing to my left felt that he was being held in place, as if someone was stood behind him, stopping him from moving. Darren felt this as well and kept looking behind him during the séance.

At the end of this session I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. There were many responses but the experts (independent Sound Engineers) and I couldn’t agree on the words being spoken, some of this was due to noise of the guests shuffling their feet or putting their hands in their pockets during the recording. The best one from this session can be heard at:-

After this experiment I let the guests wander throughout all the galleries with some of our electronic equipment. High levels of EMF energy (Electromagnetic Fields) were picked up on our KII meters as well as some levels of electronic communication.

The third group to the counterscarp galleries had the most activity, as we went straight into a séance and the same spirit (Captain Daniel) was present and eager to demonstrate his presence to the guests. Arm movement started immediately and progressed around the circle until just about everyone had their arms moved and then Daniel moved onto pushing guests forwards and pulling them back as well as swaying them from side to side. Some guests were pulled by their hands to the ground. When asking for certain people to be moved (pushed or pulled) this usually happened on command until the majority of guests had been manipulated in some way.

At the end of this session I held another EVP experiment, once again there were lots of responses but there was too much background noise (from people) that hampered the technical analysis, however the best ones can be heard at:-

Once again the guests were free to wander throughout the rest of galleries.

The rest of the night the guests were allowed to wander freely around the Fort to visit areas or activities they enjoyed the first time around with our equipment and to hold their own ghost hunt or do a solo vigil.

Once again the guests thoroughly enjoyed their ghost hunt with us and many had some very unusual paranormal experiences.

The Ghost Hunt Events team were:-
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Borstal private ghost hunt – 2-2-2013

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

Fort Borstal private ghost hunt 2nd February 2013
Rochester, Kent

This was a special ghost hunt for a Hen party as they wanted something scarier than a hotel, they couldn’t have picked a better location as the very nature of this Fort is meant to be hidden and the owners maintain that.

The best evidence to be had at this location is when there are very few people in a particular part, but because this group wanted to stay together (to start with) we all headed off to the old Officer’s Mess area.

After we gave the majority of the guests some of our kit to enable them to detect the spirit energies that were present, whilst I and Carl (a colleague) filmed them we noticed that any small amount of noise made the guests a bit jumpy, bearing in mind of course that we were in virtual darkness.

There were some extremely high levels of EMF detected and shown on our KII meters and the ghost communicator devices were also busy during this time. Many of the guests were asking the usual types of questions although several times someone asked whether the spirits would like us to leave and every time the answer was “Yes”.

Other guests felt some light touches and lights were seen in the room and after a while once everyone had got used to the dark I decided to hold a séance. The spirit energies that were present; two prisoners Timothy & Jeremy from the 1880s were able to move some people’s arms and also gently push some people, not to the point of falling over, but enough for them to know that it wasn’t them losing their balance.

After a short break the guests all went off with the other two members of my team; Marc & Jo to use Ouija boards and to do some table tilting whilst Carl & myself went off to a separate area to do some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments and to test some new hearing enhancement kit.

Once the guests came back from this session we then let them decide what they wanted to do & where they wanted to go. Most of the guests wanted to go to the counterscarp galleries as this was the only area in which they hadn’t visited during the first two sessions, so the whole group was split into two groups and I took the first group to the galleries.

As soon as we arrived in the area and after the guests wandered throughout the galleries I decided the best way the guests could experience spirit activity was to hold a séance. Captain Daniel Bedford was the spirit energy that was keen to demonstrate his abilities. He was about 6’3” in his late 20s and of a slim build. He seemed to be a very strict man and angry that he had passed away during the First World War, he considered himself too young.

Throughout the séance Daniel was able to manipulate the guests’ arms as well as push them forward and pull them backwards. He was also able to twist people and pull them down onto the floor. Some guests tried to resist this movement but the spirit energy was far greater than their strength and eventually all guests were moved, some pinned against a wall.

