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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

On this event I spent the evening in room 36 and The Whistling Tunnel, using various different electronic devices, taking four groups separately. In all sessions we began with a short 5 minute circle to build energy in the room.

Group 1: Although we had some information given to us via the ghost pro ( a device in which yes/no question may be asked, and spirit can flash the light accordingly to answer, e.g. one flash for yes, two for no), this was by far a more audible session. As a group we all heard footsteps coming towards us and a strange dragging noise in the tunnel leading to the room, which could not be explained however hard we tried! There were also some strange dark shadows in the door way, which most of the group witnessed.

Group 2: This session was very similar to the previous one, much the same information on the ghost pro, a male spirit who had worked at the Fort during WW2, a very private man, not wanting to say to much about himself. Also the spirit of what seemed to be a lady cleaning, we all heard something that sounded like a woman humming a tune during this time.

As well as the ghost pro, we also used a device called Ovilus 3, which allows spirit to use their energy to create a word. Strangely enough spirit told us Dirty (relevant to the lady cleaning possibly?) Spirit also used the word Soldiers, on more than one occasion. After a while we moved from 36 around to the whistling tunnel, where the entire group again witnessed shadows and heard footsteps coming towards us. We also saw many flashing lights at either end of the tunnel.

Group 3: This was the quietest session of the night, although some flashes on the ghost pro and slight k2 activity, there was not really much to report.

Group 4: I had a group of young lads in my last session of the night, and I have to be honest, I thought the worst, that maybe they were a bunch of jokers. How wrong was I! They spotted a stack of plastic chairs in the room and wanted to sit down, so I suggested we sat around in a circle quietly and see what happens. Once we had made ourselves “comfortable” we began to ask out. I had a Mel meter (an all in one temperature Gauge, EMF and rem pod) on the side, about 6ft away form everybody. I asked spirit to walk toward the Mel meter and set the rem pod (lights up and alarms when the energy field is interrupted) off. This happened immediately, and then when asked for again a few minutes later, the same happened. Since I have owned this piece of equipment, it is the first time it had happened, so I was impressed!

Again we all heard footsteps in the tunnel, but this time, spirit did the amount of footsteps we asked for. During this time we had the Ovilus 3 on in the back ground. It said 6, followed immediately by 6 footsteps. Almost as if spirit was now telling us what he was going to do! Throughout the session, there were large temperature fluctuations, and whistles repeated when asked for. All in all, a very interesting hour!

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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The Star Hotel ghost hunt – 25-10-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

The Star Hotel, Alfriston – 25th October 2013

Session 1: We began with a short séance circle to build some energy in the room, this was room 17. the K2 meters were laying on the bed and spirit was lighting these up on demand and in sequence, although only able to light to orange. We had 2 ghost pros in the room with us, one of which was behaving normally and responding to questions, the other was continuous rapid flashing. The battery was new that evening so this was unexplainable and continued to happen all night. When the ovilus was turned on we received many words including the name Jim and also Paranormal. When asked on the ghost pro if this was Spirits name, it confirmed that it was. We switched on the spirit box (SB7) and were immediately told to “get out” and “go away”. A few more words were spoken but not clear enough to understand.

Session 2: Again we were in Room 17, and began with a short circle. As before the K2 was very active on demand, but still only able to light to orange. we had 3 in use around the room, all responded at the same time. Whilst we were scattered around the room, we all saw a very large dark shadow in the doorway on the inside of the door, it remained for a few minutes and then disappeared. During this time, there was spikes of up to 1.8 on the Mel meter. When the SB7 (spirit box) was turned on we asked for Spirits name, to which we all heard Dawn in a female voice. I asked spirit for the name of someone in the room, to which she responded Jo. When we asked for a noise to be made in the room, we had the response of “trying” and “weak”.

We had no table movement and very slight glass movement.

Session 3: For this session I decided to go downstairs and investigate the “Library”. As usual a 5 minute circle was done to build energy, although I feel this may not have been necessary! The guests wanted to go straight into table tipping which immediately began to move very strongly and in whatever direction that was asked for. I came off of the table as soon as it was active, so that the guests could experience this for themselves. We continued with this for about 20 minutes and then moved to the Ouija board. The glass began to move almost straight away, and we received the name James, who claimed to be 89 years old and from the year 1689. James stayed with us for a while and told us that there were 7 spirits in the room, 2 of which meant to harm us. The next spirit to communicate was Tom, who said he was 64 and married with 5 children. He claimed to be form the year 1620. He also told us that there were 7 spirits in the room and 2 meant us harm. The third and final spirit to come forward was a man called Michael, who said he was a priest and was 54 years old. He told us he had a wife and was from the year 1884. he then said Goodbye, and this ended our session.

