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Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt – 30-3-2013

Red Lion Hotel ghost hunt 30th March 2013
Colchester, Essex

We always enjoy coming to The Red Lion Hotel in Colchester as something usually happens that hasn’t happened before plus we have known phenomena that seems to always happen to some guests.

The Red Lion Hotel also allows us to set up all our remote cameras so that all guests can monitor what is happening throughout the hotel, which is especially useful as some of the rooms we use are not big enough for all the guests to be in at the same time.

I as always chose the cellar for my sessions, mainly because this is where a lot of activity happens and guests get a unique experience.

With the first group I encountered a spirit energy called Jerry, he was about 70 years old and from the 1950s, he was a very happy fellow who liked to prove his existence to the guests. We were also joined by a young female energy, called Catherine, who preferred to be called Kate, she was from 1910 era and about 27 years old and spent most of the session watching and laughing at what we were doing. There was also a third spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the session, he was called Christopher, aged in his mid-30s, and quite a stocky build and from the 1960s era.

The session started with some gentle arm movement, which quickly progressed into pushing people and pulling them to the floor. Many guests felt their arms move in strange ways plus many also reported some very cold sensations and breezes. (There are normally no breezes in the cellar). After the séance finished some guests said that their arms felt strange, described by one guest as his arms did not feel that they belonged to him and he had to really concentrate to move his own arms.

With the second group, the spirit energies; Jerry and Kate were still present and once again many guests had their arms moved, usually on command, but after a while Jerry got bored of doing what people asked and decided to move people’s arms where he wanted them to go. Once again after I asked for people to be pushed, Jerry obliged and started to push some of the guests as well as making them bend over, by pulling their arms to the floor, which at times was very uncomfortable.

During this session, towards the end, several guests all reported seeing a face behind me, or between me and another guest, which at the time I couldn’t see on the screen, it was too far away to see with any clarity, however we have reviewed this footage and cannot see anything suspicious, however a compilation of the activity experienced in the cellar sessions is available to watch on our video site so you can watch for yourselves.

The third group to the cellar encountered similar activity, only this time Christopher, the spirit energy that “popped in” throughout the first session stuck around much longer and spent time affecting the guests. Once again arm movement was quite quick and purposeful but only affected a few guests, mainly towards my end of the séance circle with a few guests either side of me being affected. Many guests at the other end of the circle reported warm sensations around their knees and other strange sensations in their forearms. One guest commented that it felt like someone holding on to his forearm.

After our three controlled sessions, we allow (as we always do at The Red Lion Hotel) for the guests to hold their own ghost hunt or vigil in any of the areas that we have used throughout the night and they may use our ghost hunting equipment.

I joined a group back in the cellar as they wanted to experience more movements and this time we were joined by a spirit energy that was called either Jeremy or Jeremia, who didn’t really tell me anything about himself and a young boy of about 8 years old called Tommy.

Once again lots of arm movement was felt by the guests, along with some strange tummy rubbing and lots of pushing and pulling people backwards. Just about everyone at one time or another was pulled to the floor. Many of the people affected in this session couldn’t lift themselves off the floor; they all said it felt like someone sitting on them, restricting their movements. Towards the end of this session our arms were moved in such a way that we were tangled with each other.

At one particular moment one guest who was not either stuck to the floor or had his arms tangled with other guests noted a face on the camera screen behind me. This particular guest was not in the second group and didn’t know that the second group to the cellar saw something similar.

Just as we were about to leave the cellar several KII (EMF Meter) Meters lit up, we had a number of KII’s in the cellar but all night no activity was seen on them apart from this brief moment.

No EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a ghost voices) were recorded in the cellar because of the loud noises heard from outside throughout the evening.

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