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Mel meter

Thursday, June 18th, 2020

MEL Meter

A MEL Meter measures Electromagnetic fields down to 30Hz (which is lower than a KII) and displays this as a unit of milliGauss (mg). It is also capable of measuring the ambient temperature. This is basically the scientific version of the KII meter giving a digital unit of measurement which is far more accurate than a KII meter.

Like any EMF meter other electronic signals from mobile phones, mains electricity and microwave ovens can interfere with the usage of the device. Whilst a basic MEL meter is very useful for technical paranormal investigations and to record the base line or ambient energy fields the more advanced meters with built in lasers, REM functions and other functions make this meter a very versatile piece of kit which is very portable and is a must have for serious paranormal investigators. It also has a backlight on the screen, a flip out stand and a tripod screw mount on the rear of the device.

This meter was created by Gary Galka (the inventor of the Spirit Box SB7) purposely for Paranormal Research. It is called a MEL meter after his daughter (called Melissa) who died due to a car accident. The numbers 8704 are a tribute to her (born in 1987, died in 2004). The early meters were encased in a cream case, newer models are now in a black case as that is seen as more favourable with ghost hunting rather than being a tool for engineers. Both versions are identical.

We would expect to pay about £100-120 for a basic model, the more expensive MEL meters with REM pod functions are about £160 and are available on eBay, Amazon and ghost hunting stores in the UK (like Infraready) and the US (like Ghost Stop)

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Explosion Museum – 9th May 2015 (Wayne & Paula)

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

Explosion Museum ghost hunt 9th May 2015
Gosport, Hampshire

Location: Missile Warehouse and Cottages
We used Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, SB7 Spirit Box, Laser Grid, EM Pump, Mel Meter, REM Pod, Ovilus lll and Infrared Non Contact Thermometer.

Session 1 with Steve

Straight away we had activity near the coffin carrier with the ghost pros where we met Arnold/Arnie who introduced himself initially to Steve and then the guests with communication through the ghost pros. He was a maintenance man working on the machines and firearms in the warehouse we established him to be in his 60s. His son was also with us, his name was Chris and he was 14 which we discovered through the ghost pros.
We then used the SB7 as they both seemed willing to communicate with us which they did. Firstly Chris said “Hello” very clearly then we heard both Chris and Arnold say there names through the spirit box.
A couple of the guests felt cold spots on their shoulders so with the non contact thermometer we managed to get readings to validate this as their normal temperature was around 20oC and the cold spots were showing 17.5oC
Also Steve managed to pick up on many spirit “working” as they would have done when they were alive unaware that we were there.

Session 2 with Louise

In the 2nd session we had a spirit come forward that we had met on a previous investigation here in February. Her name is Carly and she is a little girl that we think lived in the cottages that are linked to the Missile rooms and that she is probably in there playing and being cheeky. She didn’t communicate that much but she did let us know that she was there and that she wanted to play with the interactive bear which we had with us last time but unfortunately left it behind on this investigation.
We used 2 Mel meters on the coffin carrier which both spiked to 0.4mg at various times from a baseline reading of 0.0mg,but what was interesting was that when we reviewed our camcorder footage when we got home we captured one of the Mel meters moving by itself, only a very small amount but nevertheless it moved without being touched by any of us.
After this one of our male guests had some great activity with the K2 meter that he was using, spirit was able to light it up to amber and hold it there and then when asked able to light up to the red.

Wayne & Paula
Paranormal Investigators
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Marwell Hall – 11th April 2015 (Wayne)

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Marwell Hall ghost hunt 11th April 2015
Winchester, Hampshire

Seymour Room

Equipment used :- Ghost Pros, K2 Meters, Mel meter, Laser Grid, Full Spectrum Video and Still Cameras, SB7 Spirit Box and Digital Voice Recorders in all sessions.

Session 1

As always ghost pros and K2 meters were given to the guests to see if any communication could be established with spirit, almost immediately the ghost pros were lighting to indicate spirit presence.
2 female guests were talking to a female spirit that claimed to be Jane Seymour and another that said she was the spirit of the bride who became trapped in a chest and was not found until many years later.
We started a spirit box session and noticed a female scream lasting about 3 seconds over multiple sweeps, this was also heard by a male guest. Were these screams of the trapped bride?

Session 2

This next session became much more active with guests interacting with spirit and asking plenty of questions through the ghost pros.
We had male and female spirits present. A female guest managed to communicate with the bride on several occasions and also a male spirit that worked at the hall who died in the 1880s.
Another female guest using a ghost pro was speaking to a chamber maid in her 20s from the 1800s and an older chamber maid in her 50s from the 1700s.
We held EVP and Spirit box sessions but no voices were captured.