At the end of this séance I conducted an EVP experiment the best results can be heard at:-

The second group to this area were also treated to some unusual arm movement by Daniel although this time and with these guests many felt pains in their knees and this was before any pushing and pulling had started. Many guests in this group were also swayed and twisted and eventually the same types of movements were felt by this group as well and even though there were more people in this group than the first once again many people were pushing against a wall, resisting the force turned out to be futile as the spirit energy just wanted us against a wall, once we were moved to the wall the pressure felt in peoples arms and legs just dissipated away.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one which everyone present are unlikely to forget as this was one of the most physical ghost hunts at Fort Borstal that we have undertaken.

The Ghost Hunt Events team consisted of:-
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Nothe Fort Ghost Hunt – 24-11-2012

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Nothe Fort ghost hunt 24th November 2012
Weymouth, Dorset

This was the first ghost hunt for Ghost Hunt Events at this location and we certainly got some excellent evidence.

The weather however on this particular evening wasn’t so pleasant, high winds being the main concern and some rain showers, although by the time we started we were just left with the high winds. For those that don’t know, this particular fort is high on the hill overlooking Weymouth harbours, so walking on the ramparts was extremely gusty.

Fortunately this fort is separated into distinct areas with doors between each section so the entire group could be in the tunnels and we could be sure that noise from one group would not disturb other groups.

I had chosen a particular area to spend the night, which included the supposedly haunted whistling corridor and all the rooms associated in this area were magazine rooms, where ammunition would have been stored, before being hoisted up to the gun emplacements on the ramparts.

The first group we started in a room where a hanging mannequin adorned the room, which nicely set the scene and being the first ghost hunt at this location I let my guests wander from room to room with some of our equipment, until I could sense a particular area where spirit activity was higher. There were brief moments of communication via our electronic equipment and in the resulting séance there were also brief moments of paranormal activity.

Whilst wandering in some of the corridors we could hear a strange rustling noise, which was odd because this is a museum and there is no rubbish or in fact anything we could attribute for this noise. Also within the same part of the building odd whistling and wind noises were heard. This was strange because whilst it was windy outside there were no openings to the outside from within this tunnel and when going through the doors (which were closed) at either end of the tunnel no-one could hear the wind from outside.

Unfortunately two of the guests had turned up in an overly jolly drunken state and whilst we thought that they would sober up being in this environment, they didn’t and thus at the end of the session the group that they were in left the Fort.

The second group I took into one of the magazine rooms, which to everyone present looked like a dull room, as it was just a whitewashed room. However as I was leaving the area with the first group I noticed a spirit energy in this room and had promised (myself) to go back to this room.

The spirit energy was called Mark, aged in his late 20s or early 30s and approximately 5’10” in height and of a slim build. He had a skinny thin looking face but wasn’t wearing anything that I could identify the period.

I immediately started a séance with the group and asked Mark to lift our arms or push people. My arms were the first to be lifted (which is quite usual) but then one by one every guests arm (with the exception of one guest) was being lifted and guests were able to ask (in their heads) which way they wanted their arms to be moved and Mark happily obliged. Mark also made a point of rubbing peoples chins with our arms, which is not dissimilar to a thinking or pondering gesture. I then asked for Mark to start to push people and once again he obliged, however this was more like swaying than pushing and the one guest that didn’t have his arms moved, wanted to feel something. I then moved around the séance circle and stood next to the guest as I was determined that everyone would feel something. After a few attempts (unsuccessfully) of trying to move our arms, Mark moved on to the pushing and this guest was pushed forwards and pulled backwards, much to his surprise. After this everyone was being pushed, pulled and swayed. Some guests were even pushed into other guests which was very amusing to everyone present.

At the end of the séance I asked all the guests to think of a question to ask Mark, the more personal the question the greater likelihood of there being an answer and these were recorded as part of our EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment.

There were quite a few responses to the questions, some were clearer than others and the best ones can be heard at:-


The third group I took to the same area as the second in the hope that Mark would be able to manipulate these guests in much the same way. Once again Mark was able to move some of the guests arms and push and pull them, but for whatever reason it wasn’t as good as what the second group had experienced. This is likely due to the fact that the third group was bigger group.

However during the séance there was much greater communication activity on our electronic equipment.

