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Bicknor Woods ghost hunt – 19-7-2013

Bicknor Woods ghost hunt 19th July 2013
Bicknor, Kent

This was an excellent night to be ghost hunting, quite warm at 15 degrees Celsius no real wind and a low moon with few animal sounds as well.

After making our way across the fields and into the woods I stopped at a familiar point as I could sense that spirit energies would engage with us. After handing out some of our electronic ghost hunting equipment and explaining its use one male spirit energy approached us. His name was Percy, actually it was Percival but he didn’t mind us calling him Percy. He was a local farmer and was quite short and stocky and in his mid-20s and from the early 1900s. He wasn’t too keen on answering questions about himself but when asked if he could make a noise or touch someone, he said he would, however no one really felt any great movements nor did we hear any sounds at the time. However several minutes later and whilst we were communicating with another spirit we all heard some footfall sounds coming from deeper into the woods. The other spirit that we were communicating with was a lady, who looked like she was out for a summer afternoon walk, as she carried a parasol. Also present was a young child who Kym (GHE team) thought was 7 years old, although when asked she said no to seven, however I had heard her answer and asked was she 7 and half years old, to which she replied yes. Kym also thought he name was Isabelle and she confirmed this on our electronic communication device. She was out picking flowers, mainly primroses although when I asked could we smell the flowers she didn’t answer. I would describe her as looking like the archetypal Annie with blondish curly hair and wearing a blue summer dress.

Jamie (guest) walked back along the path with Marc (GHE team) and another guest because they could hear a grunting or growling noise and went to investigate. When they came back Marc told me that Jamie at one point felt her right leg froze and she nearly fell over, when she returned Jamie looked somewhat out of it and her face seemed to be glazed over, like someone who had drunk a lot of alcohol.

I also set up the laser grid and for once brought a small tripod with me so that I didn’t have to hold it, nothing paranormal was seen in the grid although many questions and answers were conducted whilst this was on plus many noises were heard, none of these noises sounded like animals.

From here we moved on to what I call the hanging tree, it isn’t, but it looks like one as the bows of the tree are perfect for hanging a rope. The reason why I came here is because in the past various people have felt some unusual feelings near to this tree. After a while Louise (guest) felt a searing pain in her stomach and as I asked that the spirit step back Marc took several guests deeper into the woods. More or less after they were out of earshot the KII meters lit up, this was the first time all night that they have lit up with such ferocity. Asking the spirit to scroll through the lights did result in the pattern changing although not what we had asked. The spirit responsible was called David who was repeatedly punched and stabbed in the stomach somewhere within these woods and left to die. He wasn’t sure of the year that this took place, although I would have said it was approximately in the 1700s just by what he was wearing. A soon as the other guests returned to us they too felt sick and nauseous.

I decided that it would be better to move back out onto the pathway to hold a séance since the path was flat. However before this we tried using our Ovilus’ as an experiment although some of the word spoken didn’t make any sense, many of the words were Latin, which was confirmed via our communication devices as being attributed to a priest who was standing amongst us.

After hearing many words that made little sense to us I started a séance and ask that the spirit energies move us in some way. The only people who were really affected were the two people standing either side of me and each had their hands moved and when asked by them the spirit were able to follow their commands (each command was asked in their heads). Some of the positions however were very uncomfortable for me as spirit were able to follow their commands quite quickly. When I asked for the spirit energies to push or pull people, they did but they only picked one or two people to move.

At the end of this session I conducted an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena a.k.a. ghost voice) experiment and each guest asked a question, followed by 10 seconds of silence.

The results of this can be heard at

As we were making our way out of the woods, lots of footfall sounds were heard behind us similar to the sound of someone following us however nothing was seen.

Once again a very enjoyable ghost hunt with lots of different paranormal experiences for the guests, some were typical of this location and some were a first for here.

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