Session 3

Activity started before the guests came into the area, as just outside the doorway our next group could already sense spirit. A couple of the guests were being prodded by “unseen hands” and when they questioned Steve (GHE team) he told them that there had been the spirit of the “house master ” standing in that spot all evening and he keeps prodding people. All of the group where taking photos in and around the area before we went into the Seymour Room where the guests carried on taking photos as they were capturing many unexplained lights, orbs and the odd mist here and there. Ghost pros and K2s were being used by the guests that weren’t taking photos but they were having photos taken of them while they were trying to communicate.
Michaela captured 2 very bright anomalies located against the ornate woodwork which actually looked like light bulbs but clearly were not.
Free time

We (Wayne and Paula) joined with Louise (GHE team)  and the female guest and her boyfriend from Session 2 and went for a snoop around the building and eventually made our way to the room upstairs that Steve was using for all of his séance sessions, where we met Kerry (GHE team) and some of the other guests. We started to call out for spirit to copy our tapping and whistling but all was very quiet. After chatting about table tipping the huge table at Fort Amherst we decided to try table tipping with a large table that was in the room. The room is carpeted and the table has metal feet and was very heavy but we all gathered (probably about 8 of us) round the table and began to put our energy in to trying to get a spirit to move the table, which it did faster and faster the table then moved bit by bit across the room until it came to a standstill, then with no warning slid by itself in one smooth movement, amazing everyone, quickly back towards Kerry and Paula for about 12 inches.

Wayne & Paula
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Shire Hall – 24th January 2015 (Wayne)

Friday, April 24th, 2015

Shire Hall ghost hunt 24th January
Hereford, Herefordshire

Courtroom 2 and Cells with Sean

Session 1
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

We handed out ghost pros to the guests who were quite happy to go off to investigate the areas.
Near the toilet at the end of the cell corridor the guests managed to get information of a male spirit in his 30’s with a horse and cart who was hung, his wife didn’t live long after his death, they also had children and claimed to be together as a family.

In the cell areas we had good activity with guests and team experiencing feelings, smells and being physically touched.
Sean and Wayne had feelings in cell 4 of dizziness and headaches but only in this cell
Wayne used the SB7 in cell 4 and heard the name “Brian” and shortly after “get out!” came through and at the same time felt a brushing across the left ear while Sean at exactly the same time whilst standing in the doorway of cell 4 felt his shoulder being grabbed.
Paula felt “cobwebs” across her face in the cell corridor near the toilet and also noticed towards the end of the session that cell 2 had its panic alarm light on which we then turned off.

Session 2
We used ghost pros, Mel meters and SB7

Again we handed out ghost pros to the guests who incidentally we all female and in their early 20’s. Ghost pros were lighting straight away so we split the guests into pairs and put each pair in to a cell and shut the doors. They all had some communication on the ghost pros.
Sean then brought all the guests back to cell 4 and asked them to stand in a circle to build energy, which had an effect on a spirit in cell 3 as it seemed as though it was a male spirit trying to push past Wayne and Paula who were standing in the doorway to cell 4 to see the female guests. As Paula was filming she said that she noticed a feeling of tingling down the back of both of her legs and felt a cold spot behind her with goose bumps on her right hand side, Wayne was also feeling the cold spot on his left between them and noticed Paula’s hair being played with by an unseen force in the light given off by the LCD screen.
Next we noticed that cell 2’s panic light had come back on which we all investigated on each of the cells and came to the conclusion that it was impossible for the panic buttons to be accidentally pushed or leaned on and at the time we noticed the light being on none of us were near the button inside the cell.
Sean and Wayne were again both being affected by spirit in cell 4 with dizziness.
We then ventured to courtroom 2 where we had ghost pro activity once more with the name Robert or Bob being very prominent. Tapping and creaking was being heard by us all in the gallery at the back of the room, again none of us were in that area at the time.
Loud footsteps were heard and felt through the floor walking away from and down the stairway to the cells from the accused chair.

Session 3
We used ghost pros, Mel meters,SB7 and Ovilus 3

Handing out the ghost pros we had immediate activity again in cell 4 with communication from a female spirit called Veronica. She died in the 1800’s and had 1 child, she was in love with an inmate but although she carried on coming back to the lady and gentlemen guests that were both holding ghost pros that she was communicating through we didn’t manage to get any more information about her.
We then tried the Ovilus 3 device in cell 4 which amazingly gave us 3 names which were Nick, Jim and Veronica. We tried to establish which spirit was giving us these names and if Nick or Jim was the inmate that Veronica was in love with but had no more communication through this device.

We then moved the session into courtroom 2.
Wayne used the SB7 in the stairwell from the accused chair to the cells with the couple that were talking to Veronica. We established from this spirit box session that there were 5 spirits with us and that both Veronica and Jim were 2 of the spirits present as they said their names clearly and with tone through this device.
Creaking was again heard from the gallery at the back of courtroom 2 with none of us in that area.