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Rye Castle ghost hunt – 24-8-2013

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Rye Castle ghost hunt 24th August 2013
Rye, East Sussex

After the first ghost hunt at Rye Castle earlier in the year, we had high hopes for this ghost hunt, but unfortunately as we all know rarely are two ghost hunts at the same venue the same and activity that happened before may not happen again. This is exactly what happened at this ghost hunt. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good ghost hunt it was just different.

My first session in Keep some of the guests were feeling hot for no particular reason, the level of KII (EMF Electro Magnetic Field) shown on our meters was low and we had an Ovilus III which blurted out some fairly random words.

There was however a male spirit in the room with us. He was called Thomas and he was some kind of soldier, possibly French because he was wearing a French style cap similar to French Foreign Legion soldiers hats. Thomas was tall and slender in appearance and aged about 25 years old. As he walked around us many of us felt wobbly on our feet. As the session progressed this feeling seemed to affect everyone as we all ended up holding on to something to stop ourselves from wobbling. Those people in front of the main window felt more wobbly and unstable than those who were standing elsewhere.

During the séance Thomas was able to move some people’s arms but not everyone and those in front of one of the cells complained that they felt like someone was watching them. There is a mannequin in this cell, but there is no head on the mannequin which people sometimes fell quite weary of. It seems more scary because it has no head. Thomas was also able to push and pull some of the guests gently so that the guests found themselves rocking on their feet.

The second group to the keep also felt similar sensations to the first and they too found themselves holding on to objects to steady themselves. Thomas was still present and everyone ending up holding on to the table or resting on the table for support. Once again the Ovilus blurted out some random words none of which made much sense or seemed relevant.

Following on from our two sessions we decided to do something that we have never done in this venue before. Since there is a Women’s Tower; a building which was for the sole use of Woman and Children prisoners we decided to split the guests into a male & female group and spend time in the Woman’s Tower in these groups to see whether it would make any difference to the level of activity felt by the guests.

When it was the Men’s turn we all sat or crouched on the floor. Very quickly we all heard some odd noises, it sounded like someone walking on a wooden floor. Considering we were the only people in the building and no one was moving, the staircase is concrete as is the ground floor room and there are no buildings which adjoin it, this is a solitary building within the grounds and exercise yard.

I noticed two female spirits that were apprehensive to join us, they seemed to be waiting at the bottom of the stairs, one of the female spirits was called Marjorie and she was about 55 years old.

Then without any warning everyone in the room heard someone in high heels walk up a wooden staircase and the last footstep sounded like entering a room with a wooden floor. One of the guests who was sitting with his back to the wall said that it sounded like an impact sound from the adjoining property. When I showed him a photo of the tower and that there is no adjoining building he could not think of any explanation for what we had heard.

This was a strange ghost hunt because it always felt as if something were about to happen but never did. Even as we were outside before the ghost hunt started strange noises were heard coming from the garden (what used to be the exercise yard) by myself and some guests that arrived early. At the time I (and the Museum guide) had no answer as to what those noises could have been as there is nothing that moves or rattles within the garden.

Psychic Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 19-7-2013

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 19th July 2013
Bicknor, Kent

This was an excellent night to be ghost hunting, quite warm at 15 degrees Celsius no real wind and a low moon with few animal sounds as well.

After making our way across the fields and into the woods I stopped at a familiar point as I could sense that spirit energies would engage with us. After handing out some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment and explaining its use one male spirit energy approached us. His name was Percy, actually it was Percival but he didn’t mind us calling him Percy. He was a local farmer and was quite short and stocky and in his mid-20s and from the early 1900s. He wasn’t too keen on answering questions about himself but when asked if he could make a noise or touch someone, he said he would, however no one really felt any great movements nor did we hear any sounds at the time. However several minutes later and whilst we were communicating with another spirit we all heard some footfall sounds coming from deeper into the woods. The other spirit that we were communicating with was a lady, who looked like she was out for a summer afternoon walk, as she carried a parasol. Also present was a young child who Kym (GHE team) thought was 7 years old, although when asked she said no to seven, however I had heard her answer and asked was she 7 and half years old, to which she replied yes. Kym also thought he name was Isabelle and she confirmed this on our electronic communication device. She was out picking flowers, mainly primroses although when I asked could we smell the flowers she didn’t answer. I would describe her as looking like the archetypal Annie with blondish curly hair and wearing a blue summer dress.

