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The Star Hotel ghost hunt – 25-10-2013 (Jo)

The Star Hotel, Alfriston – 25th October 2013

Session 1: We began with a short séance circle to build some energy in the room, this was room 17. the K2 meters were laying on the bed and spirit was lighting these up on demand and in sequence, although only able to light to orange. We had 2 ghost pros in the room with us, one of which was behaving normally and responding to questions, the other was continuous rapid flashing. The battery was new that evening so this was unexplainable and continued to happen all night. When the ovilus was turned on we received many words including the name Jim and also Paranormal. When asked on the ghost pro if this was Spirits name, it confirmed that it was. We switched on the spirit box (SB7) and were immediately told to “get out” and “go away”. A few more words were spoken but not clear enough to understand.

Session 2: Again we were in Room 17, and began with a short circle. As before the K2 was very active on demand, but still only able to light to orange. we had 3 in use around the room, all responded at the same time. Whilst we were scattered around the room, we all saw a very large dark shadow in the doorway on the inside of the door, it remained for a few minutes and then disappeared. During this time, there was spikes of up to 1.8 on the Mel meter. When the SB7 (spirit box) was turned on we asked for Spirits name, to which we all heard Dawn in a female voice. I asked spirit for the name of someone in the room, to which she responded Jo. When we asked for a noise to be made in the room, we had the response of “trying” and “weak”.

We had no table movement and very slight glass movement.

Session 3: For this session I decided to go downstairs and investigate the “Library”. As usual a 5 minute circle was done to build energy, although I feel this may not have been necessary! The guests wanted to go straight into table tipping which immediately began to move very strongly and in whatever direction that was asked for. I came off of the table as soon as it was active, so that the guests could experience this for themselves. We continued with this for about 20 minutes and then moved to the Ouija board. The glass began to move almost straight away, and we received the name James, who claimed to be 89 years old and from the year 1689. James stayed with us for a while and told us that there were 7 spirits in the room, 2 of which meant to harm us. The next spirit to communicate was Tom, who said he was 64 and married with 5 children. He claimed to be form the year 1620. He also told us that there were 7 spirits in the room and 2 meant us harm. The third and final spirit to come forward was a man called Michael, who said he was a priest and was 54 years old. He told us he had a wife and was from the year 1884. he then said Goodbye, and this ended our session.

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
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