Wayne, Paula & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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Fort Horsted ghost hunt – 1-11-2013 (Jo)

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 1st November 2013

On this event I spent the evening in room 36 and The Whistling Tunnel, using various different electronic devices, taking four groups separately. In all sessions we began with a short 5 minute circle to build energy in the room.

Group 1: Although we had some information given to us via the ghost pro ( a device in which yes/no question may be asked, and spirit can flash the light accordingly to answer, e.g. one flash for yes, two for no), this was by far a more audible session. As a group we all heard footsteps coming towards us and a strange dragging noise in the tunnel leading to the room, which could not be explained however hard we tried! There were also some strange dark shadows in the door way, which most of the group witnessed.

Group 2: This session was very similar to the previous one, much the same information on the ghost pro, a male spirit who had worked at the Fort during WW2, a very private man, not wanting to say to much about himself. Also the spirit of what seemed to be a lady cleaning, we all heard something that sounded like a woman humming a tune during this time.

As well as the ghost pro, we also used a device called Ovilus 3, which allows spirit to use their energy to create a word. Strangely enough spirit told us Dirty (relevant to the lady cleaning possibly?) Spirit also used the word Soldiers, on more than one occasion. After a while we moved from 36 around to the whistling tunnel, where the entire group again witnessed shadows and heard footsteps coming towards us. We also saw many flashing lights at either end of the tunnel.

Group 3: This was the quietest session of the night, although some flashes on the ghost pro and slight k2 activity, there was not really much to report.

Group 4: I had a group of young lads in my last session of the night, and I have to be honest, I thought the worst, that maybe they were a bunch of jokers. How wrong was I! They spotted a stack of plastic chairs in the room and wanted to sit down, so I suggested we sat around in a circle quietly and see what happens. Once we had made ourselves “comfortable” we began to ask out. I had a Mel meter (an all in one temperature Gauge, EMF and rem pod) on the side, about 6ft away form everybody. I asked spirit to walk toward the Mel meter and set the rem pod (lights up and alarms when the energy field is interrupted) off. This happened immediately, and then when asked for again a few minutes later, the same happened. Since I have owned this piece of equipment, it is the first time it had happened, so I was impressed!

Again we all heard footsteps in the tunnel, but this time, spirit did the amount of footsteps we asked for. During this time we had the Ovilus 3 on in the back ground. It said 6, followed immediately by 6 footsteps. Almost as if spirit was now telling us what he was going to do! Throughout the session, there were large temperature fluctuations, and whistles repeated when asked for. All in all, a very interesting hour!

Jo Titcombe
Paranormal Investigator
Ghost Hunt Events

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Spooky Inn ghost hunt – 17-8-2013

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Spooky Inn Paranormal Investigation and Ghost Hunt 17th August 2013
Minster, Kent

This was the first paranormal investigation that we have held. Not to be confused with our ghost hunts, our paranormal investigation events are where we set up our remote cameras and have dedicated rooms within the venue for different activities and where only one group of people are investigating at a time, with the other investigation team watching on the cameras what the other group are doing.

The whole point of this type of event is for everyone present to use some of the more interesting and scientific tools that we use which will include using more of our ghost hunting equipment to gather evidence.

The hope is that whilst one group is investigating then if any noises are heard we can quickly verify with the monitoring team if they heard anything and with so many cameras (we have over 30) there is every chance that whatever the anomaly, it would have been recorded.

This was the first time that we had set up this venue with the majority of our cameras, although due to cabling issues we didn’t have time to set up all the cameras, however we did have a camera in every room.

The event also enabled us to review the audio recordings as we progressed with the investigation so that the guests could hear the responses to their questions immediately.

During the first session lots of banging was heard by both the investigation team and the monitoring team, not always from the same place and although the building had many doors, it wasn’t windy and we couldn’t re-create the sound that various people heard.

There was a young male spirit called Timmy who was about 8 or 9 years old and stood by the investigation group and many of those in the investigation group felt that there was a child around. Various spikes were noted on the MEL meters as well as fluctuations in temperature.

EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiments were undertaken by guests and whilst nothing could be heard at the time or in the immediate analysis on the night, our analysis has found there was in fact a voice from the first session. That EVP can be heard at:-

There were others but they were either too quiet or too much background noise from the people present from shuffling their feet, not speaking towards the microphone or recording when everyone was talking.

The second session was more productive with a howl or a cry heard by the investigation group but nothing heard in the hub room, oddly no cry or howl was recorded on any camera.

Whilst watching the cameras I was able to tell everyone in the hub room that there was a spirit standing next to Marc (GHE team) tugging on his left side, within a matter of minutes, Marc reported on the radio that he felt that his shirt was being tugged on his left side. The Spirit’s name was Sarah who was about 6 or 7 years old and had told me previously (when I first visited the location) that she had passed away in a fire at the property.

