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Pilgrims Way Woods ghost hunt – 22-2-2013

Pilgrims Way Woods ghost hunt 22nd February 2013
nr Maidstone, Kent

This was the third ghost hunt that we have undertaken in the snow and although it was quite heavy whilst waiting at the meet point, by the time we had driven to the start of the walk uphill the snow had eased off a little. The wind however was still biting cold. The walk which is all uphill however warmed everyone up.

On entering the woods I handed out some of the electronic kit and told everyone what to expect, some of the guests bravely wondered off.

There were lots of instances of communication via our electronic devices, many different spirits, some young, some old. Some from a long time ago and some from recent times, as they had stated that they were killed in road accidents.

Although virtually no KII EMF activity was seen on any of the KII metres.

Some guests thought they could see shadows in the trees; this is something which occurs frequently at this location.

Using the Spirit box (a device that scans the FM radio stations at 100ms in reverse) a few names were clearly heard, mainly mine but also some of the guest’s names.

After letting the guests wander around with the kit I decided the best way for them to experience paranormal activity is to hold a séance so that they could feel spirit energy move them in some way. We were joined by Christopher, aged in his early 20s, from the 1860s who looked like a farmer as he had very broad shoulders and was of a muscular build, although he had a small round (baby) face and short brown hair.

Christopher was easily able to move my arms and the two people either side of me. Hannah and I had our arms pulled to the ground twice during the séance. Hannah & Charlotte also had their hands moved, but this was gentler than it was with me.

At the end of the séance I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and whilst there were several answers to the guests questions, not all of them could be easily understood, the best ones can be heard at:-

Once again a good ghost hunt where the majority of people were able to experience some paranormal behaviour and the snow didn’t interfere with the ghost hunt, just made it cold for us.

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