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Shire Hall ghost hunt – 23-2-2013

Shire Hall ghost hunt 23rd February 2013
Hereford, Herefordshire

This venue is one of the larger venues that we investigate with two court rooms, cells (linked to the court rooms), ancillary court related rooms, a concert hall and backstage rooms, a library and an extensive basement and as ever we and our guests were free to wander throughout the building.

I had already decided that “my area” for the first part of the night was going to be the library as I have always been interested in investigating one, possibly since the first Ghost Busters film of 1984.

After starting a séance in part of the library we were joined quite quickly by two male spirits; Terrance and Nigel who were dressed like 1970s security men, light blue shirts and black trousers and black/navy ties, both were in their late 50s. Nigel was quite portly although a very happy sort of person. There was also a female spirit present called Fiona who was from the Victorian era by her dress, she was in her early 20s.

The séance started with lots of arm movement which gradually progressed into people being pushed and pulled backwards. Jarred (guest) and myself had our arms pulled to the floor and our arms were stroking Jarred’s girlfriend against our will.

Many guests heard footfalls, whispering and talking, which were not from the other group as they were effectively two floors above us. The pushing and arm movement continued until I called and end to the séance and just as I said that some book on the shelf behind me fell over, which was strange as I tried to recreate this because my belt may have touched the bookshelf but the shelf that the books were on were much higher and even when I purposely knocked into the bookcase the books did not fall over.

I then let the guests wander around the darkened library with our electronic equipment and suggested that they enter the strong room which the staff have reported strange occurrences when on their own.

The second group to the library I started the séance in another part of the library away from the book shelves and once again many guests arms were being manipulated by the spirit energies Nigel & Terrance who were still present. Angie (guest) was very receptive to this and the spirit energies moved her in all sorts of ways but especially liked to push her and pull her back when she was least expecting it.

During a moment when several people’s arms were being moved we all heard a reasonably loud knock, Carl (team member) was filming at the time and a book had fallen off the shelves and fell on his foot which made him a bit jumpy!

Once again after the séance came to an end the guests wandered around the library with our equipment.

Whilst all the guests were off with other team members doing table tilting and other experiments myself Carl & Kym (team members) visited Court 1 and 2. In Court 1 we heard some tapping in response to our tapping sounds. In Court 2 Carl and myself could smell sweet cigar smoke and whilst Carl was sitting in the defendant box he had his leg touched and squeezed.

Carl and I also visited the Cells when they were clear of guests as we wanted to do some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments. Carl who was in the large cell at the end of the corridor said that he felt dizzy so we started to do some EVP recordings. The best response can be heard at:-

After locating the guests some of them wanted to try scrying, so I escorted them down to the cells to try this experiment, as this was the darkest and quietest area. Most people saw their face change and some of those who were watching could see if before the person looking. There were a mixture of male and female spirit energies who superimposed their faces onto the guests.

Towards the end of the evening I wandered into Court 2 with some guests thinking it was empty but in fact there were several team members in the room trying to do an EVP session. As we were about to leave the room we all heard a loud thud, I had initially thought a guest had knocked over a glass onto the carpet, but as I made my way to see what had fallen over I noticed what looked like a stone on the floor. However when I picked it up, it wasn’t a stone but plaster and about 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter. (see below)

Plaster thrown

Since it wasn’t really that dark in Court 2 because the street lighting bled into the room from outside everyone could quite easily see and no one could have thrown this object as they would have been seen. (There were approximately 15 people in the room, all spread out) The plaster had fallen into the jury box where the majority of the guests were standing.

When showing the security guard he said that the plaster was basement plaster as that was the only area of the building that was unpainted. How this plaster came to make a noise as it fell into this area remains a mystery, we were filming at the time but the camera was not pointing in that direction at the time of this incident.

This was a very enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the guests had a range of paranormal incidents happen to them. We cannot wait to return later in 2013.

The Ghost Hunt Events team were:-
Jo – Paranormal Investigator
Carl – Paranormal Investigator
Sean – Paranormal Investigator
Kym – Paranormal Investigator
Marc – Paranormal Investigator
Steve – Psychic Medium

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