Jamie (guest) walked back along the path with Marc (GHE team) and another guest because they could hear a grunting or growling noise and went to investigate. When they came back Marc told me that Jamie at one point felt her right leg froze and she nearly fell over, when she returned Jamie looked somewhat out of it and her face seemed to be glazed over, like someone who had drunk a lot of alcohol.

I also set up the laser grid and for once brought a small tripod with me so that I didn’t have to hold it, nothing paranormal was seen in the grid although many questions and answers were conducted whilst this was on plus many noises were heard, none of these noises sounded like animals.

From here we moved on to what I call the hanging tree, it isn’t, but it looks like one as the bows of the tree are perfect for hanging a rope. The reason why I came here is because in the past various people have felt some unusual feelings near to this tree. After a while Louise (guest) felt a searing pain in her stomach and as I asked that the spirit step back Marc took several guests deeper into the woods. More or less after they were out of earshot the KII meters lit up, this was the first time all night that they have lit up with such ferocity. Asking the spirit to scroll through the lights did result in the pattern changing although not what we had asked. The spirit responsible was called David who was repeatedly punched and stabbed in the stomach somewhere within these woods and left to die. He wasn’t sure of the year that this took place, although I would have said it was approximately in the 1700s just by what he was wearing. A soon as the other guests returned to us they too felt sick and nauseous.

I decided that it would be better to move back out onto the pathway to hold a séance since the path was flat. However before this we tried using our Ovilus’ as an experiment although some of the word spoken didn’t make any sense, many of the words were Latin, which was confirmed via our communication devices as being attributed to a priest who was standing amongst us.

After hearing many words that made little sense to us I started a séance and ask that the spirit energies move us in some way. The only people who were really affected were the two people standing either side of me and each had their hands moved and when asked by them the spirit were able to follow their commands (each command was asked in their heads). Some of the positions however were very uncomfortable for me as spirit were able to follow their commands quite quickly. When I asked for the spirit energies to push or pull people, they did but they only picked one or two people to move.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and each guest asked a question, followed by 10 seconds of silence.

The results of this can be heard at

As we were making our way out of the woods, lots of footfall sounds were heard behind us similar to the sound of someone following us however nothing was seen.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of different paranormal experiences for the guests, some were typical of this location and some were a first for here.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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The Priest House ghost hunt – 11-5-2013

Friday, June 28th, 2013

The Priest House ghost hunt 11th May 2013
West Hoathly, West Sussex

This investigation was different than many of our others, as the size of the venue is not large enough to split guests into groups, so we started with what we normally do at the end of the night and that is to let guests wander freely around the building using our equipment to communicate with the spirit energies.

There were two reasons for this, one, was to find active areas within the building and two, was to allow the guests to ask their questions about ghost hunting and as the evening progressed into darkness everyone would know their way around the building. As this is a 15th Century building, the floors, staircase and ceilings all have uniqueness about them!

Many guests found that the upper rooms were high in spirit energies and lots of communication took place using various equipment, many guests who brought their own EVP recorders also had responses to their questions.

As I was wandering around the building checking on various groups of guests I too noticed spirit energies and described who I met along the way.

In the bedroom I came across a young girl of about 8 years old, who was holding a rather beaten up teddy bear, when I asked her about the bear, she asked why I called it a “Teddy” bear. This may be because the phrase “Teddy” bear was invented by a US toy company in 1902 after the US President Theodore Roosevelt. The guest that was in this room at that time had recorded several anomalies on her recorder. Also in the same room was another female spirit energy aged in her 20s but acted very maturely as if she was in her 60s, when asking for her name, she refused to tell me. Both girls were dressed in clothing that I would associate with the mid-1800s.

In the corridor upstairs I came across a portly gentleman about 5’8” wearing a three piece black pin stripe suit, shiny black shoes with a top buckle and wearing a top hat his name was Harold. He also sported a trimmed grey beard and hat mostly black and grey hair. He walked around the room a lot, pacing but didn’t actually want to communicate with us.

