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Fort Borstal ghost hunt – 29-3-2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 29th March 2013
Rochester, Kent

Every time we return to Fort Borstal the event gets more interesting, more stuff happens to more people, this time around was no different, although this time the activity that happened wasn’t pleasant.

I usually hold my sessions in the counterscarp galleries because just getting there is a physical challenge in itself, 232 steps to be precise, but to me it is a really interesting area where paranormal occurrences are normal.

The first session there was a male spirit present called Capt Daniel Bedford, he is a spirit who I have often seen in the counterscarp galleries. He is a tall slim built First World War soldier who carries a crop and undoubtedly would have used this as part of his command style. The resulting séance started with people feeling a tingling sensation in their hands and arms, which progressed to their arms actually moving (which is what I asked for amongst other phenomena). After the majority of people felt their arms move, Daniel became braver with his actions and many people saw their own hands being rubbed across the chins of other guests and themselves. These actions also increased along with the phenomena of being pushed and pulled backwards which to some guests was unnerving as they had no idea when this would affect them. Many times various different people’s arms would fly across to hit Ross (guest) in the face, but fortunately every time he was able to duck and dive out of the way as I could feel or know when a lunge was coming. Cold spots were also felt by the guests, which in this particular fort is unusual because all the exterior holes are sealed and the weather outside has no impact on the conditions felt inside.

There was also another male spirit energy present, his name was David and he was a convict, he approached us with caution and did not interact although he did speak to me briefly. He was a Cockney and of a stocky build.

The second session that I undertook in the counterscarp galleries more or less started how the first finished. The same spirit energies were present and the séance started with arm movements almost immediately interspersed with pushing and pulling sensations, twisting and turning people into odd positions and dragging them downwards on to the floor. Once again many people felt cold spots and breezes which are unusual. Many people arms were moved in such a way that it looked like they were trying to be strangled by other people’s arms. Other guests were moved and pushed towards the wall. Several attempts were made to lunge at people, although once again I could feel it coming 1 or 2 seconds before the action took place and could warn whichever guest the action was intended for. However there was a moment when my attention was gravitated towards another young male spirit who should not have been there and needed help. He was a young (17 years old) male who passed away during a relatively recent (1997) motorcycle crash on a road not far from the Fort and whilst I was engaged with him and trying to help him a lunge of people’s arms hit one of my team members in the face (Kym) and then the second lunge which was more like a punch hit a guest in the shoulder.

During the séance Matt (guest) saw light orbs and another guest felt very aggressive, as I have met this guest on several of our ghost hunts I knew that this was not in his nature and I called an immediate end to the séance. The guest that felt aggressive asked me to come over to him as he “wasn’t feeling right” and I gave him some emergency healing to take away the aggression. As everyone was recovering from the active séance we could all hear a strange mumbling noise which included the sound of whistles and whispering. The whispering sound seem to come from further along the tunnel in the direction of the other counterscarp gallery.

When I asked whether the guests would like to walk down to those galleries some guests didn’t want to venture down there on their own! So we all went down to that area, although nothing was seen or heard once we arrived.

After these sessions the guests were allowed to wander freely, some but not many wanted to go back to the counterscarps and I joined a group in the Officer’s Mess area. Various spirits were encountered in this area, the majority looked to be female Nurses or Second World War clerks. Carl (GHE team member) who was sitting in a chair noticed that the chair was swaying and moving which he found odd although his instruments detected high levels of EMF and huge temperature fluctuations which coincided with the chair moving.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt where the majority of guests had a very unusual night and many paranormal occurrences. This was one of our more memorable ghost hunts at this location and everybody thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even those who were pushed to the floor or lunged at.

Several EVP’s (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by the team but we have not had any confirmation from our experts of actual ghost voices.

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