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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January
Hereford, Herefordshire

Courtroom 2 and Cells with Sean

Session 1
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

We handed out ghost pros to the guests who were quite happy to go off to investigate the areas.
Near the toilet at the end of the cell corridor the guests managed to get information of a male spirit in his 30’s with a horse and cart who was hung, his wife didn’t live long after his death, they also had children and claimed to be together as a family.

In the cell areas we had good activity with guests and team experiencing feelings, smells and being physically touched.
Sean and Wayne had feelings in cell 4 of dizziness and headaches but only in this cell
Wayne used the SB7 in cell 4 and heard the name “Brian” and shortly after “get out!” came through and at the same time felt a brushing across the left ear while Sean at exactly the same time whilst standing in the doorway of cell 4 felt his shoulder being grabbed.
Paula felt “cobwebs” across her face in the cell corridor near the toilet and also noticed towards the end of the session that cell 2 had its panic alarm light on which we then turned off.

Session 2
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

Again we handed out ghost pros to the guests who incidentally we all female and in their early 20’s. Ghost pros were lighting straight away so we split the guests into pairs and put each pair in to a cell and shut the doors. They all had some communication on the ghost pros.
Sean then brought all the guests back to cell 4 and asked them to stand in a circle to build energy, which had an effect on a spirit in cell 3 as it seemed as though it was a male spirit trying to push past Wayne and Paula who were standing in the doorway to cell 4 to see the female guests. As Paula was filming she said that she noticed a feeling of tingling down the back of both of her legs and felt a cold spot behind her with goose bumps on her right hand side, Wayne was also feeling the cold spot on his left between them and noticed Paula’s hair being played with by an unseen force in the light given off by the LCD screen.
Next we noticed that cell 2’s panic light had come back on which we all investigated on each of the cells and came to the conclusion that it was impossible for the panic buttons to be accidentally pushed or leaned on and at the time we noticed the light being on none of us were near the button inside the cell.
Sean and Wayne were again both being affected by spirit in cell 4 with dizziness.
We then ventured to courtroom 2 where we had ghost pro activity once more with the name Robert or Bob being very prominent. Tapping and creaking was being heard by us all in the gallery at the back of the room, again none of us were in that area at the time.
Loud footsteps were heard and felt through the floor walking away from and down the stairway to the cells from the accused chair.

Session 3
We used ghost pros, Mel meters,SB7 and Ovilus 3

Handing out the ghost pros we had immediate activity again in cell 4 with communication from a female spirit called Veronica. She died in the 1800’s and had 1 child, she was in love with an inmate but although she carried on coming back to the lady and gentlemen guests that were both holding ghost pros that she was communicating through we didn’t manage to get any more information about her.
We then tried the Ovilus 3 device in cell 4 which amazingly gave us 3 names which were Nick, Jim and Veronica. We tried to establish which spirit was giving us these names and if Nick or Jim was the inmate that Veronica was in love with but had no more communication through this device.

We then moved the session into courtroom 2.
Wayne used the SB7 in the stairwell from the accused chair to the cells with the couple that were talking to Veronica. We established from this spirit box session that there were 5 spirits with us and that both Veronica and Jim were 2 of the spirits present as they said their names clearly and with tone through this device.
Creaking was again heard from the gallery at the back of courtroom 2 with none of us in that area.

Wayne, Paula & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January 2015
Hereford, Herefordshire

This was the second time that we have visited this venue, we would like to visit more frequently but Hereford is a four hour drive for us.

I held all three of my sessions in the cellar and every time we started with a séance. Spirit were quiet playful and a little mischievous, especially with a group of all girls. The male spirits had fun making them feel uncomfortable. This resulted in the first group being quite a lot more scared that subsequent groups but also this group had far more experiences and sensations with about half of the group feeling feint, one girl had to sit down as she virtually collapsed. All groups though felt the sensations of their arms being moved and being pushed, pulled, swayed and rocked by unseen hands.