Downstairs I decided it was time to do a séance to invite the spirit energies to do something and to let their presence to be felt by the guests. I had no idea what we would encounter in the séance, but I wasn’t expecting what happened, no-one could have done.

The spirit energy that came forward was called Toby Turner, aged in his mid-20s and of muscular build, he gave me the year of 1910. Toby was quickly able to move some people into odd positions and after some relatively mild and gentle arm movement, Toby increased the activity to include pulling people backwards, but just the top half of a person, so it became rather painful and literally back breaking. Toby also used the furniture in the room to assist his movements with us, using the table that we were standing in front of. He pulled our arms down to the table and then used the table as a pivot to pull us further down. However when Toby realised that the table was in the way he used this. There were many items on the table for display purposes, all tied together with fishing wire. Toby manipulated our arms to push the brass plates on the table, usually in a circular motion to twist and slide these items around the table. There were two groups of people who were doing this, myself and Mark’s (guest) hands and

Jo (GHE team) and Karen’s (guest) hands. We were standing opposite each other. Our hands were moving all the items on the table, because they were all tied together, once one started to move the rest of the items followed, which made a lot of noise and Toby was determined to push these items off the table, but those guests that were in front of the table were able to stop them falling off. This was strange because normally spirit energies do not interact with objects in this way.

The séance ended with Jo and Karen’s hand lunging or punching into Jeff (guest) and Justin (guest), the last punch into Justin’s stomach was actually quite forceful, so I stopped the séance.

After putting all the items back to their original positions we went upstairs to try to communicate with the spirits.

Once in the bedroom a female spirit energy called Dorothy was present, she was in her 60s, a spinster, who was very religious and didn’t like our presence, however many guests could feel her presence, either by touches on the head, or some guests who were sitting on some furniture felt like they were being pushed off.

Tapping noises and responses to taps were heard along with a whistled response. Also in this room we used an Ovilus (a device that turns EMF energy into spoken words) and Dorothy was able to use this to say some words including the name of a guest “Justin” and “Priest” plus answers to some questioned asked by the guests.

This was an enjoyable ghost hunt and one in which the majority of the guests felt some physical paranormal activity, but it was also a strange event, the séance will be remembered by us and those guests involved for a long time.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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Groundlings Theatre – 26-1-2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt 26th January 2013
Portsmouth, Hampashire

Marc & I were using the Umbrella Room for the night (so called because of the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling) and prior to being a theatre this room was one of the classrooms for the school.  Our first group were 4 girls, and we started by sitting around a ouija table.  We had contact immediately on the Ghost Pro and established the spirit was a female actress.  We asked if the spirit would communicate with us through the ouija table, with a reply of yes we tried this.  Noises were being heard from one corner of the room, so I went to stand there.  I tapped three knocks on the counter and asked spirit to copy, what I heard was three heartbeat type knocks on a table next to me.  I then felt like someone pinch my right eyebrow, and started feeling my chest tighten making it difficult to breathe.  Marc who was sitting at the table, started feeling his chest tighten too.  The girls and Marc started feeling coldness around their hands and faces, and it felt very cold under the table too.  One of the guests felt she was being touched on her nose, eyebrow and ear on the right side of her face.  We turned on the Sprit Box and asked spirit to say any of the names of the persons present and heard the name Marc.

