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Groundlings Theatre – 26-1-2013

Groundlings Theatre ghost hunt 26th January 2013
Portsmouth, Hampashire

Marc & I were using the Umbrella Room for the night (so called because of the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling) and prior to being a theatre this room was one of the classrooms for the school.  Our first group were 4 girls, and we started by sitting around a ouija table.  We had contact immediately on the Ghost Pro and established the spirit was a female actress.  We asked if the spirit would communicate with us through the ouija table, with a reply of yes we tried this.  Noises were being heard from one corner of the room, so I went to stand there.  I tapped three knocks on the counter and asked spirit to copy, what I heard was three heartbeat type knocks on a table next to me.  I then felt like someone pinch my right eyebrow, and started feeling my chest tighten making it difficult to breathe.  Marc who was sitting at the table, started feeling his chest tighten too.  The girls and Marc started feeling coldness around their hands and faces, and it felt very cold under the table too.  One of the guests felt she was being touched on her nose, eyebrow and ear on the right side of her face.  We turned on the Sprit Box and asked spirit to say any of the names of the persons present and heard the name Marc.

As we had no movement with the Ouija table, thinking as this was a classroom we may have a child spirit present, for the second group we tried the writing planchette.  Marc set up his MEL meter on the counter in the corner where we heard noises earlier, and started noticing the numbers increasing.  It continued to increase until it reached 3.8mg.  Then the alarm lights went off – detecting a shadow going past.  The temperature increased by 2.7 degrees celsius.  We had ghost pro activity throughout and established we had a female teacher aged over 20, although no movement on the writing planchette.  We turned on the Ovilus and heard “good evening” “Mark” (guest and team) “Emma” and “Tom”.  Then to all of our surprise we started hearing various swear words.  A guest commented about going up the ladder and we heard “fatal” “funeral” “sin” on the ovilus. For our third group we started with the ovilus and the following names were heard “steve” “zoe” “ruby” “peter”.  We asked if spirit was calling the names of children – we had a yes on the ghost pro.  Then the Manager Jim said he was teaching children at the theatre earlier that day with those names.  We then heard the names “kelly” and “alan”.  The 5 guests we had were all related/together and one of them was a lady called Kelly.  Someone she knew called Alan had passed recently, and when asked if this spirit was him the ghost pro answered yes.  The ovilus continued giving us; “alan” “forever” “content” “i feel happier” “steve birkett” “medicine” “leicester”.  All of these words (except steve birkett) had some meaning to the guests.  2 of the male guests kept feeling very cold with touches to their faces.  The guests asked Alan to say how old he was, the ovilus answered “ten” – although this wasn’t his age the guests understood his answer.  We heard “rest” and “sybil” – this was the name of Kelly’s nan.  We then heard “question” “stand back” and “bless”.  I then looked up at the umbrellas hanging from the ceiling and asked if Alan could show us if he could move any of them.  Much to everyone’s surprise and delight one next to the window started rotating slowly clockwise, then getting faster.  I said as the umbrella was next to the window we couldnt’t be certain it was spirit, therefore could spirit change the direction.  After 5 minutes of slowing down, the umbrella started rotating anti-clockwise.  On the ovilus we heard “faster” and “much”.  After a while we noticed the umbrella had stopped and when we asked for Alan to move it, it started rotating again.  We asked Alan to move another umbrella, and one started swaying slightly.  The MEL meter had been turned on and with no-one near it, the shadow detection alarm went off.

This was the end of the controlled sessions, and everyone then had the opportunity to explore on their own.  A fantastic venue – can’t wait to return.

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