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Pluckley Screaming Woods – 28-4-2013

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Pluckley Screaming Woods ghost hunt 28th April 2013
Pluckley, Kent

This was the last of the early evening ghost hunts until much later in the year and also one of the occasions where some of the guests failed to notify us that they weren’t coming until moments before we were due to start.

Those that did turn up were treated to an excellent ghost hunt with lots of physical paranormal experiences.

The first session after handing out some of our usual ghost hunting equipment, lots of activity was detected on the KII (EMF) Meters and on our communication devices, where the guests were able to communicate with the spirit energy that was present. His name was David McGloughan (not sure of the spelling) although the spirit energy in question said “you can call me Dave”. He was 32 years old, quite tall at 5’11” and of a muscular build, wearing a cream granddad shirt and tan or light brown trousers and big heavy black boots. He had a round face, light brown hair and a stubble beard.

I had intended to hold a séance here, but didn’t as we needed to move due to the coldness of the woods, so after we walked on and stopped at another crossroads.

At this location there was another spirit energy; Tom aged in his mid-50s and about 5’6” in height, he was unshaven and had large sideburns that extended down to his chin.

Guests were busy taking photographs as some of them had some very unusual mists or apparitions in them, it wasn’t a misty night, in fact there was no weather to speak of, it wasn’t cold either.

After I set up the laser grid there was lots more communication via electronic equipment and KII activity, but nothing notable was seen in the grid. During this time there were some very unusual noises, which didn’t sound like the normal woodland creatures or the trees. This sounded more like purposeful tapping, more like a musical instrument and when I whistled out a distinct whistle back was heard, albeit a very faint one.

At this moment we were interrupted by the sound of people who were shouting, mainly because they were lost and were trying to shout to the rest of their party whom they obviously got separated from. This went on for a while, which I found very amusing as I know where every path goes and we could clearly hear their anxiety. In reality they were only about 500 yards apart but on different parallel paths that don’t join up.

After one of these groups decided to head back towards their car we were able to carry on.

I held a séance where we originally came across the spirit energy Dave, Tom also followed us to this point. Everyone felt their presence as their arms we all moved on command and when I asked for the spirits to gently push people, they were happy to oblige. Many guests were also “wobbled” or swayed which the guests found slightly amusing. Tara (guest) had both her arms pulled backwards.

All the guests were moved in some way and some of the movements were all what the guests asked for (in their heads).

After the séance I turned on my spirit box (a device that scans at 100ms on the FM radio band in reverse). Some words were heard but they were very faint and not clearly audible.

As we were leaving the woods we came across a group of people who were glad to see someone, however they were expecting their friends and not us and were disappointed when I told them where their friends were walking, because their friends were walking on a path that would eventually take them around the whole woods, which is a 5 mile walk.

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