As we had no movement with the Ouija table, thinking as this was a classroom we may have a child spirit present, for the second group we tried the writing planchette.  Marc set up his MEL meter on the counter in the corner where we heard noises earlier, and started noticing the numbers increasing.  It continued to increase until it reached 3.8mg.  Then the alarm lights went off – detecting a shadow going past.  The temperature increased by 2.7 degrees celsius.  We had ghost pro activity throughout and established we had a female teacher aged over 20, although no movement on the writing planchette.  We turned on the Ovilus and heard “good evening” “Mark” (guest and team) “Emma” and “Tom”.  Then to all of our surprise we started hearing various swear words.  A guest commented about going up the ladder and we heard “fatal” “funeral” “sin” on the ovilus. For our third group we started with the ovilus and the following names were heard “steve” “zoe” “ruby” “peter”.  We asked if spirit was calling the names of children – we had a yes on the ghost pro.  Then the Manager Jim said he was teaching children at the theatre earlier that day with those names.  We then heard the names “kelly” and “alan”.  The 5 guests we had were all related/together and one of them was a lady called Kelly.  Someone she knew called Alan had passed recently, and when asked if this spirit was him the ghost pro answered yes.  The ovilus continued giving us; “alan” “forever” “content” “i feel happier” “steve birkett” “medicine” “leicester”.  All of these words (except steve birkett) had some meaning to the guests.  2 of the male guests kept feeling very cold with touches to their faces.  The guests asked Alan to say how old he was, the ovilus answered “ten” – although this wasn’t his age the guests understood his answer.  We heard “rest” and “sybil” – this was the name of Kelly’s nan.  We then heard “question” “stand back” and “bless”.  I then looked up at the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and asked if Alan could show us if he could move any of them.  Much to everyone’s surprise and delight one next to the window started rotating slowly clockwise, then getting faster.  I said as the umbrella was next to the window we couldnt’t be certain it was spirit, therefore could spirit change the direction.  After 5 minutes of slowing down, the umbrella started rotating anti-clockwise.  On the ovilus we heard “faster” and “much”.  After a while we noticed the umbrella had stopped and when we asked for Alan to move it, it started rotating again.  We asked Alan to move another umbrella, and one started swaying slightly.  The MEL meter had been turned on and with no-one near it, the shadow detection alarm went off.

This was the end of the controlled sessions, and everyone then had the opportunity to explore on their own.  A fantastic venue – can’t wait to return.

Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Timeball Tower ghost hunt – 9-3-2013

Friday, May 17th, 2013

The Timeball Museum ghost hunt 9th March 2013
Deal, Kent

We have held several ghost hunts at The Timeball and every time something odd or unusual has happened, on this occasion it was no different. The venue is a small venue so we don’t hold fixed groups, instead we allow all guests to wander freely and I join them frequently to see if the active spirit will do some physical to them.

The first session on the upper floor a Fisherman called Frank was present, he was aged in his 40s and whilst holding a séance he was able to gently move some people’s arms. There was also a French girl present, her name was Anne Marie and she was in her 20s & wearing a blue & white dress. She had very noticeable long brunette hair. Several of the guests reported some strange cold spots.

The second session we recorded some EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) experiments, however nothing notable was heard during the analysis. Whilst asking out to spirit to make some noise we all heard some gently tapping on the floor and on the table. This tapping could not be another person since the whole group were in this room at the time. We were joined by a male spirit called Daniel who was aged in his early 50s. Daniel was a very camp character and generally rather playful and sarcastic in his responses. Daniel was quite a tall slim man but had a “professor” looking hairstyle which reminded me of typical 1970s hair styles.

After this session we tried to do some scrying in one of the middle floor rooms. An older gent who was approximately in his 80s with a small face was trying to superimpose his features over a guest, but unfortunately the guest could not see it. There was also a female energy present called Maddie and was dressed in typical 1950s attire and she wore a yellow & red flower summer dress, but once again the same guest could not see any change.

The fourth session we tried some table tilting, well actually the female members of the team and guests tried table tilting with little response. There were three spirit energies present; Elisa, aged in her mid-50s who was a working girl, Jenny, a young 15 year old watched over by her father (who I couldn’t see clearly) and Daniel (the character we met in an earlier session) however the spirit Daniel suggested to me that if the men were on the table he would move it, so three of us placed our hands on the table. I was not expecting much because I don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to table movements and generally it doesn’t work for me. However to my surprise the table gently glided across the floorboards making no noise in an anti-clockwise direction and then abruptly rocked and moved in a more determined motion, all without making a sound. When asking whether the table could be moved in the other direction (clockwise) the table only rocked. After we finished with the table as no more movements were felt several of the men reported being touched in strange places, namely all below the waist, which was very likely of Daniel as he was that way inclined!

Using the Ovilus (a device that converts EMF pulses into words) several words were heard by everybody although there were no “stand out” moments. We tried some glass movements on a table and once again this only worked for the men twisting violently and the majority of the time the glass travelled two thirds over the edge of the table. Many shapes and numbers were “drawn” on command plus some other random movements.

The final session was another EVP session in one of the quieter rooms. There were several responses to the guests questions, however only one was clearly audible and that can be heard at

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt which had many memorable moments for some. We will be returning to this venue later in the year.

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events

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