I was joined on more than one occasion by two spirits, one called Tony (Antony) who was an old fashioned Bobby (Policeman) from the 1880’s. The other was a farmer type of person, probably a labourer although he never said anything apart from that he worked with pigs. He gave no name. Both these spirits joined me on every session in the cellar although they took turns trying to affect the guests.

Every group to the cellar saw shadows or lights that they could not explain. This cellar had windows at one end although this was an L shape corridor and the lights from outside did not shine through the main corridor, yet several guests saw shadows (as if someone walked across the corridor) and lights which looked like miniature shooting stars according to the people that saw them.

Two groups (the first two) both smelt something that they described as being disgusting, rotting meat was one description the other of decaying and dampness. Several people also smelt a sulphuric smell (rotten eggs) however this was not something that affected everyone as I and the people either side of me on both occasions smelt nothing out of the ordinary.

This was an excellent ghost hunt as all guests had some paranormal occurrences in different parts of the building. Many enjoyed the fact that after we had finished our controlled sessions we allowed the guests to wander around the building of their own accord whilst they held their own style ghost hunt and we also allowed them to borrow our equipment during this time.

Hopefully we will return next year

Psychic Medium
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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015 (Kerry)

Monday, February 9th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January 2015
Hereford, Herefordshire

Equipment: Table tilting, Ouija, Writing Planchette, Rods and Pendulums.
Area: Concert Hall

1st Session

We started the first session with the writing planchette, and unfortunately didn’t get any movement but we all kept feeling cold spots and heard a couple of taps on the table. Kym picked up on a young male spirit, aged 19, by the name of Matthew.
We then tried using the rods and pendulums and everyone had movement in response to their questions. We established there were three spirits present, two male and one female. I felt a very cold breeze on my right cheek and right hand whilst holding the pendulum, and when I asked if spirit was standing to my right, it responded with yes.
We then moved to the stage where we had set up the table. Initially we had a few taps, and when we asked spirit to do this again, it did so. There were then some creaks as the table started gently tilting up on one side, followed by gentle rocking from side to side.
During the Ouija session, a spirit came through and was moving the glass but was just going over random letters and we were unable to obtain any information from them.
2nd Session

We started with the Ouija, and as we waited for spirit to join us we felt cold spots on our hands and noticed a significant drop in temperature around us. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the glass did not move on this occasion.
We then decided to try some table tilting, and there were very gentle movements at first. Kym sensed there was a female spirit present. We kept encouraging spirit to move the table, and after a while it started tilting from side to side. I asked spirit to tip the table onto one leg, and after a while it did so and spun the table right round then stopped. There was no more movement after that.
While we were using the rods and pendulums, Kym and I connected with a female spirit. I felt very cold on my left side and had a sense that there was someone standing there. When asked if there was, my pendulum responded with a yes. Kym determined that this lady’s name was Ann, without an ‘e’, as that’s what she was hearing spirit telling her. She had dark, permed hair and a slim figure. She was dressed in 70’s clothing, with a brown skirt, floral shirt with a winged collar. She was 23 years old and worked in admin. A couple of the guests decided to have a wander over to the stage area with their rods and pendulums, and they connected with a male spirit who was making them laugh with responses to their questions.
3rd Session

We had quite a large group this time so split the group so that half were on the Ouija and half doing table tilting. As soon as we started the Ouija the glass moved immediately. We asked for a name but couldn’t understand what was being spelt as it just seemed like random letters. We thought it might be a foreign name and when asked if the spirit was English, the glass moved to no. We soon established that we had a 12 year old boy with us who died in 1604 and was strangled by his parents. He had a 3 year old sister who was also killed at the same time by their parents. He seemed unable to spell anything out in English, but could understand our questions and responded with a yes or no.
Kym was with the other group on the table and they had slight movement initially, but then decided to try some glass work. A male spirit in his 20’s came and moved the glass and drew the letters C and O, but they were unsure what this meant. It could have been his initials or the first two letters of his Christian name. They found out that he was hanged in the 1700’s, but was not guilty.