When the groups swapped over the investigation group were trying a glass work experiment, firstly Sarah the spirit from the earlier session joined them and started to confirm questions asked and then we tried a different experiment. Carl (GHE Team) who was with me in the Hub room drew a shape on a piece of paper, then once we informed the investigation group that we had drawn something Marc asked Sarah to look at it and draw the shape with the glass. We also asked Sarah to go to numbers that we had written down. All of the answers that Sarah gave were the correct answers. However when we moved on to letters the investigation group were repeatedly told ‘M’ whereas Carl had drawn a ‘W’.

At the end of these sessions I held a séance in the top room, the strangest room, so that all guests could hopefully feel spirit energy move them in some way.

A spirit called David joined us, he was in his mid-30s and started by doing exactly what I asked, moving people arms, and usually on command of the person as I asked those guests to ask in their heads and not say which direction out loud.

Many guests were also pushed and pulled backwards, some guests were also pulled or pushed towards the cupboard and some of us were pulled to the floor by our hands or lifted to the ceiling which was only about 6’5”. As the séance progressed more and more people were beginning to feel their own arms move, much to their amazement and surprise and toward the end one particular guest felt that she wanted to cry and became very warm, another guest also had trouble leaving the room because every time she tried one of her arms would violently shake, this eventually stopped happening and she could leave the room.

For our first public paranormal investigation (we conduct many of these as private or team events) it was very successful and although we didn’t record the sort of evidence that we would have hoped we will be returning to this venue again to try to record something amazing.

Below are some photos from the event.

Hub Room 1

Hub Room 2

Hub Room 3

Guests using equipment 1

Guests using equipment 2

Guests using Ouija board

Guests using writing planchette

Guests experimenting with table

Spiritualist Medium
Ghost Hunt Events


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Fort Borstal (leader 2) – 4-5-2013

Thursday, June 6th, 2013

Fort Borstal ghost hunt 4th May 2013
Rochester, Kent

Group One:

First session was in the Caponier

As we entered the caponier the guest in the group commented on how spooky the area was with the remains of the smoke from earlier in the day. We started of with handing out K2 and Ghost Pro’s and CH explained how each bit of kit worked and what the guests need to look out for.

After the kit briefing, Jo started the session with a seance circle to build the energy. Almost straight away guest start to feel movement in the hands and arms. As the seance continued the movement became more pronounced and a number of guest arms started to move up and backwards. Carl was moving around the circle taking MEL Meter readers and he noticed that there was some high spikes and temp spikes around a couple of the male guests (Spikes of 8.7 and 10.8 mgs and at one point the temp dropped my a couple of degrees.) As the seance continued the arm movement carried on getting stronger and at one stage the same male guest was pushed to the floor. Jo asked the guest if he needed assistance and he refused.  He was asked  if he wanted to be be put in the center  of the  circle which he eventually agreed to, Carl assisted with this. helped this guest up and noticed that when he touched the guesst back, his back was very hot and the guest also commented on this. Shortly after this Carl started to fell sick and had to leave  the area and before he could get out of the caponier he was sick on the steps.

Group Two:

We again headed to the caponier and after the kit was handed out and briefed on how it worked. We started the session with a seance circle to build the energy. As in the first session the guests started to have hand and arm movement after Jo asked for spirit to step forward and this movement became more pronounced and one of the male guest commented on how strange he was feeling. Carl took some MEL Meter readers behind the guest and was amazed at the high spikes he got (48.7mgs and over 30c temp, this temp was strange as the room baseline readings was 9c).  Jo and the rest of the group where pushed to the  ground in front of one male guest, as if in worship! At mid way thought this session Jo had said how she was feeling the energy changing and feeling more foreboding. We ended the session with SB7 session with out anything to report.

Group Three:

We again headed to the steps to the Caponier and started the session in the same manor as the previous groups, with a seance circle and again we started to get hand and arm movement straight away and again one of the male guest was pushed to the floor and one of the female guests comment how the atmosphere had taken on a more apprehensive feeling in the room. During the seance Jo felt like she was “punched in the solar plexus”, and was very uncomfortable for a period of time. One  of the guests commented that there was a male energy around us that didn’t like Jo. Jo knows this, as she had on previous events experienced the same energy and it was good to see a guest picking up on this and it confirms her previous experiences in the room. At this stage we dropped hands as the guest wanted to try an table tipping session. The whole of the group sit in circle every Friday night so they are spirituality aware. Shortly after starting the session the table started to move quickly around the room and the guest struggled to keep up with it. This table tipping session was one of the most interesting and active session we have ever witnessed and as the session ended, Jo and Carl and a number of guest witness the table moving on it own.


Carl & Jo
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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