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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015 (Kerry)

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January 2015
Hereford, Herefordshire

Equipment: Table tilting, Ouija, Writing Planchette, Rods and Pendulums.
Area: Concert Hall

1st Session

We started the first session with the writing planchette, and unfortunately didn’t get any movement but we all kept feeling cold spots and heard a couple of taps on the table. Kym picked up on a young male spirit, aged 19, by the name of Matthew.
We then tried using the rods and pendulums and everyone had movement in response to their questions. We established there were three spirits present, two male and one female. I felt a very cold breeze on my right cheek and right hand whilst holding the pendulum, and when I asked if spirit was standing to my right, it responded with yes.
We then moved to the stage where we had set up the table. Initially we had a few taps, and when we asked spirit to do this again, it did so. There were then some creaks as the table started gently tilting up on one side, followed by gentle rocking from side to side.
During the Ouija session, a spirit came through and was moving the glass but was just going over random letters and we were unable to obtain any information from them.
2nd Session

We started with the Ouija, and as we waited for spirit to join us we felt cold spots on our hands and noticed a significant drop in temperature around us. Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the glass did not move on this occasion.
We then decided to try some table tilting, and there were very gentle movements at first. Kym sensed there was a female spirit present. We kept encouraging spirit to move the table, and after a while it started tilting from side to side. I asked spirit to tip the table onto one leg, and after a while it did so and spun the table right round then stopped. There was no more movement after that.
While we were using the rods and pendulums, Kym and I connected with a female spirit. I felt very cold on my left side and had a sense that there was someone standing there. When asked if there was, my pendulum responded with a yes. Kym determined that this lady’s name was Ann, without an ‘e’, as that’s what she was hearing spirit telling her. She had dark, permed hair and a slim figure. She was dressed in 70’s clothing, with a brown skirt, floral shirt with a winged collar. She was 23 years old and worked in admin. A couple of the guests decided to have a wander over to the stage area with their rods and pendulums, and they connected with a male spirit who was making them laugh with responses to their questions.
3rd Session

We had quite a large group this time so split the group so that half were on the Ouija and half doing table tilting. As soon as we started the Ouija the glass moved immediately. We asked for a name but couldn’t understand what was being spelt as it just seemed like random letters. We thought it might be a foreign name and when asked if the spirit was English, the glass moved to no. We soon established that we had a 12 year old boy with us who died in 1604 and was strangled by his parents. He had a 3 year old sister who was also killed at the same time by their parents. He seemed unable to spell anything out in English, but could understand our questions and responded with a yes or no.
Kym was with the other group on the table and they had slight movement initially, but then decided to try some glass work. A male spirit in his 20’s came and moved the glass and drew the letters C and O, but they were unsure what this meant. It could have been his initials or the first two letters of his Christian name. They found out that he was hanged in the 1700’s, but was not guilty.

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