Paranormal Investigator
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Shire Hall ghost hunt – 23-2-2013

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Shire Hall ghost hunt 23rd February 2013
Hereford, Herefordshire

This venue is one of the larger venues that we investigate with two court rooms, cells (linked to the court rooms), ancillary court related rooms, a concert hall and backstage rooms, a library and an extensive basement and as ever we and our guests were free to wander throughout the building.

I had already decided that “my area” for the first part of the night was going to be the library as I have always been interested in investigating one, possibly since the first Ghost Busters film of 1984.

After starting a séance in part of the library we were joined quite quickly by two male spirits; Terrance and Nigel who were dressed like 1970s security men, light blue shirts and black trousers and black/navy ties, both were in their late 50s. Nigel was quite portly although a very happy sort of person. There was also a female spirit present called Fiona who was from the Victorian era by her dress, she was in her early 20s.

The séance started with lots of arm movement which gradually progressed into people being pushed and pulled backwards. Jarred (guest) and myself had our arms pulled to the floor and our arms were stroking Jarred’s girlfriend against our will.

Many guests heard footfalls, whispering and talking, which were not from the other group as they were effectively two floors above us. The pushing and arm movement continued until I called and end to the séance and just as I said that some book on the shelf behind me fell over, which was strange as I tried to recreate this because my belt may have touched the bookshelf but the shelf that the books were on were much higher and even when I purposely knocked into the bookcase the books did not fall over.

I then let the guests wander around the darkened library with our electronic equipment and suggested that they enter the strong room which the staff have reported strange occurrences when on their own.

The second group to the library I started the séance in another part of the library away from the book shelves and once again many guests arms were being manipulated by the spirit energies Nigel & Terrance who were still present. Angie (guest) was very receptive to this and the spirit energies moved her in all sorts of ways but especially liked to push her and pull her back when she was least expecting it.

During a moment when several people’s arms were being moved we all heard a reasonably loud knock, Carl (team member) was filming at the time and a book had fallen off the shelves and fell on his foot which made him a bit jumpy!

Once again after the séance came to an end the guests wandered around the library with our equipment.

Whilst all the guests were off with other team members doing table tilting and other experiments myself Carl & Kym (team members) visited Court 1 and 2. In Court 1 we heard some tapping in response to our tapping sounds. In Court 2 Carl and myself could smell sweet cigar smoke and whilst Carl was sitting in the defendant box he had his leg touched and squeezed.

Carl and I also visited the Cells when they were clear of guests as we wanted to do some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments. Carl who was in the large cell at the end of the corridor said that he felt dizzy so we started to do some EVP recordings. The best response can be heard at:-

After locating the guests some of them wanted to try scrying, so I escorted them down to the cells to try this experiment, as this was the darkest and quietest area. Most people saw their face change and some of those who were watching could see if before the person looking. There were a mixture of male and female spirit energies who superimposed their faces onto the guests.

Towards the end of the evening I wandered into Court 2 with some guests thinking it was empty but in fact there were several team members in the room trying to do an EVP session. As we were about to leave the room we all heard a loud thud, I had initially thought a guest had knocked over a glass onto the carpet, but as I made my way to see what had fallen over I noticed what looked like a stone on the floor. However when I picked it up, it wasn’t a stone but plaster and about 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter. (see below)

Plaster thrown

Since it wasn’t really that dark in Court 2 because the street lighting bled into the room from outside everyone could quite easily see and no one could have thrown this object as they would have been seen. (There were approximately 15 people in the room, all spread out) The plaster had fallen into the jury box where the majority of the guests were standing.

When showing the security guard he said that the plaster was basement plaster as that was the only area of the building that was unpainted. How this plaster came to make a noise as it fell into this area remains a mystery, we were filming at the time but the camera was not pointing in that direction at the time of this incident.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the guests had a range of paranormal incidents happen to them. We cannot wait to return later in 2013.

The Ghost Hunt Events team were:-
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

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