After we had held three controlled sessions the rest of the night we allowed our guests free reign of the entire fort, leaving them to go wherever they wanted and let them use our equipment. Many of the guests used this time to go to the Caponier (which is out of bounds to the public during normal opening hours), the Barbican and the ramparts (which by this time of the night wasn’t so windy).

Whilst I was on the ramparts with some guests I was describing some of the spirit energies that I could see and trying to get those energies to make themselves known to the guests. Some guests felt the energies, some guests including myself heard the sound of footsteps behind us and as we turned around expecting to see someone, we realised no one physical was there.

At one particular time I had just entered the Caponier to escort some guests to the Barbican and they had just experienced some paranormal activity (they had seen something). I was then able to describe what I could see which was a male spirit called Charles, dressed in soldiers attire from 17th Century. As I pointed out where he stood, the guests present said that was exactly where they had just seen a shadow and what alarmed them in the first place. As some guests thought they saw a face.

This was a very enjoyable and active ghost hunt. There will be reports from the two other groups, but the highlight of one of the first group sessions is that whilst in one of the Gun rooms a guest had asked for footprints, when they actually meant footsteps. However whilst they were watching a bare footprint, approximately size 7 appeared in front of them. The picture below shows what they saw.

Nothe Fort - Footprint

The Ghost Hunt Events team at Nothe Fort were:-

Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Kym– Paranormal Investigator
Sean– Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 17-11-2012

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 17th November 2012
Chatham, Kent

Ghost Hunt Events as a team always enjoy going to Fort Horsted, as every time we go there something different, amazing or unbelievable happens during the ghost hunt which leaves our guests speechless. The level of activity that we have encountered at this Fort is surprising although we look forward to every event as if it were our first time there.

My first session was in a location the furthest from the other group and although we had sporadic communication via our electronic equipment, I decided that it would be better to hold a séance and ask the spirit present to interact with the guests.

Just after we started a male spirit called Michael stood in the doorway, several guests reported that they too saw a shadow in the doorway. Michael was of West African descent in his late 20s and appeared to be from the 1960s. He also told me that he was a carpenter who would have worked at the Fort at some point, he didn’t give the specifics.

Michael was able to move some of the guests arms but the majority of the time we were all hearing mumblings and whisperings from outside the room, although spirit did copy some of my whistles, which were heard by the guests. Also a lot of loud bangs were heard, although given the nature of the tunnels and that sound travels throughout these tunnels, those bangs could have been anything, although not the other group as they were too far away and not in the same tunnel complex. The whisperings and female voices on the other hand were not originating from the tunnels, but from within the room.

After a while we moved into another tunnel to see if guests felt anything strange, which is often the case however on this occasion none of the guests felt anything, but then we were a large group and the best activity here happens to small groups of people. There was however another male energy called Peter present who was able to answer some questions via our electronic equipment. Also more whistles were heard in this tunnel.

My second session was in exactly the same area, as each group just swapped for the second of our controlled sessions. Once again Michael joined us although no-one reported any movements. However many guests this time around (including me) smelt paint or white spirit which was strange as there would never be anyone painting within these tunnels. Some other guests reported smelling liquorice.

Once again we all heard female voices, mumblings and whispers although not on the same level as the previous group and after moving into the other tunnel, even less happened.

The third session was held in casement 26, which involves walking down an interesting and steep staircase below the dry moat. Whilst I was in this area with the majority of the guests I didn’t feel or sense any spiritual activity, although some guests did have some communication via our electronic equipment with a child energy.

After this final session we allowed our guests to go back to any particular area to experience any activity, although the majority of people wanted to experience the same rooms as each other, apart from three guests who asked me if we could go somewhere else and try to get some good evidence as they hadn’t experienced much all evening. So I took them to an area in which other people were unlikely to interrupt us and held a séance to encourage spirit to join us.

This was probably one of the best sessions I have had at the Fort. A male energy called Sergeant Mitchell joined us, he was 27 years old and Scottish and told me that in the Second World War he would train people at the Fort, but he was then sent to Normandy in France where he died from shrapnel wounds. He instantly liked Phil (guest) and myself because of our Celtic links (Phil is Welsh & I am Cornish) and he started moving all of the guests arms, first gently, then with more purpose as the guests got used to the strange feeling. He was also able to push and pull us usually surprising us as he did so. The guests then asked several questions (some out loud and some in their heads) which Mitchell answered by swaying some people and moving our arms to signify yes and no.

