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Timeball Tower ghost hunt – 9-3-2013

The Timeball Museum ghost hunt 9th March 2013
Deal, Kent

We have held several ghost hunts at The Timeball and every time something odd or unusual has happened, on this occasion it was no different. The venue is a small venue so we don’t hold fixed groups, instead we allow all guests to wander freely and I join them frequently to see if the active spirit will do some physical to them.

The first session on the upper floor a Fisherman called Frank was present, he was aged in his 40s and whilst holding a séance he was able to gently move some people’s arms. There was also a French girl present, her name was Anne Marie and she was in her 20s & wearing a blue & white dress. She had very noticeable long brunette hair. Several of the guests reported some strange cold spots.

The second session we recorded some EVP (Electronic voice phenomena a.k.a. ghost voices) experiments, however nothing notable was heard during the analysis. Whilst asking out to spirit to make some noise we all heard some gently tapping on the floor and on the table. This tapping could not be another person since the whole group were in this room at the time. We were joined by a male spirit called Daniel who was aged in his early 50s. Daniel was a very camp character and generally rather playful and sarcastic in his responses. Daniel was quite a tall slim man but had a “professor” looking hairstyle which reminded me of typical 1970s hair styles.

After this session we tried to do some scrying in one of the middle floor rooms. An older gent who was approximately in his 80s with a small face was trying to superimpose his features over a guest, but unfortunately the guest could not see it. There was also a female energy present called Maddie and was dressed in typical 1950s attire and she wore a yellow & red flower summer dress, but once again the same guest could not see any change.

The fourth session we tried some table tilting, well actually the female members of the team and guests tried table tilting with little response. There were three spirit energies present; Elisa, aged in her mid-50s who was a working girl, Jenny, a young 15 year old watched over by her father (who I couldn’t see clearly) and Daniel (the character we met in an earlier session) however the spirit Daniel suggested to me that if the men were on the table he would move it, so three of us placed our hands on the table. I was not expecting much because I don’t have a lot of luck when it comes to table movements and generally it doesn’t work for me. However to my surprise the table gently glided across the floorboards making no noise in an anti-clockwise direction and then abruptly rocked and moved in a more determined motion, all without making a sound. When asking whether the table could be moved in the other direction (clockwise) the table only rocked. After we finished with the table as no more movements were felt several of the men reported being touched in strange places, namely all below the waist, which was very likely of Daniel as he was that way inclined!

Using the Ovilus (a device that converts EMF pulses into words) several words were heard by everybody although there were no “stand out” moments. We tried some glass movements on a table and once again this only worked for the men twisting violently and the majority of the time the glass travelled two thirds over the edge of the table. Many shapes and numbers were “drawn” on command plus some other random movements.

The final session was another EVP session in one of the quieter rooms. There were several responses to the guests questions, however only one was clearly audible and that can be heard at

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt which had many memorable moments for some. We will be returning to this venue later in the year.

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