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Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt – Kym

Oliver Cromwell’s House ghost hunt 17th January 2015
Ely, Cambridgeshire

Area: Kitchen
Equipment: Dowsing Rods, Pendulums, Ouija, Table Tipping

Group B  – We started with using the dowsing rods & pendulums, and once everyone had established their yes & no’s we asked spirit some questions.  Everyone had a male spirit, however possibly not the same one as there were 5 spirits with us.  We then moved to the Ouija table to find out some more information.  The first spirit that came through took the glass to ‘goodbye’, but almost immediately another spirit joined us.  It was a male spirit age 19, from 1594 called Hugh and had worked here, but was murdered here.  This spirit stayed with us all evening, having some tremendous fun at the end of the night moving the table all around the room.  As two other guests were holding the dowsing rods, I asked spirit to point the rods to where the spirit was standing, and asked spirit to take the glass to the nearest edge of the table to where he was standing, and they both moved/pointed to the same place.  We then had a female spirit join us, her name was Jenny, but spelt here surname as Roman, then seemed unsure.  She was from 1957, age 18, and again was murdered here.  We then had another female spirit, spelling her name as Voz.  She was Austrian, age 39 and from the year 1790.  She had an affair with the vicar and was pregnant, although had met the vicar in Austria, got pregnant there before coming here.  She lived here for 9 days, but was in England for 6 months.  She died of a disease but couldn’t establish which one.  And although she said she had had a miscarriage, she later said her child had been born alive.  One guest felt a tug on the hood of his jumper, turned to me to see where I was standing and was surprised to see I wasn’t that close.  Whilst 4 guests were on the Ouija, two other guests were trying table tipping, and the table rocked gently for a while.  When the Ouija session finished all 6 guests tried the table tipping, and as we only had 5 minutes left of our session I asked spirit to start moving the table quickly.  It did by rocking the table gently at first, and then got quicker, with only the finger tips touching the table once it got stronger.  Asking the spirit to walk the table around the room, the table chose not to and promptly rocked the table into the fireplace, which the guests thought was very funny.

Group C – Started by showing the guests how to use the dowsing rods & pendulums, and once they knew their yes & no movements they asked questions.  Again we had a male spirit with us, and asking spirit to point all the rods to where he was standing, they all pointed to the fireplace.  After everyone had been asking spirit various questions we tried the Ouija table, but unfortunately had no movement.  We tried table tipping but only had creaking and very slight movement.

Group A – Again we started with the rods & pendulums, and guests were able to ask the spirits various questions.  We had male & female spirits with us.  We then started with the Ouija and only had one movement spelling out the word ‘deaed’, not sure if the spirit meant dead.  I then suggested the four male guests seated around the Ouija table tried table tipping, whilst myself and the only female guest in that group tried table tipping on the other table.  Encouraging spirit girls v boys, which table can be moved first and then the most.  Both tables moved the same with rocking, then both stopped at the same time. Meanwhile two guests tried table tipping by themselves and were surprised by the gentle rocking with just them touching it.  We then tried all guests around the table and it started rocking quite quickly.  As the table was trying to slide, I suggested to spirit we use the Ouija as it slides better on the floor.  Asking spirit to lift the table one way to confirm okay to swap, the table lifted to confirm yes.  The table then slid all around the room, going slow then fast, twisting as well, and responding to our requests too.

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