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Fort Horsted – 16-3-2013

Fort Horsted ghost hunt 16th March 2013
Chatham, Kent

Sean & I took our first group of 10 guests into the back area of the fort, and split in two with Sean taking 5 guests to Room 36 and me taking 5 guests to the Hanging Room.  After an explanation of how the kit works we started by asking out for spirit to step forward and make themselves known to us.  Immediately we had activity on the Ghost Pro’s and KII.  Sean started his group with a séance circle and almost straight away guests were having swaying and arm movement, and often when the guests asked how to be moved the spirit responded to their amazement.  My group tried some glass movement on the Ouija table but had no response.  After 30 mins we swapped the guests over, and my second group started with Ouija table.  They had no movement on the glass but the table rocked once.  We took this as a sign that the spirit wanted to move the table and not the glass.  The table started with gentle rocking and with encouragement from the guests the table started rocking quickly.  When spirit was asked to stop – the table stopped immediately, when asked to re-start it did.  Guests wanted the table to spin around but the spirit found a unique way of doing this, by rapidly rocking the table until it started moving around in a circle.  The guests then asked for the table to be tipped up, which spirit did, however for a few minutes it balanced almost at a right angle until it fell to the ground.  At this point our time was up and we returned for a break.  Sean’s second group had only Ghost Pro activity.

Our second session followed the same as before, but not much activity that time.

Next all guests had the opportunity to choose where to go, and Sean and I took some guests to Casement 26.  Some of the guests felt uneasy in this area, and didn’t stay too long, however we did have Ghost Pro and KII activity.  Sean & I were then joined by five more guests, and we started with a séance circle.  All seven of us had arm movements and swaying immediately.  All our fists met in the middle of the circle, and would be moved to where we wanted at request.  We used this opportunity to ask the spirit some questions, we felt that as this group of guests seemed to have been followed by the same energy all night it could be a relative.  We asked the question “If you are a relative to this people could all our arms be moved up together” the response was all our arms being moved up.  One of the guests thought it could be her nan, we asked for all our fists to be touching again if yes, and all our hands met in the middle.  The guest thought her granddad was also with us.  We then let the spirit(s) move us in whichever way they chose.  This was followed by arms being moved up down and in almost every position you could think of.  All of us being pulled to the ground then up again.  I looked across at one guest who was in a ‘superman’ position.  Sean was being stretched with his arms out at the side as far as he could go.  Four more guests joined us, the activity continued but mainly to the original guests and team members.  We were also hearing noises, 3 loud booms, voices/talking, and when we asked spirit to copy our whistle we all heard a clear response.  The movement in the circle continued, focussing mainly on Sean and the original five guests.  They were being pushed in very uncomfortable positions and when we asked spirit to stop and return people to standing positions spirit were kind enough to oblige. The guest to my left (Gavin) also felt a finger poke him in his side.  I said I thought I had felt myself being poked a moment before.  Gavin had also being filming earlier and was surprised that his battery had drained very quickly.

Our time was up so after thanking spirit for their efforts, we returned to the comfort and warmth of the base room.  Great night….

Kym & Sean
Paranormal Investigators
Ghost Hunt Events

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