During this session, two other guests found us and whilst we were unable to let them fully join in, as we were being manipulated (by being pushed and pulled) they stood and watched. Becky who was standing nearest to us felt strange tingling pins and needle sensations as Mitchell told me that he was trying to touch her. Audrey (guest) who was part of the séance group felt her bum being touched or caressed. At the end of the séance I asked all the guests to think of a personal question to ask Mitchell as part of our EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment. Many of the questions had some form of response although we have been unable to hear the exact words but three responses (out of six) had audible answers, two of which are very clear. These can be heard at

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt, although a little slow to start with, but as the night progressed more activity was experienced by the guests, especially when the two large groups split down into smaller groups. The Ouija board sessions were also very active (this will be covered in another team members report).

The ghost hunt events team were all present as we were shooting a promotional video before the ghost hunt.

Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator

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Pluckley Woods private ghost hunt – 9-11-2012

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Pluckley Woods private ghost hunt 9th November 2012

Pluckley, Kent

For a change Pluckley village was a nice quiet place, the woods even quieter, with no wind to speak of and no obvious animal noises.

We headed for what I call my usual area, as this has been the scene of so much activity every time I have done a ghost hunt here.

After an initial spike of EMF activity seen on our KII meters and some brief but informative communication via other electronic equipment I decided that it was time to hold a séance as this is the best way for the guests to experience paranormal activity.

We were joined by a male energy called Philip who was 22 years old and from the 1970s as he was wearing flared jeans and a shirt with big collars, he was also an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) victim. Philip was able to push some of the guests forwards and pull them back, some were swayed. Philip was also able to lift some of the guests arms. Many of the guests reported tingling and pins & needle sensations in their hands. Some guests also saw shadows further along the path. We were also joined by an older male energy (who did not give me his name) but this gentleman looked like a farmer, short and stocky build who had big hands.

At the end of the séance I held an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) experiment to try to record some ghost voices. There were several, although the two clearest can be heard at:-

From here we moved further into the woods to another familiar spot to me and one which has also proved to be a good spot, but for a different reason, namely Spirit Box activity. Our Spirit Boxes scan the FM radio frequencies in reverse at 100ms, so if we hear anything going forward we can be sure that no radio station broadcast it, as no radio station broadcasts in reverse.

I also set up the laser grid at this point and many guests reported seeing shadows moving within this grid. There was also high levels of EMF energy (as seen on the KII meters) and a high level of communication via the other gadgets.

There was a female spirit energy around us called Elizabeth and she appeared to be quite strict, aged in her mid to late 40s and looked like a farmers wife.

On the Spirit box we heard “Hello”, “hi” and then I asked for the spirit to say the names of the people present. We heard very clearly “Steve”, “Jed”, “Tasha”, “Simon” and “Keith” with some names being repeated several times.

Also at the same time when guests were asking questions hopeful that they would be answered either on the Spirit Box or the communication equipment, we heard “Yes”, “No”, “Maybe” and “Shhhh”

After this very eventful session we moved deep into the woods with the idea that I would hold another séance. Before we arrived at an area where I thought this would be a good spot, I noticed that a male spirit energy was following us. He identified himself as Mark and looked to be in his early 20s and he seemed to be dressed in horse riding attire and carried a whip or crop. Once again I held a séance circle and Mark had no problem to manipulate the guests, with lots of people being pushed and swayed and pushed into each other, Tasha & Sara were even twisted to face different directions, Grace was also pulled downwards by her and Sara’s hands. There was also a lot of arm movement experienced by the guests.

At the end of the séance, guests were taking photographs and although nothing was seen at the time, one photo seems to have a “horse shaped” mist, see below.

Copyright Sara Wallington

Once again a thoroughly enjoyable ghost hunt which all the guests enjoyed, especially as it was their first proper ghost hunt. The Spirit box activity was probably the best and clearest that I have heard outdoors for a long time.

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